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Does Surfshark Work in South Africa in 2024?

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Surfshark works in South Africa with premium unblocking, thousands of servers, online privacy, and exclusive security features on PC, mobile, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other internet-enabled devices.

So, you can unblock services taken down by ISPs due to South Africa’s ECTA requests, keep intelligence services from compromising your social privacy with its Media Sonar, and encrypt your sensitive internet activities over public Wi-Fi networks.

In fact, Surfshark has a reliable SA server for users who want to unblock SABC 1 and other local content while enjoying the VPN’s encryption.

How to Setup Surfshark on Mobile & PC in South Africa?

Thanks to the VPN’s apps, installing and using Surfshark on mobile and PC in South Africa is easy. Plus, this setup works for MTN, Telekom, Cell C, and Vodacom.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your Surfshark account. Try these savings for the best deals.
Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download and install the Surfshark PC or mobile app. You can get it via the Surfshark website or your device’s app store.
download surfshark vpn
  1. Launch the app. I’ll use my Windows PC app for this demo, but Surfshark’s interface is similar across other devices.
  2. Log in with your account credentials. You can also log in with Google or Apple or use a code (if signed in on another device).
  3. Go to Settings > VPN settings.
locating vpn settings on surfshark
  1. Toggle “CleanWeb” ON to stop getting ads when browsing local news sites like Times LIVE, unblocking public torrent sites, or using other ad-ridden platforms.
enable surfshark cleanweb
  1. Toggle “Kill Switch” on, then click “Continue” to keep MTN, Vodacom, your public Wi-Fi admin, or other ISPs from seeing your internet activity if the VPN server connection drops.
enable kill switch on surfshark
  1. Scroll to “Protocol,” toggle the dropdown menu, and choose “WireGuard.” This will get you closest to your base internet speeds to ensure a fast VPN connection in South Africa.
selecting wireguard protocol on surfshark
  1. Tap “VPN,” then “Quick-connect,” to get the fastest available server.
selecting surfshark quick connect button
  1. Alternatively, search for a preferred server under any tab and click to connect.
search server locations in surfshark
  1. Wait for the connection confirmation, then test for leaks.
  2. Unblock geo-restricted services, keep government officials from spying on your internet using Pegasus, and enjoy public Wi-Fi network privacy in places like Cup and Cake (Cape Town) or anywhere else in South Africa.
streaming plex with surfshark on us server

How to Setup Surfshark on Game Consoles & Smart TVs in South Africa?

DSTV is excellent, but it doesn’t give you the immersive MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA experience, among other things. Likewise, you can’t stream BBC iPlayer on your smart TV in SA, and you won’t get into some region-based competitions (like Fortnite) with huge prize pots, either.

All that changes when you set up Surfshark for your smart TV and gaming consoles, as described below.

Method #1: Setup Surfshark on a Router

Setting up Surfshark on your router ensures all devices connected to that router, including your smart TV and gaming consoles, get the new Surfshark-supplied IP address on that router.

Likewise, these devices get the encryption, privacy, and DDoS protection Surfshark offers.

Grab these Surfshark discounts to get started. Then, watch the video below to set up a preferred Surfshark server on your router.

Method #2: Setup Surfshark on a Virtual Router

If you don’t have a VPN-enabled router, Surfshark allows you to convert your Windows PC into one if you don’t have a VPN-enabled router.

As before, you’ll need a Surfshark account (use these discounts), then follow the video guide below to complete the setup:

Once you’re done, connect your gaming console or smart TV to the network you’ve created. You’ll seamlessly get access to sports content, movies, shows, and games previously unavailable to you in South Africa.

Method #3: Install Surfshark on TV Consoles

South Africans who stream via consoles like Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield are lucky since Surfshark has apps for these devices.

Simply set up your TV console and install Surfshark on it. From there, you can choose any server and access content across 100+ countries.

For instance, here’s a video guide to install Surfshark on your Fire TV Stick connected to your TV:

Remember to save more on your Surfshark plan with these HUGE deals.

They won’t last forever!

Method #4: Use Surfshark’s Smart DNS

I only recommend this for South African streamers who prefer to unblock US-only content. Even though the Smart DNS setup also works for gaming, its lack of encryption means it’s better to stream Netflix US, Peacock TV, MLB, and other US content on my PlayStation in South Africa rather than for gaming.

This Surfshark Smart DNS guide walks you through the easiest steps to get and use Surfshark’s smart DNS from South Africa.

How to Get a South Africa IP Address on Surfshark?

Did you know that the free Wi-Fi network admins at Café Blouberg (Cape Town), FourSeasons (Jo’Burg), Ocean Basket (Pretoria), and everywhere else in SA can see what you do on their network?

Besides, hackers who know their way on the network can also get your sensitive logins and share malware.

But Surfshark can protect you and still supply a local server to ensure you keep enjoying SA content:

  1. Get your Surfshark account. Don’t let these HUGE savings pass you by.
  2. Follow steps 2-7 from the Surfshark PC/mobile setup guide above.
  3. Click “VPN,” then search for “South Africa.”
searching south africa server in surfshark
  1. Click the server to connect.
  2. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  3. Once connected, test for leaks. Ensure the leak test shows the same IP address as what Surfshark assigns.
surfshark ip leak test results on south africa server
  1. Use South African public Wi-Fi safely, unblock SABC Sport from abroad, and securely play games against local SA peers.
streaming sabc sport with surfshark on south africa server
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can stream your DSTV Now account with Surfshark abroad if you’ve connected to a region where DSTV is supported before launching the app.

You can always connect to the Surfshark South Africa or Nigeria server to get the richest content selection according to the bouquet you’re subscribed to.

You can pay for Surfshark in South African Rands, but the VPN’s pricing will be shown in dollars (USD). Hence, choosing a payment method and provider that supports SAR-USD conversions at a reasonable exchange rate is best.

Expand Your SA Fun With Surfshark

Why stay limited to Netflix SA, SABC Sport, and only the kind of content you can get in SA? Lock into Surfshark’s servers, and you can unblock content in 100+ countries!

Gamers aren’t excluded from the fun since Surfshark allows you to connect to peers worldwide, play without DDoS attacks, and unblock titles unavailable in South Africa.

Plus, if you don’t like Surfshark, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee to get a refund.

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