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5 Best VPNs for Kenya (Tested by Experts)

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I recently visited Kenya, and in between chasing elephants and lions, I needed to keep up with my favorite TV shows. That requires a VPN, and ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Kenya.

It helped me access HBO Max and Apple TV through its 3000+ servers and kept my activities under wraps with its robust encryption and IP leak protection.

Best of all, the speeds were fast enough for 4K streaming services.

I also tested other VPNs and found four equally impressive alternatives.

There’s NordVPN (best user privacy), PureVPN (ideal for live streaming), CyberGhost (an extensive server network), and Surfshark (unlimited simultaneous connections).

Keep reading to learn how to use ExpressVPN in Kenya!

Top 3 VPNs for Kenya

PureVPN Top 2 Best VPNs

PureVPN is perfect for Kenyan live streamers, as it has reliable speeds to handle that. For extra security, you also get 6500 servers, IP leak protection, encryption, and secure Wi-Fi to counter government surveillance. It has native apps for all portable devices and more.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN has 3000 servers to unblock restricted content anywhere in Kenya. You get fast speeds for streaming and torrenting, AES 256-bit encryption, and IP leak protection.  It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN has the best privacy through military-grade encryption and IP leak protection to stop snooping by ISPs like Safaricom. You also get 5000+ servers to unblock geo-restricted content in Kenya with speeds fast enough for 4K streaming and torrenting. It’s also compatible with multiple devices.

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You can’t access streaming platforms like HBO Max or Apple TV+ in Kenya.

At the same time, local channels must be within reach for Kenyans living abroad.

These VPNs are your best shot at keeping up with TV shows, movies, and other restricted content.

Keep Up With Your Shows and Access Any Restricted Content in Kenya With These VPNs

Here’s a quick summary of my top VPNs for Kenya:

  • ExpressVPN – Automatic Obfuscation to Bypass Kenyan Censorship
  • NordVPN – Best Privacy to Counter Surveillance in Kenya
  • PureVPN – Reliable Speeds for Live Streaming Sports in Kenya
  • CyberGhost – Largest Server Network for Accessing Blocked Content in Kenya
  • Surfshark – Best Value for Kenyans on a Budget

Key features that helped me compile this list include VPN server locations, advanced security features, and connection speeds. I used internet speeds of 30 Mbps for all the speed tests, and ExpressVPN came out on top.

To see how all the VPNs performed, read to the end.

Best VPNs for Kenya: Comparisons & In-Depth Tests

In this review, we’ll look at how each VPN handles unblocking geo-restricted content in Kenya, bandwidth-heavy activities, user privacy and security, and the devices it’s compatible with.


ExpressVPN - Automatic Obfuscation to Bypass Kenyan Censorship

expressvpn on us server
Location Global Servers Connections Average Test Speeds Best Deal
British Virgin Islands 3000+ 5 29 Mbps Show Offer

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers, with 25 in the US. This was lower than all the other VPNs on this list, but I didn’t experience issues bypassing blocks in Kenya on Hulu or Disney+. Playing my saved music on Qobuz was a walk in the park, too.

ExpressVPN also has a Kenyan server to keep abreast of all local channels and access websites from anywhere in the world.

So, how does a VPN with the smallest server network top the list? Obfuscation. This feature lets you access anything you want, even in regions where VPN use is blocked.

Best of all, your speeds won’t be affected like the other alternatives since it’s automatic on all servers with any protocol.

Plus, thanks to ExpressVPN’s Lightway UDP protocol and optimized servers, I got average speeds of 29 Mbps, the fastest on this list.

4K streaming was like drinking tea in the morning; smooth and without interruptions.

Next, if you’re concerned about your real IP leaking or anyone tracking your activities, ExpressVPN has three features that’ll put your fears to rest.

First is the military-grade encryption that I tested with Wireshark.

It returned a series of gibberish texts, which is what anyone snooping on your traffic will see. So Kenyan hackers or ISPs like Safaricom and Airtel don’t stand a chance.

Second, there’s a Network Lock kill switch for IP leak protection anytime your VPN connection is down. I tested this on public WiFi, switching to my mobile data. That momentary interruption triggered the kill switch, and my internet was disconnected.

Lastly, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which I read and verified, including the latest audit in September 2022. So no one can compel the VPN service provider to hand over your browsing history or other confidential data to the Kenyan government.

