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Does NordVPN Have a 1TB Storage Plan?

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You can get the NordVPN 1TB storage plan by purchasing NordLocker as an add-on when getting NordVPN for the first time. This is the same as grabbing the NordVPN Complete plan during your first purchase rather than the provider’s Plus or Standard plans.

However, the 1TB storage plan isn’t offered under the VPN itself (which is NordVPN) but another product (NordLocker) from NordVPN’s parent company – Nord Security.

You can also grab the NordLocker 1TB storage plan as a standalone offering if you previously purchased NordVPN.

I’ll show you all about that below.

How to Get the NordVPN 1 TB Storage Plan? (New Users)

If you’ve never had a NordVPN plan, here’s how to get massive savings on the 1TB storage plan alongside the VPN:

  1. Visit the NordVPN discount page.
  2. Click “Get NordVPN.”
get nordvpn deal
  1. Choose a plan validity. The two-year plan offers the most savings and freebies, like FREE MONTHS!
  1. Click “Get Complete.” The Standard and Plus plans don’t come with the 1TB storage.
get nordvpn complete plan
  1. Enter your email address to be associated with your account.
nordvpn checkout
  1. Choose a preferred payment method. I’ll go with a credit card for this demonstration.
  2. Fill in your payment information and click “Continue.”
  3. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your payment.
  4. Enjoy your NordVPN with a 1TB storage plan for your chosen validity period.

How to Get the NordVPN 1 TB Storage Plan? (Existing Users)

If you already have a NordVPN account, you don’t need to go through the steps above. That’s especially true if your NordVPN plan is far from expiry, and you also want to associate your NordVPN email address with the 1TB plan.

In that case, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the NordVPN home page.
  2. Click “Log in.”
get the nordvpn deal
  1. Enter your email and password information to log in.
  1. Click “NordLocker” in the left-hand menu.
nordvpn nordlocker tab
  1. Choose the 1TB plan. I recommend grabbing the one- or two-year plan for better savings over the monthly plan.
  2. Enter your payment information.
  3. Follow the rest of the payment prompts to complete your purchase.

Does the NordVPN 1TB Plan Have a Money Back Guarantee?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the NordVPN 1TB storage plan to request a refund if you don’t like the service. That gives you enough time to test the platform and confirm that you like it (or not) before staying on board for the long term.

nordlocker money back guarantee

Thankfully, you can request a refund like you would for the basic NordVPN plan

So, follow this NordVPN cancellation and refund guide for everything you need to know.

Likewise, you can purchase NordVPN alone, without the 1TB storage plan, if you’d rather have only the VPN. The only thing you must change is to choose the “Standard” plan, rather than the “Complete” plan, once you’ve gotten your refund.

Remember to use these NordVPN discounts to save on that purchase.

Can You Get a NordVPN 1TB Storage Family Plan?

You can’t get a NordVPN 1TB storage family plan, as the provider only offers Personal and Business solutions. Likewise, you can’t use the Business option for family since it only comes with a 500GB and 2TB option, but none for 1TB.

Thankfully, you can still use the NordVPN 1TB storage plan with your family by sharing the account log in with trusted family members

The storage space can be allocated among users, while folders are used to identify each user’s storage section.

However, this poses security risks as you’ll have to trust everyone with the password to keep one another safe.

This is another area where NordPass, NordVPN’s password manager, comes into play to generate secure passwords for your NordLocker 1TB storage plan dashboard.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay extra to get NordPass.

nordvpn complete plan features

The same NordVPN Complete plan that grants you access to the 1TB plan also comes with the password manager.

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Secure Internet + Secure Storage

Nord Security gives you the right tools to secure your internet experience (NordVPN) and encrypt your sensitive files (NordLocker) from one dashboard.

With the combo Complete deal that gives you the NordVPN/NordLocker merger for up to two years, you’ll save huge on the 1TB storage plan.

So, why not grab these discounts and start breathing easy regarding your online and document privacy? Plus, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!

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