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How to Setup and Use PureVPN on Chromebook?

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The best way to set up and use PureVPN on Chromebook is via its native Android app, which can be installed on Chrome OS devices. This ensures the ultimate protection of all apps and internet-enabled processes running on the computer.

However, you can also install PureVPN’s Google Chrome extension to encrypt your browser connections alone. Alternatively, you can explore the router setup to protect your Chromebook device and connect your other units to the same secure network.

Let’s discuss how to use each method and any drawbacks.

3 Methods to Setup and Use PureVPN for Chromebook

The stepwise guides to use PureVPN for your Chromebook device are below.

But before that, how about a quick look at what makes these setup methods differ?

Setup Method Chrome OS App Router Google Chrome Extension
Ease of Setup Extremely Easy Technical Easy
Online Security Coverage Full coverage Full coverage Browser coverage only
Content Unblocking Very reliable Very reliable Not as reliable
Encryption High High Medium
Ease of Use Very easy with an intuitive app interface Challenging Relatively easy
Access to VPN features High Low Medium

Method 1 - Setup PureVPN for Chromebook via the VPN App

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) app method protects all apps and internet activities on your device from a single, easy-to-use interface. Here’s how to get it running:

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription. Enjoy juicy prices with these HUGE discounts.
  2. Launch the “Google Play Store” on your Chromebook.
  3. Search for “PureVPN.” Click to install the app.
purevpn app download
  1. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials from step 1.
  2. Choose a connection protocol. I recommend IKEv2 or WireGuard for speed-intensive tasks like streaming and gaming.
  1. Connect to a preferred server.
  1. Wait for the VPN connection confirmation, then test for leaks. I use www.ipleak.net. The leak test should show the VPN-assigned IP address.
  2. Browse the internet securely from your Chromebook device or enjoy streaming Netflix US!
streaming netflix with purevpn on us server

Method 2 - Setup PureVPN for Chromebook via Your Router

The PureVPN router method ensures you can connect all your devices, including your Chromebook, to a secure internet terminal. Thus, encrypting all connections from the same source.

However, you must have a compatible router to proceed with this setup process. That’s because not all router models support a VPN installation. 

So, check your router model online to confirm it does.

If affirmative, the video below offers a guide for DD-WRT routers:

Please note that switching servers on the router isn’t as seamless as using the VPN app method (suggested above). Likewise, you don’t get to change the VPN’s protocols.

That said, you might want to use the router setup to connect more devices with the VPN. But PureVPN offers ten simultaneous connections anyway, which is plenty for most users.

Method 3 - Setup PureVPN for Chromebook via Chrome Browser Extension

PureVPN has a Google Chrome browser extension that encrypts internet traffic and can unblock content inside the browser. Here’s how to get it working:

  1. Buy a PureVPN plan (get it cheaper here).
  2. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Chromebook device.
  3. Go to the Chrome Web store.
  4. Type “PureVPN” in the search window.
searching purevpn on chrome web store
  1. Click the official PureVPN extension. Please ensure you’re installing the right one, as malicious developers may sometimes upload copycat extensions.
selecting purevpn app
  1. Click “Add to Chrome.”
locating add to chrome for purevpn
  1. Click “Add extension” if you get an additional popup message.
locating add extension for purevpn
  1. Once added, click the Chrome browser’s extension icon. Then, click the pin icon next to the PureVPN extension for easier access.
pin purevpn extension on chrome
  1. Click the PureVPN extension from the dropdown or pinned tab, then click “Login.”
purevpn log-in
  1. A new window opens. Enter your login credentials (email and password created in step #1) to continue.
  2. On successful login, click the PureVPN extension icon again.
  3. You can click the “Connect” button to automatically get the fastest/nearest VPN server or choose “Select Country” to pick a preferred server.
connect to server on purevpn
  1. Once connected, check for IP leaks. Ideally, the VPN-assigned location should show up, not your actual location.
purevpn connected to us server
  1. Unblock web services and surf the web anonymously!

What Makes PureVPN a Great Chromebook VPN?

PureVPN boasts many features, but a few stood out during my Chromebook tests. 

They are:

Healthy Server Spread

You won’t use all of PureVPN’s 6500+ servers in 70+ countries, but having such an extensive count prevents:

  • Server overcrowding
  • Chromebook user identification on specific IPs (hence, privacy)
  • A lack of options if a server doesn’t work

So, even if a server in a choice location doesn’t work, disconnect, and reconnect to get another IP address that’ll work.

Fast Connection Speeds

PureVPN scored 87Mbps on my 100Mbps connection, making it more than 3x faster than the required basic speeds for 4K streaming.

purevpn speed test results on us server

This less than 15% speed drop, despite secure encryption (which I tested via the IP leaks above), shows that the VPN is suitable for heavy gaming, fast torrenting, and buffer-less live streaming.

Reliable Content Unblocking

I had more luck unblocking content/streaming websites via the app setup than with the VPN Chrome extension, but PureVPN was solid overall.

purevpn snf us

I accessed Gintama via Netflix Japan, watched some BBC iPlayer content via PureVPN’s UK server, and even accessed the free NRK TV channel over its Norway servers.

P2P-Optimized Servers

PureVPN’s dedicated P2P servers make unblocking torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and other preferred platforms on your Chromebook easier.

It goes a step further by providing AES 256-bit encryption on these servers.

In other words, your internet service provider (ISP), school/work Wi-Fi network admins or copyright trolls can’t find out what sites you’re browsing or what files you download.

Ease of Use

PureVPN’s settings were easy to access, and I found my way around using the app like a pro in less than 10 minutes. I also liked that almost everything I needed was within three taps from the homepage. However, this was specifically on the VPN app and Chrome extension side, as the router was more challenging to set up.

Multiple Simultaneous Connections

PureVPN allows ten simultaneous connections with each affordable plan.

The VPN performed excellently on my Chromebook, so I didn’t have to pay for a new account to enjoy its benefits on my iOS device.

In fact, you can chip in with a friend to buy this VPN and save even more on an already affordable VPN provider.

If you’ll also like to unblock content fast, download torrents securely without copyright trolls’ interference, and browse the web privately, grab these PureVPN discounts today. 

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