I installed ExpressVPN on my Android and Mac computers, which worked without issues. The VPN is also compatible with iOS, Windows, and Linux, so you have choices.

However, ExpressVPN offers the least amount of simultaneous connections on my list (five).

But if that’s not a deal breaker, grab your ExpressVPN subscription and enjoy these fantastic discounts before they run out.




NordVPN - Best Privacy to Counter Surveillance in Kenya

nordvpn connected to us server
Location Global Servers Connections Average Speeds Best Deal
Panama 5000+ 6 26 Mbps Show Offer

NordVPN’s most significant selling point is user privacy.

On top of the standard encryption and IP leak protection through a reliable kill switch, it has several specialty servers like obfuscated and double VPN servers.

I switched to OpenVPN protocol and tested a Polish obfuscated server while using a restricted campus network nearby. Sites like Netflix that I couldn’t open with regular servers became accessible.

I repeated the same test with Double VPN servers, this time with a Swedish server. I used WhatIsMyIp, which showed I was rerouted through a server in Gloucester, England. It would be impossible for the government or any Kenyan ISP to track that.

The only issue with obfuscated and double VPN servers is they’re slow.

I went from getting average speeds of 26 Mbps to 6 Mbps.

Moving on, NordVPN has the third-largest server network, with 5000+ servers. I used a French server to stream music on Qobuz seamlessly in Kenya. Unfortunately, for those outside Kenya, NordVPN doesn’t have Kenyan servers you can use to access local content.

NordVPN’s speeds were equally impressive. On average, I got 26 Mbps, third after ExpressVPN and Surfshark. I used the NordLynx protocol.

Furthermore, NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy. A quick check on their website shows they’ve had multiple audits, with the last conducted in December 2022.

The provider is also based in Panama, which isn’t affiliated with any surveillance alliances. So your online activities are for your eyes only, and no muscling from the Kenyan government can reverse that.

Finally, the VPN has native Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux apps, with a maximum of 6 simultaneous device connections.

Slightly better than ExpressVPN but still way off from Surfshark.

Interested in NordVPN? Take advantage of these exclusive discounts to continue enjoying unrestricted access in Kenya.




PureVPN - Reliable Speeds for Live Streaming Sports in Kenya

purevpn us
Location Global Servers Connections Average Speeds Best Deal
BVI 6500 10 27 Mbps Show Offer

Are you a sports fan who can’t miss your favorite NBA or soccer team in the English Premier League? PureVPN is your perfect fit.

It didn’t hit ExpressVPN’s figures in the speed tests, but with 27 Mbps, I seamlessly live-streamed games on my Mac and Android phone without interruptions.

PureVPN doesn’t slack on the server side, either. It has 6500+ servers worldwide, second only to CyberGhost. Tidal isn’t available in Kenya, so I used a US server to access the platform and stream high-res music from my Android device.

Additionally, PureVPN has several Kenyan servers, with Mombasa being the most prominent. So diaspora Kenyans can catch their favorite shows away from home with ease.

Furthermore, the VPN provider offers military-grade encryption to keep any form of monitoring for hacker threats at bay. Like the other alternatives, a quick run of my encrypted traffic through Wireshark returned nothing but symbols and illegible text.

Plus, I successfully used the Secure Wi-Fi feature every time I used public hotspots in the busy streets of Nairobi city.

The kill switch also came through. This time, I simply disconnected from the VPN. Immediately, my internet was cut off.

Combining this with the strict no-logs policy keeps your online activities under an invisibility cloak that can’t be breached.

A quick peek at PureVPN’s official website shows the service is the only one with an “Always-On Audit”, meaning they’re conducted at random.

So neither the Kenyan government or your favorite ISP can get their hands on your private browsing data.

purevpn pricing

PureVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux with up to 10 simultaneous connections, second after Surfshark.

It’s also the cheapest VPN on this list, and you can save a lot by getting your subscription through these fantastic discounts.



CyberGhost - Largest Server Network for Accessing Blocked Content in Kenya

cyberghost us
Location Global Servers Connections Average Speeds Best Deal
Romania 9000+ 7 28 Mbps Show Offer

At 9000+ servers, CyberGhost is the most efficient at bypassing restricted content from any corner of the globe. Of this, 1300+ are US servers, second only to PureVPN (1800) and NordVPN (2000). I had no trouble accessing US-only content from my hotel room with giraffes nibbling at my breakfast through the window.

There’s no obfuscation, though. But you get Kenyan servers to access local content abroad.

