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5 Best VPNs for Satellite Internet (Faster Speeds and Security)

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NordVPN’s lightweight NordLynx protocol and global network of ultra-fast servers make it the best VPN for satellite internet.

ExpressVPN is also a worthy contender, considering it still maintains fast speeds on its UDP and TCP protocols.

After reviewing 20+ VPN providers for satellite internet, Surfshark also made the list for allowing unlimited connections without throttling your bandwidth, while PureVPN and Private Internet Access round up the top 5.

So, if you’re having a hard time choosing the best VPN for satellite connections, read on to see why these providers are the best picks.

Top 3 VPNs for Satellite Internet

ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocols are fast even though they still bundle obfuscation across all 3000+ servers in 94 countries. The best premium VPN for satellite internet when the price isn’t a factor.

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nordvpn devices 300x158 1

NordVPN’s NordLynx protocol ensures lesser connection drops on satellite internet across 5400+ servers in 60+ countries. Luckily, you don’t have to trade security for speed with NordVPN.

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Surfshark Devices

Protect unlimited devices on satellite internet with Surfshark’s unlimited connections. Additionally, you get unlimited bandwidth, so your satellite internet is never throttled.

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Satellite internet is characterized by high latency. You can only get around this latency if you pay (an insanely high amount) for ultra-fast satellite internet.

Thus, a VPN may slow the internet speeds even further.

This is why I chose VPNs that have servers optimized for speed like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. While NordVPN and ExpressVPN are faster, Surfshark maintains at least 1Gbps speed on its servers and has them capable of up to 10Gbps.

Besides speed, worthy additions like a kill switch are necessary since VPN connections drop over satellite internet more than regular connections.

So, I recommend continuing with the rest of this guide to find out what makes each VPN unique and find the best one for your satellite internet connection.

Need Better Speeds on Your Satellite Internet Over a VPN? Check My Top VPNs!

You don’t have to sacrifice security for speed when you can get both in good measure. That’s what you get with these five VPN providers.

  • NordVPN – Best value for affordability, speed, and security on satellite internet connections.
  • ExpressVPN – Provides the fastest obfuscation for satellite internet data across 3000+ servers in 94 countries.
  • Surfshark – Protect your satellite internet-connected devices with an ultra-fast network of 3200+ servers optimized for a minimum of 1Gbps speeds.
  • PureVPN – Encrypt your satellite internet connections over a vast library of 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, consisting of dedicated VoIP servers and high-speed streaming servers.
  • PIA – Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and zero speed throttling on thousands of remote servers across 84 countries.

Now that you have an overview of what makes these VPN providers great for satellite internet, you can choose one that best meets your needs.

Furthermore, I compare these VPN providers and highlight specific features that make them suitable for Viasat, Comcast, HughesNet or other satellite internet providers.

Let’s get to it!

Mini-Reviews and Comparisons of the Best VPNs for Satellite Internet

I started my research by reviewing 20+ VPN providers.

Some weren’t up to the task, others lacked core aspects, and some passed nearly all the criteria I laid out for the tests.

Find out how my top 5 VPNs compare against one another to make them the best picks for satellite internet.

NordVPN – Best Overall VPN for Satellite Internet

nordvpn connected to us server

I checked that NordVPN’s collection of 5400+ servers in 60+ countries is fast enough and generates low ping.

That way, you don’t suffer a big speed drop or get connection drops when using satellite internet. Likewise, NordVPN doesn’t throttle your internet bandwidth, so that won’t be a problem, either.

However, NordVPN didn’t fare as well as ExpressVPN on speed

Because ExpressVPN uses obfuscation on all servers, I expected NordVPN to blow it out of the water. You can find the details of this test in the following section.

However, for NordVPN’s price packages, it retains its spot as the best overall. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Besides optimized servers, I wanted to ensure that NordVPN supports WireGuard since this is the fastest protocol with robust security on satellite internet connections. Interestingly, the VPN provider has NordLynx, built on WireGuard, but faster.

nordvpn settings on nordlynx protocol

Only ExpressVPN compares here, as this provider also brings an in-house protocol, which I discuss in its respective review.

But all in all, this means NordVPN won’t cause a massive internet speed drop on Viasat, Comcast or other satellite internet connections.

Now, I know that VPN connections on satellite internet may be unstable. This instability could lead to VPN connection drops, causing IP, DNS, and WebRTC data leaks. Fortunately, NordVPN provides TWO internet kill switches to prevent that from happening.

activating nordvpn internet kill switch features

Besides PIA and NordVPN, no other provider on this list offers two kill switches.

