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How to Setup and Use NordVPN on Chromebook?

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The best way to set up and use NordVPN for Chromebook is by downloading its native Android app for your unit. That ensures protection and equal privacy coverage for every app and internet-enabled instance on your Chromebook device.

However, you can also download the NordVPN Google Chrome extension to specifically secure your Chrome browsing experience. Alternatively, NordVPN offers a router setup to protect your Chromebook and other devices on your home network.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to set up NordVPN for Chrome and weigh the pros and cons of each method.

3 Methods to Setup NordVPN on Chromebook

You can set up NordVPN for Chromebook devices via the Android app, Chrome extension, or a router model. Learn how to use these setup models below.

But first, here are a few notable differences in the setup methods:

Criteria Android App Chrome Extension Router Setup
Ease of setup High High Low
Access to features High Low Very low
Privacy and security coverage Total (all internet-enabled functions) Partial (only Google Chrome) Total (all internet-enabled functions)
Content unblocking All Chromebook apps Google Chrome-accessed websites alone All Chromebook apps

Method 1 – Setup NordVPN for Chromebook Using the Android App

Since Google developed Chromebooks, they can also run Android (apk) files and install VPN apps. Here’s how to take advantage of that for NordVPN.

  1. Get a NordVPN subscription. Use these discount offers to save more.
NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Look for the Google Play Store on your Chromebook and launch it.
  2. Search for “NordVPN.”
install nordvpn from chromebook app store
  1. Download, install, and open the NordVPN app.
  2. Click login. A new window will open in Chrome. Sign in with your credentials.
nordvpn sign up on chromebook app
  1. Once logged in, click your profile icon in the lower-right corner. Then, click the cog icon in the upper-left corner.
nordvpn settings icon
  1. Choose a protocol. I recommend NordLynx to give you the best balance of speed and security.
nordvpn protocols
  1. Enable the NordVPN internet kill switch to prevent accidental IP/DNS leaks. I recommend the Always-On VPN feature rather than the harsher VPN kill switch.
  2. Return to the home page and connect to a VPN server location.
nordvpn connected to slovakia server location
  1. Test for leaks. I use www.ipleak.net. You want to ensure the leak test result returns your Virtual Private Network (VPN) IP address, not your IP address.
  2. Once covered, you can browse the web securely and bypass geo-restriction on your Chromebook.
stream netflix with nordvpn on chromebook

Method 2 – Setup the NordVPN Chrome Extension for Chromebook

The NordVPN Google Chrome extension is designed to secure your internet activities and unblock content via the browser alone. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Grab a NordVPN subscription (discounts here) if you don’t have one already. Note that a single NordVPN plan gives you access to the Chromebook app and Chrome browser extension.
  2. Launch your Google Chrome browser and go to the Chrome web store.
  3. Type “NordVPN” in the search bar and hit Enter.
google chrome web store
  1. Click the official NordVPN extension. Please be wary of copycat platforms posing as NordVPN on the Chrome web store.
nordvpn extension on google chrome web store
  1. Click “Add to Chrome.”
add nordvpn extension to chrome
  1. If you get a prompt, click “Add Extension” to continue.
  2. Once added, click the Chrome extensions icon in the upper right corner to see the NordVPN extension. You can click the pin icon to add it to your pinned extensions tray for easy access (recommended).
pin nordvpn extension on google chrome
  1. Click the NordVPN extension, then click “Login.” You’ll be redirected to a page where you can log in with your account credentials (from step #1).
nordvpn chrome extension login
  1. Once logged in, click the NordVPN icon again. It should have changed from grey to blue, which shows you’re successfully logged in.
nordvpn quick connect on google chrome extension
  1. Select “Quick Connect” to get the fastest/nearest server, choose from one of the popular suggested servers, or click the globe icon to search for a preferred server. I’ll connect to the recommended Canada server for this example.
  2. Once connected, test for leaks. I used www.ipleak.net in my tests and confirmed that I was now browsing the web via the VPN-assigned Canadian IP address.
nordvpn ipleak test

Method 3 - Setup NordVPN Router App for Chromebook

Setting NordVPN up on a router allows you to protect all devices connected to the router, including your Chromebook, from a single connection point. 

