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PureVPN Payment Options: A Complete Guide

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PureVPN allows interested users to get its VPN via credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and even gift card payment options.

However, only some of these payment options are available everywhere.

And for those available everywhere, like credit and debit card payments, not all card issuers are supported.

On top of that, PureVPN may not issue a refund on some payment options and doesn’t support automatic account renewal on others.

But don’t let that overwhelm you. I’ve broken it down below.

What Payment Methods Does PureVPN Accept?

Let’s discover the generally-available and geo-restricted payment options PureVPN supports:

Global Payment Options

PayPal is PureVPN’s top and most generally accessible payment option, and it’s available for all regions where PayPal is supported.

This means you can pay for PureVPN in your local currency via cards associated with PayPal. Likewise, you’ll use PayPal’s reasonable conversion rates when paying for PureVPN in another currency.

purevpn payment methods

You can use credit and debit cards for regions where PayPal may not be available or due to personal preferences.

Since only some countries/banks issue credit cards, the prepaid/debit card option also makes sense. However, only Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and UnionPay cards are supported. This leaves card issuers like Verve out of the mix.

Another general payment option you can use with PureVPN is Google Pay.

The best part of this payment option is that it works in China, Iraq, Vietnam, and other regions that are naturally against VPNs.

But Google Pay is currently unsupported in Russia, so you’d have to use other payment methods.

Finally, PureVPN allows crypto payments via its CoinGate gateway.

Some supported cryptocurrencies you can use to pay for PureVPN are below.

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin
TRON Dai Tether
XRP Dogecoin Binance coin
SHIBA INU Bitcoin Cash  

CoinGate supports more cryptos than this for PureVPN payment.

Still, options like BitTorrent and Nano were temporarily disabled when I wanted to pay.

Furthermore, you might be unable to pay for PureVPN with the cryptocurrencies below when you use my massive discount savings. According to CoinGate, the new savings price is lower than the minimum transaction amount of these cryptos.

EOS DigiByte Qtum Ignition
VeChain ChainLink Stellar
TrueUSD Basic Attention Token Aragon
Civic OMG Network Storj
Power Ledger Kyber Network Kusama

Geo-Restricted Payment Options

Some PureVPN payment options are restricted based on where you’re paying from.

True, PayPal is only available in some regions. However, it doesn’t fall under this category since it’s available in many other regions.

The primary concern here is with Paymentwall. Even though this payment service is spread to 200+ countries, it curates its payment options based on location.

For instance, US residents who want to pay for PureVPN via Paymentwall will get numerous gift card options (CVS, Dollar General, etc.), prepaid cards, e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfer options.

purevpn payment options

But if the payer is from Nigeria, they’ll only see the Paga e-wallet payment option.

paga e-wallet payment option on purevpn

So, you won’t know what Paymentwall options are available until you attempt payment from your region.

What Payment Options Do PureVPN Add-Ons Support?

You can get all PureVPN’s add-ons using any of the supported payment methods in your region. In other words, you can pay for PureVPN’s add-ons with PayPal, cryptocurrency, credit/debit cards, Google Pay, and Paymentwall.

However, there’s a catch.

You can ONLY pay for PureVPN add-ons with all supported payment types when purchasing an account for the first time. So, include any add-ons you want from the VPN service provider at the initial purchase to enjoy crypto, Google Pay, and Paymentwall payments.

addons for vpn on purevpn
Add-ons selected work with chosen payment methods

Otherwise, paying for an add-on while you already have a PureVPN account only allows you to use PayPal or credit card payment.

purevpn payment gateway options
Only supported payment option for add-ons once you have a PureVPN account

What PureVPN Payment Options Get the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

All PureVPN payment options, except cryptocurrency payments, get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Cryptos are excluded since they’re anonymous payment sources, and it would be challenging to determine who owns an account that the refund is being issued.

Likewise, cryptocurrency is volatile and subject to quick price changes.

Thus, it would be an accounting headache for PureVPN to constantly re-calculate how much refund should be issued to a buyer during a 30-day period when negative or positive swings could have affected the coin’s price.

That said, some payment methods support faster refunds than others.

I know PayPal users get the most rapid refunds. So, consider that if you’re skeptical about the VPN during your first purchase and don’t want your money tied down for too long after requesting a refund.

What’s the Best PureVPN Auto-Renewal Payment Option?

PureVPN only supports PayPal and credit/debit card payments for account auto-renewal. This makes sense since these payment options can be authorized and linked to an individual’s account, ensuring seamless direct debit. 

However, that’s different for cryptos and Paymentwall, which may switch payment types it offers users based on location.

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Secure Payments for a Secure VPN

PureVPN upholds its security promise from the payment gateway, ensuring your credit card details stay in the right hands. And if you’re still wary of that, Google Pay and crypto payments come to the rescue.

However, PayPal might be the safest bet for users contemplating getting a refund after testing the VPN or who want to set up recurring auto-renewals.

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