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How to Get the PureVPN 5-Year Deal? (Save up to 88%)

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You can get the PureVPN 5-year deal via its special Creator Discount code. 

This deal locks in the VPN price for five years, ensuring you get all new features and updates without paying a higher price.

The best part is that the 5-year deal allows you to save up to 88% off the month-to-month payments for 60 months (5 years).

Likewise, the PureVPN 5-year deal gives access to everything the VPN service offers without segregation. Thus, you don’t lose access to any core VPN feature to grab these cost savings.

How to Get the PureVPN 5-Year Discount Deal?

You can get the PureVPN 5-year deal in a few steps, as shown below:

  1. Access PureVPN’s Special Deal page. The coupon code is automatically applied.
get purevpn 5 year deal
  1. Click “Get this deal.”
  2. The page scrolls down to the pricing information. Click “Get this deal” again.
  1. Choose a preferred payment method. I’ll use a debit card for this transaction.
  2. Enter your email address and password (red box). Note these: they’re used for logging in to your PureVPN apps and account on successful checkout.
purevpn order summary page
  1. Fill in your card details/other payment information in the next set of provided boxes (green boxes).
  2. Optional: Include any of the PureVPN add-ons you may need. It offers a port forwarding add-on, dedicated IPs, and a bundle plan.
purevpn add-ons cost
  1. Click “Pay with Credit Card.” The details in the Pay button will differ based on your chosen payment method.
  2. Download the PureVPN app for your preferred operating system. You can activate the VPN on ten simultaneous connections.
  3. Enjoy your PureVPN account for five years on multiple devices!

What Does the PureVPN 5-Year Deal Include?

The PureVPN 5-year deal packs the same fleet of servers, speed, privacy, and security as every other PureVPN standard plan.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Fast, Reliable Servers

streaming viaplay with purevpn

You’ll have access to PureVPN’s 6500+ servers in 71+ countries to:

  • Get local IP addresses anywhere.
  • Connect to local or international gaming peers.
  • Unblock specific content libraries such as Netflix US (US server), Netflix AU (Australian servers), Hulu Japan (Japanese servers), etc.
  • Unblock region-specific content such as BBC iPlayer (UK servers), Servus TV (Austrian server), Disney+ (US server), etc.
  • Securely download torrents (best with the P2P servers) with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Encrypt your internet connection to keep ISPs, hackers, snoops, public Wi-Fi admins, and everyone else out of your online business.

If PureVPN adds more servers in the future, you will get them by updating the app without paying extra!

Top-Level Security and Privacy

PureVPN’s 5-year plan ensures you enjoy its AES 256-bit encryption which secures your internet activity anytime you connect.

You’ll also get quantum-resistant servers designed to withstand hacks from quantum computers.

purevpn ipleak test on melbourne server

Unlike some VPN services that harvest and sell your internet traffic data to make money, PureVPN maintains its audited no-logs policy on this multi-year plan

So, it doesn’t collect your connection timestamps, browsing history, DNS requests, or other personally-identifying information.

And given that it’s based in the British Virgin Islands, you can rest assured that it won’t be compelled to give up your data to any of the 14 Eyes alliance nations.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Even though it’s the cheapest plan, you can still use the PureVPN 5-year discount on ten devices simultaneously. This covers operating systems like smartphones (Android and iOS) and PCs (Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and Windows).

Considering this, multiple users can pitch in for the VPN to reduce the cost per person!

What’s the PureVPN 5-Year Deal Renewal Pricing?

The PureVPN 5-year renewal pricing will be based on the availability and pricing of this plan at the expiration of your current plan. Thus, when your current five-year plan expires, you might have to choose a lower-period plan – such as a one-year or two-year plan.

Likewise, note that this PureVPN coupon code only applies to your first purchase

So, even if the five-year plan is still available when you exhaust the current one, PureVPN will charge you the plan’s total cost on renewal.

You can get around that by canceling the auto-renewal of your current five-year plan and signing up for another five-year plan from a new email address. 

Ensure to go through the discount offer page above to access the savings.

Is the PureVPN 5-Year Plan the Best Deal?

The PureVPN 5-year plan is the provider’s best and cheapest deal, allowing you to save up to 88% off the month-to-month plans. It also offers considerable savings on the single-year and two-year PureVPN deals, as evidenced in the plan comparison table below:

  Monthly Plan One-Year Plan Two-Year Plan 5-Year Plan
Cost/Month $10.95 $3.74 $2.29 $1.33
Cost/5 years $657 $224.4 $137.4 $79.8

You can see from the table above that it’s even cheaper to get the VPN for 5 years outright than paying for any of the other plans for 5 years

So, what are you waiting for?

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Stay Secure for Longer and Cheaper

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get industry-leading VPN protection, security, and complete anonymity. With PureVPN’s 5-year plan, you’re almost stealing the best VPN features from a top-rated provider.

Grab this PureVPN offer today and enjoy seamless unblocking, fast and secure torrenting, top-shelf online privacy, and reliable online security.

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