However, not all routers are supported by this VPN. So, first, watch the short video below to learn if your router is supported:

If you have a supported router, the video below teaches you how to set up NordVPN on it:

What Makes NordVPN a Great Chromebook VPN?

nordvpn connected to us server to stream race highlights

NordVPN offers many privacy and security-related features without holding back on the fun. But after testing the VPN service with my Chromebook for a few weeks, here are its standout benefits for this platform:

Bypass School and Work Restrictions

Most people get issued Chromebooks at work or school with limitations to what apps/websites they can visit. Connecting to any of NordVPN’s 5500+ servers in 60 countries ensures seamless access to those otherwise restricted websites.

Reliable Ad Blocking

The Google Chrome browser doesn’t do well with ad blocking, especially when I visit some of my favorite manga sites. However, enabling Threat Protection (via the NordVPN app) also activates an ad-blocker, at no extra charge, to keep those pesky ads at bay.

Wi-Fi Privacy and Security

If you also take your Chromebook everywhere and connect to public or random Wi-Fi networks, NordVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption ensures your online activity never falls into the hands of hackers, snoops, public Wi-Fi admins, school/work Wi-Fi admins, or anyone sniffing around your internet traffic data.

Unblocks Streaming Content

I discovered that NordVPN’s Chromebook app was more reliable than the browser extension to unblock Netflix libraries, access BBC iPlayer anywhere (outside the UK), stream Hulu like home, and unblock just about anything.

5500+ Servers in 60 Countries

I’ve connected to multiple VPN servers to unblock content in different areas, connect to gaming peers in various regions, and get diverse IP addresses for other reasons. 

You can do so and more, too!

Secure Torrent Downloads

I recommend NordVPN’s P2P servers to unblock torrent websites and access torrent files without raising red flags with your internet service provider, falling into the trap of copyright trolls, or raising eyebrows at the DMCA’s center.

Ultra-Fast Server Speeds

After all, I’ve played multiple game hours, streamed a complete series, and downloaded content fast via this VPN without suffering buffering or lag.

Split Tunneling

You get split tunneling in the native app and Chrome extension to decide which apps/websites use the VPN. I usually exclude my PayPal from the VPN while I keep Netflix on it to unblock content without setting off alarm bells at PayPal.

NordVPN provides more features than these – learn about them in this in-depth review. And don’t forget to grab these NordVPN discounts to enjoy all that’s on offer for a lower price.

What to Do When NordVPN Isn’t Working on Chromebook?

nordvpn not working on chromebook
Still encountering issues like this while using NordVPN on your Chromebook?

NordVPN never gave me any issues during my tests and after. 

But if you’re running into any NordVPN-Chromebook connection issues, these fixes might help:

  • Check your setup: Ensure you set up the VPN correctly, especially for users using the router setup method. Sometimes, a setting/step you missed might be the culprit.
  • Clear cache and cookies: Cookies and cache data on your device may interfere with the VPN’s IP-changing and unblocking prowess. So, it doesn’t hurt to clear your cookies.
  • Update the VPN app: Thus, quashing the bugs and issues that might already have been resolved in the app.
  • Switch to another server: Some platforms (like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.) may block some NordVPN servers/IP addresses. Thankfully, NordVPN switches its IPs out regularly, and it has 5500+ more servers in 60 countries to switch to anyway.
  • Reinstall the VPN app: In my experience, this is rarely (if ever) the issue. But if all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • Enable extension for Incognito Mode: Google Chrome doesn’t allow browser extensions in its Incognito Mode by default. So, remember to enable NordVPN’s extension to work in Incognito browsing to enjoy its benefits there. Or, set up the NordVPN app, which works for all browsing modes in all apps.
  • Speak with customer support: You can contact NordVPN customer support, available 24/7 via live chat, to resolve your VPN connection issues quickly.
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NordVPN, like any other VPN, will impact your Chromebook’s internet connection speeds. However, the VPN provider is optimized for speed and would only cause a minor negative change to your internet speeds.

That said, it’s advisable to set up the VPN correctly and choose the fastest protocols (NordLynx) to offset the encryption’s impact on your internet speeds.

Regain Control of Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook’s data should be readable only to you, not to any public Wi-Fi admin, school network operator, internet service provider, or anyone else snooping on your network. Likewise, it’s unfair not to get access to some websites, apps, or online content on streaming platforms because of your location.

Thanks to NordVPN, that becomes a thing of the past.

Grab these NordVPN offers to test it risk-free for 30 days and see how it helps you unblock web content, download torrents securely, and access the web privately from your Chromebook.

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