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Does PureVPN Work With BBC iPlayer?

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PureVPN works with BBC iPlayer, offering two UK servers and a BBC shortcut that works with the platform for quick and easy streaming.

PureVPN also offers fast streaming speeds, thanks to its lightning-fast WireGuard protocol, which allowed me lag-free HD streaming of Inside Number 9.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unblock BBC iPlayer with PureVPN to stream your favorite movies, documentaries, and TV shows on the platform from anywhere.

How to Stream BBC iPlayer With PureVPN?

Using PureVPN for BBC iPlayer involves connecting to a PureVPN UK server and launching BBC iPlayer. Here are the steps:

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription. I recommend the multiyear plan for its excellent cost savings.
  1. Download the PureVPN app for your device. I’ll download the PureVPN Windows app for this guide.
download purevpn app for windows
  1. Install the PureVPN app and log in with your credentials (username and password).
  1. Connect to an appropriate PureVPN protocol. I recommend the WireGuard protocol for its fast speeds and internet stability. To connect, go to Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
wireguard protocol on purevpn
  1. Connect to PureVPNs UK servers in Manchester or London. Click the Globe icon > Locations > United Kingdom to connect.
uk servers on purevpn
  1. Go to the Globe icon > Shortcut > BBC to connect to the BBC shortcut.
bbc optimzed server on purevpn
  1. Launch BBC iPlayer and enjoy exciting movies and TV shows using PureVPN. I watched The Outlaws on a PureVPN – London server without speed drops or rubber banding.
streaming bbc iplayer with purevpn on london server

What's the Best PureVPN Server for BBC iPlayer?

PureVPN offers two UK servers, London and Manchester, to access BBC iPlayer. Additionally, the VPN provides a special BBC shortcut to quickly connect to BBC iPlayer.

To confirm which PureVPN server was the best for BBC iPlayer, I conducted speed tests on PureVPNs BBC iPlayer-friendly servers on the WireGuard Protocol.

My test confirmed that the PureVPN Manchester server was the fastest for streaming content on BBC iPlayer, clocking 8.88Mbps speeds on a 15Mbps network.

purevpn speed test results on manchester server

The default PureVPN – BBC shortcut was faster than the PureVPN – London server but slower than the PureVPN – Manchester server, clocking 5.64Mbps speeds on a 15 Mbps network.

purevpn speed test results on bbc shortcut

The PureVPN – London server was the slowest, clocking 3.35 Mbps speeds on a 15Mbps network.

purevpn speed test results on london server

Therefore for fast and lag-free BBC iPlayer streaming, I recommend the PureVPN – Manchester server.

However, while the other PureVPN servers were slower than the PureVPN – Manchester server, they still offered lag-free BBC iPlayer streaming.

For instance, I watched the first season of We Hunt Together in HD on the default PureVPN – BBC server with minimal lags and speed drops.

streaming bbc iplayer with purevpn bbc optimized server
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PureVPNs Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge extensions unblock BBC iPlayer, allowing you to access BBC content on any device that supports those browsers.

Stream BBC iPlayer Outside the UK With PureVPN

This guide proves that PureVPN works with BBC iPlayer, offering two UK servers and a BBC shortcut for connecting to the site.

So enjoy fast, stable, and lag-free BBC iPlayer content streaming from anywhere using PureVPN.

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