How to Connect Surfshark to OmeTV Chat?

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You can connect Surfshark to OmeTV Chat using your mobile or PC by subscribing to the VPN and connecting to a relevant server before launching the video chat service.

OmeTV allows you to meet and converse with strangers to create new friendships through video chats, but it’s not available everywhere. That’s why you need Surfshark to bypass such restrictions.

How to Unblock OmeTV Chat With Surfshark?

Unblocking OmeTV chat over Surfshark on PC and mobile takes different procedures.

I’ll share stepwise guides to both below.

How to Use Surfshark With OmeTV Chat on a PC?

Connecting Surfshark to OmeTV Chat on a PC is straightforward.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Buy a Surfshark plan. Get these HUGE discounts to save more on the affordable VPN.
continue to checkout on surfshark
  1. Download the Surfshark app. You can get it via the Surfshark download page. I’ll use Windows for this PC demonstration.
surfshark compatible for windows
  1. Launch the app and log in with your details.
surfshark log-in
  1. Search for a server location where OmeTV Chat isn’t banned, and double-tap it to connect. I’ll use South African servers for this example.
surfshark server search
  1. Log into your OmeTV Chat account and enjoy chatting with new friends.
surfshark ometv south africa

How to Use Surfshark With OmeTV Chat on Mobile?

You can also unblock and securely access OmeTV Chat with Surfshark on your iOS and Android units. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Buy a Surfshark plan.
  2. Go to your device’s app store, search Surfshark, and install the app. I’ll use my Android device for this example.
  1. Open the app and tap “Login.” Enter your account credentials to log in.
  1. Pick a location server where OmeTV Chat isn’t restricted to connect. I’ll use “Australia” for this example.
  1. Log into your OmeTV Chat and enjoy your conversation.

Why Is Surfshark a Good VPN for OmeTV Chat?

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs to connect to OmeTV chat, and here are some of the reasons:

  • Unlimited device connections. The VPN allows you to connect unlimited devices to your account. You can also share your account with friends who want to unblock OmeTV.
  • Strict no-logs policy. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your online activity. It’s vital for OmeTV chat because your conversations and chat history remain completely private.
  • Kill switch. If the connection drops, the kill switch blocks all internet traffic until the connection is re-established. Thus, preventing your chats from being exposed and keeping your online privacy intact.
  • Blocks ads and malware. Surfshark block malicious ads (which may contain malware or phishing attempts) when chatting, thanks to its innovative CleanWeb feature. So you get a smoother OmeTV chat experience.
  • Fast. Surfshark is fast and offers unlimited bandwidth, providing lag-free video chats over its servers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Surfshark to get unbanned from OmeTV. The VPN changes your IP address, so OmeTV won’t detect your new IP and can’t enforce a previous IP ban. 

Also, ensure you pick a server location where OmeTV isn’t banned.

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