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Does ExpressVPN Work With BBC iPlayer?

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While others argue whether ExpressVPN works with BBC iPlayer, I’m happily using the VPN provider to catch up on What We Do In The Shadows.

So instead of wasting time arguing, keep reading to find out how I use ExpressVPN to stream BBC iPlayer!

How Can I Watch BBC iPlayer With ExpressVPN?

I’ve spent 5+ years working in the VPN industry and I still consider ExpressVPN to be a world-class streaming VPN.

This is because they offer everything you need to watch anything you want online. Not just with BBC iPlayer – but Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even Netflix too!

And while many of their VPN servers are in the US, there are more than enough UK servers for ExpressVPN to work with BBC iPlayer.

This is very important. Not only do you need a UK IP address to stream BBC iPlayer, but you also need enough options to switch VPN servers if one isn’t working.

On the bright side, you won’t need to worry about streaming quality. ExpressVPN gives me some of the fastest VPN speeds I’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe me? You can try it out yourself or use their VPN speed testing tool.

Without ExpressVPN:

Speed without using the VPN

With ExpressVPN:

Ping Download and Upload while using ExpressVPN

10 Easy Steps to Watch BBC iPlayer With ExpressVPN

To enjoy your favorite BBC iPlayer content with ExpressVPN, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open an ExpressVPN account by selecting their 1 Month, 6 Months, or 12 Months plan.

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app onto the device you use most often.

Step 3: Copy your activation code – you’ll need it in a minute!

Set up your devices

Step 4: Open the app, log in, and paste the activation code when prompted.

Step 5: After clicking “Continue,” take note of the big red button and the words “Not Connected.”

The big red button and the words “Not Connected.”

Step 6: Tap the 3 dots next to “Selected Location” and use the search bar to find the UK servers.

Tap the 3 dots next to “Selected Location” and use the search bar to find the UK servers

Step 7: Select one of the servers (London servers work best for me) and click on the red button.

Step 8: When the button turns green, you’re connected!

Status: Connected

Step 9: Sign in tointo your BBC iPlayer account (or create one).

Step 10: Choose something to stream!

Streaming What we do in the shadows on BBC iPlayer
I have a TV license. Watch Now

How to Know if ExpressVPN is Blocked by BBC iPlayer?

A lot of people are complaining about ExpressVPN being blocked by BBC iPlayer.

This is because the popular British streaming platform checks your IP address when you try to watch something.

The first part of an IP address tells them what country you’re in. This is why it’s important to visit BBC iPlayer through one of ExpressVPN’s UK servers.

However, BBC also knows a lot of people use VPNs to stream their content from outside the UK. For this reason, they have robust software that helps them guess whether an IP address belongs to a VPN company.

When BBC iPlayer flags a VPN’s IP address, they block it.

You’ll know when it happens because you’ll get an error screen telling you: “This content is not available in your location.

This content is not available in your location

What to Do if ExpressVPN Isn’t Working With BBC iPlayer?

When one of ExpressVPN’s 3000+ servers is blocked by a streaming platform, they replace it with a new one. Of course, this isn’t always instant. 

In the meantime, simply connect to a different UK server in your ExpressVPN app.

However, before you reopen the BBC iPlayer app (or your browser)…

Flush Your DNS Cache (Don’t Worry, It’s Easy)

When you flush your DNS cache before reconnecting to BBC iPlayer, your computer accesses your VPN’s DNS for the appropriate entries. This increases the likelihood of BBC iPlayer working properly. 

Here’s a quick tutorial!


  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “cmd”.
  2. Right-click the Command Prompt app and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  3. Type ipconfig/flushdns then hit “Enter”.


  1. Open your LaunchPad in the Dock and type “Terminal”.
  2. Type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; sleep 2 then hit your “Enter” key.

Android/iOS BBC iPlayer App:

  1. Open “Settings” and go to “Apps”.
  2. Tap on the BBC iPlayer App and then “Storage”.
  3. Select “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. 
  4. Uninstall the app.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Connect to a new ExpressVPN server.
  7. Reinstall the BBC iPlayer App and log back in.
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Although some claim ExpressVPN doesn’t work with BBC Sounds, if you follow the same troubleshooting steps for BBC iPlayer above, you can use ExpressVPN to listen to BBC Sounds.

No, you still need to create a BBC iPlayer account to stream their content with ExpressVPN. However, creating an account is free.

ExpressVPN works with just about every device, including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Browsers 
  • Smart TVs
  • Routers
  • Consoles (via MediaStreamer)

Final Words

As you can see, ExpressVPN is a great way to watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world!

Not only do they have plenty of UK servers, but their 24/7 live chat support is always happy to help you connect to the right one.

Considering ExpressVPN is so easy to use – and lets me (and my family) stream from 5 devices at once – it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

So why not join the club?

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