However, perhaps the biggest downside to NordVPN in this test was the lack of port forwarding, which could have helped increase satellite internet speed. Even if it’s by a few milliseconds, the difference adds up.

However, NordVPN isn’t alone here. It’s in the company of Surfshark, which doesn’t offer port forwarding at all, and ExpressVPN, which only brings the feature to its router software.

That leaves PIA and PureVPN as the only providers with port-forwarding, and PIA offers it for free while it’s a paid add-on with PureVPN.

Moving on, I already mentioned how NordVPN is the best overall VPN considering its affordability on top of all the features it brings.

Still, you can use a single subscription on up to six devices, edging out only ExpressVPN on this list (offering five simultaneous connections instead).

Grab these HUGE NordVPN discounts when buying this VPN for your satellite connections.



ExpressVPN – Best for Low Latency and Ping Over Satellite Internet

expressvpn connected to kazakhstan server

ExpressVPN’s collection of 3000+ servers in 94 countries combine with satellite internet protocols for the best connection speeds, even if your satellite can’t naturally use IP spoofing for faster connections.

This is mainly due to a series of in-house ExpressVPN technologies, most notably Lightway, ensuring blazing fast connections.

expressvpn settings for lightway protocol options

What I love the most about ExpressVPN is its support for obfuscation on all servers while still maintaining these high speeds.

That translates to better security on OpenVPN protocols that would have ground your satellite internet to almost a halt on other VPN providers.

The extended country count on ExpressVPN also gives you a higher chance of unblocking content anywhere over your satellite internet connection.

This will come in handy for cruise ship travelers, remote area workers, and other personnel who rely on satellite internet far away from their homes.

In comparison, only PIA comes close with servers in 84 countries.

Furthermore, it’s already evident that ExpressVPN doesn’t substitute security for speed.

For example, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider uses RAM-only servers to enforce a strict no-logs policy.

You also get the Network Lock, ExpressVPN’s kill switch, to prevent IP/DNS leaks whenever the connection drops.

expressvpn network lock settings

Though, for the price, I would expect it to offer port forwarding for improved security and even better speeds.

Unfortunately, you can only get port forwarding on the router app.

expressvpn port forwarding on router app

And you can only use the router app if you have a compatible router. 

So, setting up port forwarding on ExpressVPN could get expensive if you don’t have the right router.

To ExpressVPN’s credit, its port forwarding comes with all subscriptions rather than as a paid add-on.

That’s more than I can say for PureVPN, one of two other providers offering port forwarding on this list.

If you’re ready to get started with ExpressVPN, you now know everything that goes into its relatively higher pricing model.

Fortunately, we have these ExpressVPN discounts you can enjoy on top of a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Surfshark – Best for Unlimited Users Over Satellite Internet

opening surfshark app

I included Surfshark partially because it allows you to connect unlimited devices on Viasat, HughesNet or other satellite internet providers without bandwidth throttling.

This is a dream on cruise ship trips or remote server connections with many clients using satellite internet.

On top of that, Surfshark’s impressive server library of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries beat ExpressVPN in terms of server count and NordVPN in country count.

Still, you should know that Surfshark isn’t as fast as those two.

That doesn’t mean you get a slow internet connection since the provider adds up to 10Gbps speed capacity to individual servers.

surfshark setting on wireguard protocol

Surfshark also offers the basic WireGuard protocol for better speeds and security over satellite connections.

I’d have preferred it if it also personalized this protocol for better speed like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

kill switch setting on surfshark

Fortunately, a kill switch is up there with the basic security features on Surfshark. So, rest assured that whenever you lose the VPN connection, your device automatically stops transmitting data to the internet.

I also found an impressive and exclusive side feature: NoBorders mode.

noborders advanced security setting on surfshark

I’m concerned about bypassing geo-restriction since satellite internet users could be on the sea or other remote locations, so this feature works quite nicely. It kicks in to unblock content whenever it notices any geoblocks.

While other VPN providers are also great at unblocking content, I like that this feature doesn’t require changing servers to get the content I want.

Finally, Surfshark is in the same camp as NordVPN, not offering port forwarding. It doesn’t even do it partially as ExpressVPN manages, so don’t go for this VPN provider with that expectation.

Thankfully, for the fantastic features Surfshark offers to support satellite internet technologies, it’s still one of the most affordable VPN providers on this list.

You can also save more with Surfshark’s discount deals with a 30-day refund guarantee to freely test the VPN.



PureVPN – Large Server Library to Get Low Satellite Pings

purevpn connected on us server

PureVPN is the first VPN provider to offer port forwarding on this list.

So, suppose you’ve been looking forward to using that feature to save some extra milliseconds from your satellite signals.