I got average speeds of 28 Mbps when I tested CyberGhost.

Having that many servers means less overcrowding leading to better overall speeds. With this, you can say goodbye to buffering when streaming.

I tested the VPN speeds by streaming the Last of Us on HBO through a US server dedicated to streaming without any buffering.

The torrenting servers also came through for downloads and Safaricom couldn’t throttle my speeds like they usually do.

Like PureVPN, CyberGhost has its public Wi-Fi protection feature that I used when grabbing my coffee at my favorite Java joint near my hotel.

It worked perfectly alongside AES 256-bit encryption to stop unauthorized surveillance common on unsecured public connections.

I also analyzed my VPN traffic with Wireshark; as expected, all I saw was gibberish.

Furthermore, a kill switch for IP leak protection cut my internet off.

I tested it by switching my mobile data on and off in quick succession.

I had to wait for CyberGhost to reconnect before I could use the internet again.

With its first audit coming towards the end of last year, I can confirm that CyberGhost’s strict no-logs policy is pretty solid. So no one can force them to hand over your sensitive information. So don’t worry about DMCA notices from major Kenyan ISPs like Safaricom, Airtel, or Faiba JTL.

Finally, CyberGhost has some of the most user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, making the user experience all the more enjoyable. You can also connect up to seven devices simultaneously, which is better than NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

The VPN isn’t expensive, so grab these exclusive deals before they run out.



Surfshark - Best Value for Kenyans on a Budget

surfshark connected to us server
Location Global Servers Connections Average Speeds Best Deal
The Netherlands 3200+ Unlimited 28 Mbps Show Offer

Last on our list is Surfshark, an affordable VPN provider ideal for those on a budget. It was joint second for speed alongside CyberGhost, with 28 Mbps. This cut down my download waiting times significantly.

There wasn’t any buffering when streaming 4K movies and TV shows.

Surfshark doesn’t have unique protocols like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, so these fantastic speeds come down to highly optimized servers that get updated frequently.

Unblocking Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video from Kenya was also easy. I used one of Surfshark’s 600+ US servers to get past the blocks. Surfshark has no Kenyan servers, though.

Plus, the VPN also offers an obfuscation feature called Camouflage Mode to hide traces of VPN activity from your traffic. However, your speeds will slow down significantly, though not as bad as NordVPN.

I tested three servers from the US, the UK, and South Africa, and I got 14 Mbps with the Camouflage Mode on. That’s twice as fast as NordVPN.

Surfshark keeps your activities hidden from surveillance through the standard AES 256-bit encryption. I confirmed this with a quick Wireshark test, getting indecipherable text in returns. Furthermore, you get one of the best kill switches. Android users get two kill switches. I tested both, and they successfully cut off my internet.

As I mentioned, this reliable Kenya VPN has very affordable price plans and comes with native apps for all platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. But the icing on the cake is the unlimited simultaneous connections, perfect for large groups on a budget.

Remember to get your discounted deals before the offer ends.



How to Connect a VPN in Kenya?

Setting up a VPN to use in Kenya is easy. Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Subscribe to and install ExpressVPN on your preferred device.
get expressvpn for mac
  1. Ensure you’re on the Lightway UDP protocol.
locating lightway protocol on expressvpn
  1. Connect to a server of your choice. In my case, a US server.
  1. Launch the service you need to access and enjoy.
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Using a VPN in Kenya is legal if you don’t use it for illegal activities.

Kenya doesn’t block VPNs in any capacity, and you can use them to bypass regional restrictions on streaming, torrenting, and dating websites. Illegal activities that may deem your VPN use problematic include fraud, phishing, or trading drugs and weapons.

A free VPN service can work in Kenya, but you won’t enjoy the same privileges you’d get with a premium VPN. For example, free VPNs are extremely slow, which can interfere with your streaming and torrenting activities. Considering how Kenyan ISPs like Safaricom love imposing data caps and speed throttling, there isn’t much you can accomplish.

I recommend using affordable premium VPN services like CyberGhost and PureVPN, which also provide Kenyan servers.

Ready to Enjoy Your Stay in Kenya?

Have you made up your mind about the VPN to choose? ExpressVPN remains my top recommendation for Kenyans.

It offers the fastest speeds, has reliable automatic obfuscation, can unblock geo-locked content, and has excellent security and privacy features to keep you safe online.

If you love how that sounds, grab your discounted ExpressVPN subscription now!

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