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IPVanish Payment Options: An In-Depth Guide

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IPVanish accepts several payment options, including PayPal and Credit cards.

Out of these, the easiest to use is the credit card payment option.

However, if security is your primary concern, I recommend PayPal.

That said, the IPVanish website is secure, and you can be sure that your payment information remains hidden.

In this guide, I’ll review each IPVanish payment method to help you understand and select the suitable one.

What Payment Methods Are Available for IPVanish?

Unlike other VPN services today, IPVanish is limited in the payment methods it accepts – only PayPal and Credit cards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accept cryptocurrency either.

Credit Card

IPVanish accepts major credit card payments such as Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Note that your IPVanish subscription will automatically renew through your Credit card unless you cancel before the renewal date.

Likewise, you may be unable to pay for IPVanish with credit cards missing a registered physical address and certain debit cards that may encounter payment challenges.


Although IPVanish accepts PayPal, it only accepts PayPal payments if the funding source allows for immediate payment. This means a credit card must back up the PayPal account.

Additionally, paying with PayPal creates a “Billing Agreement” that notes a specific amount to be withdrawn every certain number of days. If you cancel this agreement via PayPal, all subsequent renewals will fail.

If this happens, you must sign up for a new IPVanish account with a different email address.

How to Switch Payment Methods for Your IPVanish Account?

Switching up your IPVanish payment method is very easy. You can switch from PayPal to a Credit card or from one credit card to another.

To add another credit card:

  1. Head to the IPVanish website and click “My Account.”
locating my account on ipvanish website
  1. Log in to your IPVanish account using your username and password.
ipvanish log in
  1. Click “Billing.”
selecting billing on ipvanish
  1. Select “Credit Card” and add your new credit card details.
selecting credit card option on ipvanish
  1. Check “I agree to the automatic renewal terms above.”
update credit card terms on ipvanish
  1. Click “Update Credit Card.”
selecting update credit card button on ipvanish
  1. That’s it! You’ve added a new credit card.

To switch to PayPal:

  1. Go through steps 1 to 3, as shown above.
  2. Select the “PayPal” tab.
selecting paypal option on ipvanish
  1. Check “I agree to the automatic renewal terms above.”
ticking automatic renewal terms on ipvanish
  1. Select “Update PayPal Billing.”
update paypal billing on ipvanish
  1. You’ll be redirected to the PayPal website. Log in to your PayPal account and complete the payment process.
receiving paypal one time code
  1. That’s it! You’ve successfully changed your billing information from Credit card to PayPal.

How to Solve IPVanish Payment Errors & Issues?

If you’re trying to make payments with any of the methods mentioned above and it’s failing to process, there are several reasons this might be happening.

They include:

  • Need More Funds: Your PayPal or Credit card might need more funds. Alternatively, it might also be because you have a prearranged agreement with your financial institution not to exceed a particular limit, and your purchase exceeds that limit.
  • Delayed Payments/Canceled Billing Agreement: In the case of PayPal, a billing agreement allows IPVanish to automatically deduct a particular amount of money at renewal. Canceling this billing agreement is a guaranteed way to make the payment/renewal process fail.
  • Mismatched Street Addresses: If the physical address you’re trying to register with your IPVanish account doesn’t match the one on your payment method, the payment won’t go through. So, use the same physical address.
  • Card Not Activated for Online Transactions: Some cards might not work without activating them for online transactions. The best bet is to contact your bank to enable online payments.

If you’ve not run into any of the above issues, then there must be an underlying problem that only IPVanish customer support can fix. Contact customer support to help you through the payment process.

How to Cancel an IPVanish Subscription?

IPVanish is an excellent VPN, so you’ll probably not want to cancel.

However, if you don’t like IPVanish for any reason, the cancellation process is easy.

To cancel your IPVanish subscription:

  1. Log in to your IPVanish user control panel.
ipvanish log in
  1. Click “Subscription.”
selecting subscription on ipvanish
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “I wish to cancel my subscription.”
cancel subscription on ipvanish
  1. On the next page, select “I Still Want to Cancel.” Then, fill out the form.
i still want to cancel option on ipvanish
  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email. Depending on customer support availability, this may take hours or even days.

Alternatively, you can contact IPVanish’s live support and express your desire to cancel. Provide your account information and specify whether you’re requesting a refund. You might need to provide your transaction ID as well.

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