In that case, this is one of the two VPNs to consider.

However, note that this feature is a paid add-on with PureVPN, unlike ExpressVPN and PIA. That said, port forwarding isn’t the only thing this provider is good at.

PureVPN boasts 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, so you can always rest assured you’ll find one closer to the satellite from which you’re getting your internet. The proximity of your server to the satellite can help you with lower pings (since the satellite can read your IP address), resulting in faster speeds.

servers ping values on purevpn
PureVPN showing ping values on all servers

Of course, ExpressVPN offers servers in more countries, but PureVPN maintains over twice the servers ExpressVPN has.

Though, PureVPN doesn’t provide such fast obfuscation as ExpressVPN, making the latter’s offering twice as valuable.

Luckily, all PureVPN’s servers work with WireGuard for fast speeds without cutting corners on security. Again, I would have preferred an in-house protocol built on WireGuard, especially for a VPN provider of this standing.

selecting wireguard protocol on purevpn settings

Thankfully, some of these servers are also virtual, so you can connect to a farther country (slower speeds) via a faster location (such as the USA), ensuring decent connection speeds.

purevpn virtual server locations prompt

But that’s not all I love about the PureVPN servers.

Employing a smart purpose selection, you can choose dedicated streaming servers on PureVPN to stream content.

You won’t be getting 4K content over your satellite-VPN model anytime soon, but you’ll have decent quality to stream preferred content online.

purevpn streaming voip servers

On top of that are VoIP-supported servers to make calls over the internet. These will come in handy when making internet-enabled calls over satellite from countries like Qatar, where VoIP services are banned.

As if that’s not enough, PureVPN is the ONLY other provider (besides ExpressVPN) on this list that allows you to request a server in any physical location you want. This further personalizes the experience to get even lower latency and ping, resulting in better speeds.

vpn server request feature on purevpn

Furthermore, an automatic kill switch interrupts your internet connection once you’re disconnected from secure servers.

Combined with PureVPN’s no logs policy, you never have to worry about any of your sensitive internet data falling into the wrong hands.

activating iks on purevpn general settings

You’d expect a VPN with such exciting features to be highly expensive, but PureVPN is affordable. It even allows up to ten simultaneous connections on every subscription, so you enjoy protection across multiple devices on your X2nSat, Viasat or other satellite network connections.

purevpn pricing

When choosing PureVPN, take advantage of these HUGE savings that we offer.



Private Internet Access – Reliable Port Forwarding Over Satellite Internet

private internet access connected to us server

Private Internet Access omits its server count, even when prompted through live chat support.

My guess is the provider is adding a lot more servers, so they need to finish up before surprising us with a number.

After all, the service had one of the most extensive server counts before taking the number down.

activating wireguard protocol on private internet access vpn

Still, you get access to remote server locations in 84 countries where you can connect to satellite internet for the lowest ping and fastest speeds. On top of that is the WireGuard protocol to help you with better speeds when you connect to the web.

activating kill switch feature on private internet access vpn

I’m also impressed with PIA offering a kill switch right in the mobile and PC apps. In fact, it’s the only provider on this list to use a mobile VPN kill switch for iOS, whereas the others simply build it into the system.

With this kill switch, you stay secure over satellite connections when the VPN connection drops (due to the high latency and low bandwidth of satellite connections).

It gets better with the kill switches. Besides NordVPN, only PIA offers another customizable kill switch but only for PCs.

Instead of an app kill switch, the second PIA offering stops your devices from reaching the internet even when the VPN isn’t on.

That way, you never mistakenly interact with the internet over your satellite internet connection before first tunneling the online traffic through a VPN.

PIA is also one of the fastest VPN providers on this list.

It won’t consistently manage the speeds that ExpressVPN and NordVPN boast on most of their servers, but PIA’s servers are optimized for up to 10Gbps.

selecting port forwarding request on private internet access settings

Speaking of speed, PIA has one of the most reliable and fastest port forwarding features. The best part is that PIA offers port forwarding for free on every subscription plan.

I even chatted with customer support to confirm this.

Although PIA isn’t on the level of Surfshark with unlimited device connections, it fares better than most on this list with up to 10 simultaneous device connections.

Coupled with the unlimited bandwidth promise, you can secure multiple devices and users over the satellite internet connection without further speed drops.

On top of that, you get PIA discounts to save more on your subscription.



How to Choose the Best VPNs for Satellite Internet? (Tests and Criteria)

I understand that most satellite internet services feature low bandwidth and high latency values, going against how a VPN works.

