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How to Get Private Internet Access 1-Year Deal?

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You can’t get an outright Private Internet Access 1-year deal since the provider doesn’t offer this plan. But you can get around this limitation by buying its 6-month plan twice, making an extended 1-year plan.

However, this doesn’t give you access to the savings most 1-year plans offer, so it might not be worth it.

Thus, I’ll show you the workaround to get the 1-year plan and what alternatives offer a hassle-free one-year VPN deal immediately.

Best PIA Alternatives Offering an Outright 1-Year Deal?

PIA might not offer a 1-year deal, but some of the best VPNs I’ve tested and used do. Likewise, they have extra features in the bag that you won’t get with PIA.

Here they are:


NordVPN pricing
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NordVPN offers a 1-year deal with discount savings.

This 1-year plan gives you access to a secure server network that unblocks streaming content like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and CNN anywhere.

It also boasts streaming and gaming-optimized P2P servers in more regions than PIA, with similar servers in less than 10 countries.

Furthermore, NordVPN’s in-house NordLynx protocol is optimized for stellar gaming, torrenting, and streaming speeds. PIA relies on the WireGuard protocol to deliver the same promise.

Grab NordVPN discounts below to enjoy these premium features risk-free for 30 days. That’s enough time to know if you want to keep the VPN around.


Surfshark matches PIA’s unlimited simultaneous connections, then improves on that with servers in 100 countries. That’s 16 more countries than PIA supports, boosting your chances of landing a nearby server for optimal connection or getting a niche server to unblock content anywhere.

Surfshark’s MultiHop is also more impressive than PIA’s, allowing you to customize where you want your entry and exit servers. You can even connect via preset MultiHop servers.

Finally, Surfshark ensures you don’t miss the ad-blocking, content-unblocking, online security, and privacy you get via PIA. Would you like some discounts?


PrivateVPN offers free (dynamic) dedicated IPs in more locations than PIA.

So, you don’t have to pay to get fresh, never-before-used IP addresses like with PIA.

Unlike PIA, PrivateVPN allows port forwarding on all servers, including US servers. However, you’ll have to give up Smart DNS on PrivateVPN.

Otherwise, you can get PrivateVPN’s massive 12-month deal, which adds 24 months on top!

Can Existing PIA Users Get the 1-Year Deal?

Existing Private Internet Access users can get the 1-Year deal by renewing the plan from inside their account or buying it before their old plan expires.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Go to the PIA website and click “Login.”
pia login tab
  1. Enter your account username and password to log in. Your username should start with a “P.”
pia account login
  1. Click the “Subscription Overview” tab if your account doesn’t open there by default.
pia subscription overview
  1. Click the “1 Year” plan.
  2. Choose your preferred payment method. I’ll use a credit card for this demonstration.
optional add ons on pia
  1. Fill in your details.
  2. Choose PIA add-ons in the right pane if you need them. Hence, or otherwise, click “Pay Now.”
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your payment.
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Lock in the PIA Price

Getting the 1-year plan provides more savings on the 6-month and month-to-month plans. Plus, you get discounts on other add-ons you desire.

However, the plan isn’t available for new users – only for those renewing their existing PIA plan.

If that bothers you, I’ve shared a few reliable PIA alternatives to consider above.

But if you want to stick with PIA, I’ll recommend the relatively cheaper 2-year deal instead.

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