This is the first major issue with satellite internet connection speeds when layered over a VPN. So, I chose

  • VPNs with servers optimized for speed
  • VPNs with the WireGuard (or equivalent) protocol for better speeds
  • Providers with port forwarding to help with better connection speed
  • VPN services that don’t compromise on security

With that criteria sheet, let’s look more in-depth.


Choose VPNs that aren’t only optimized for speed but will also maintain faster speeds even on harsh protocols. Otherwise, the connection drops over satellite connections will be disruptive to your internet usage.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN are clear in the VPN speed debate from the VPNs I chose. Furthermore, ExpressVPN is faster on most days, and that’s impressive because all ExpressVPN’s servers offer obfuscation.

The rest of the bunch are also very fast in their own rights, and server speeds can be seen in the table below.

VPN Provider Server Speed Bandwidth
Surfshark Up to 10Gbps Unlimited
PureVPN Up to 20Gbps Unlimited
PIA Up to 10Gbps Unlimited

Port Forwarding

You can get your internet working faster if you set up port forwarding correctly over your satellite internet. Sadly, not all these VPN providers offer port forwarding, but you can get it on PIA for free!

The table below shows what VPN providers on this list offer port forwarding.

VPN Provider Port Forwarding Extra Notes
NordVPN No -
ExpressVPN Yes Only available on the router app
Surfshark No -
PureVPN Yes Paid add-on
PIA Yes Free (part of the subscription)

However, port forwarding isn’t such a big deal breaker for satellite connections over VPN. As long as the providers are optimized for speed and don’t cut corners on security, you’re good to go.

Server Locations

Always choose VPNs with extensive server locations so you can:

  • Unblock geo-restricted content seamlessly over satellite internet
  • Have increased chances of finding a close remote server to reduce your VPN connection latency and ping
  • Encrypt your internet connection without losing too much speed
  • Enjoy VPN security without getting overcrowded on servers

Here’s the server count for the VPN providers that made this list.

VPN Provider Servers Locations Countries
NordVPN 5400+ - 60+
ExpressVPN 3000+ 160 94
Surfshark 3200+ - 65+
PureVPN 6500+ 96+ 78+
PIA Undisclosed - 84

Multi-Platform Support

The best VPNs for satellite internet should allow you to encrypt the satellite connection over your

  • Personal computers (Mac, Linux, and Windows)
  • Mobile devices (Blackberry, Android, and iOS)

There’s more, but I doubt you’ll be streaming resource-intensive content and games with your satellite internet anytime soon. If you pay for high-speed satellite internet, though, make sure your VPN also supports

  • Smart TV sets
  • Gaming consoles (PlayStation and Xbox)

Multi-User Support

You can get better value for the VPN price when it supports multiple simultaneous connections without capping your bandwidth.

Out of my preferred VPNs for satellite internet, Surfshark takes the crown by working on unlimited devices without throttling your internet connection.

Check the table below for a complete overview of how many simultaneous devices you can secure over a satellite connection with these VPNs.

VPN Provider Simultaneous Connections
ExpressVPN 5
NordVPN 6
Surfshark Unlimited
PureVPN 10
PIA 10


Even though my focus was speed, make sure your chosen VPNs don’t sacrifice security to get there.

The VPN providers on this list offer WireGuard, blending the fastest speeds with above-average security. In fact, ExpressVPN and NordVPN built faster protocols to replace WireGuard without compromising security.

There’s also a higher chance of VPN connection drops due to compatibility issues with satellite internet. So, you need an automatic kill switch to prevent IP, DNS, and Web RTC data leaks whenever that happens.

Here’s how my chosen VPN providers fared in this category.

VPN Provider Types of Kill Switches Devices
NordVPN Internet kill switch; App kill switch PC, Android
ExpressVPN Network Lock PC, Android
Surfshark Internet kill switch PC, Android
PureVPN Internet Kill switch PC, Android, iOS
PIA Internet kill switch; VPN Kill switch PC, Android, iOS

Why Does Satellite Internet Services Conflict With a VPN Connection?

Satellite internet and VPNs work on conflicting bandwidth-latency configurations, resulting in up to 70% speed loss and connection drops when used together. This makes setting up a VPN on satellite internet systems challenging unless ultra-fast (and highly expensive) satellite internet connections are in play.

Satellite internet services tend toward high latency and low bandwidth, which is already a recipe for slow internet. On the other hand, VPNs work best with low latency and high bandwidth networks.

This configuration difference causes incompatibility between most VPN service providers and satellite internet.

How to Use a VPN for Satellite Internet?

The following guides show you how to use a VPN with a satellite internet service on PC and mobile.

Use VPNs With Satellite Internet on a PC

After connecting your PC to the satellite internet network, do the following:

  1. Buy a VPN subscription. I used ExpressVPN in my example.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN PC app.
  3. Launch the app, click the hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner, and select “Options.”
selecting options on expressvpn pc app
  1. Under “Protocol,” choose either “Automatic” or “Lightway (UDP).” Click “OK.”
selecting protocol settings on expressvpn
  1. Select the three dots close to the displayed location on the main app page.
locating three dots settings on expressvpn for more server options
  1. Search for a preferred location. Click to connect.

Use VPNs With Satellite Internet on Mobile

I’ll use an iOS device for this guide, but the instructions remain the same for Android units.

  1. Buy a VPN subscription. I used ExpressVPN for this example too.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN mobile app from your App Store/Google Play Store.
  3. Launch the app and select “Options” in the lower right corner.
  1. Tap “Settings.”
  1. Tap “VPN Protocol.”
  1. Select “Lightway (UDP)” or leave it set to “Automatic.”
  1. Tap VPN to return to the home screen.
  1. Click the big connection button or choose a preferred server location on the app home screen.
  2. You can now enjoy ExpressVPN over your satellite internet connection.

What to Do When a VPN Isn’t Working With Satellite Internet? (Troubleshooting Guide)

If your VPN drops satellite internet connections, won’t connect, is very slow on satellite internet, or shows other issues, this troubleshooting guide will help.

Choose a Reliable VPN

If you’re hard-pressed for a reliable VPN for satellite internet, choose NordVPN.

I’ve stressed throughout this piece that not all VPNs will work well (or at all) with satellite internet, which is why I had to cut down the 20+ VPNs I tested to a final list of five.

Try Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are much lighter than VPN apps, so they don’t put as much drag on your internet speeds. Likewise, this ensures the VPN only works within your browser rather than affects the internet speeds on all PC programs/apps.

However, I recommend the VPN app since it’s the one that provides you with a kill switch, choice of protocol, secure encryption, and other valuable features for satellite internet.

Change the VPN Protocol

I recommend you NEVER use obfuscated servers (or OpenVPN protocol, depending on your VPN provider) with satellite internet.

The only exception here is ExpressVPN, which offers this feature on all its fast servers.

While WireGuard is the best for speeds, you can also use SSL VPN protocols (called SSTP), mimicking the basic HTTPS protocol, to get better speeds.

The downside is that this SSL VPN protocol has never been audited, and its code was never released, so it might contain backdoors.

Likewise, it’s native to Windows, but PureVPN found a way to offer it for other OSes. There may be some compatibility issues, but it’s worth seeing if it works.

Choose Another Server

Perhaps the server you chose is far away, so the high ping value messes with your satellite internet connection speeds.

You can check ping values by:

  • Performing a speed test with a free tool like Ookla once connected to the server
  • Check for ping values inside VPN apps

I like that PureVPN, PIA, and Surfshark allow you to see the ping values of each server BEFORE you connect, but you’ll only get that on the PC app.

Use these values to determine which is the best overall server.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use a VPN like NordVPN with HugesNet to reduce the server lags and latency associated with VPN-satellite connections.

NordVPN also improves your internet data security over HughesNet while allowing you to unblock content and bypass geo-restrictions.

A VPN like ExpressVPN is optimized for speed to produce low ping and latency values over satellite internet. Likewise, ultra-fast satellite internet users may never notice the connection drops with a fast VPN like ExpressVPN.

Some VPNs like ExpressVPN and PureVPN are an excellent match for Viasat, offering improved connection speeds and an extensive server library to connect from. PureVPN also gives you information on all server ping values to choose the right server in a preferred location for your Viasat connection.

You don’t need a VPN for satellite phones. Still, you can use fast VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN over your satellite internet connection.

The preferred VPN for satellite internet should combine security with high speeds and an internet kill switch to help avoid leaks from connection drops.

NordVPN is an excellent VPN to maintain secure connections over decent satellite speeds in Australia. The VPN provider is optimized for speed on all local Australian servers, provides an ultra-fast global server network, and secures your satellite internet connection.

NordVPN will work with Viasat over its lightweight, fast NordLynx protocol which doesn’t sacrifice security for speed. NordVPN will also allow Viasat users to monitor connection drops and prevent IP/DNS/WebRTC data leaks.

Starlink users will get the best value from ExpressVPN or NordVPN, both optimized for ultra-fast speeds with their respective in-house protocols.

These VPN providers also allow for simultaneous device connections without throttling bandwidth.

You should use a VPN with Starlink if you’re concerned about your internet data privacy and security. Otherwise, your IP/DNS/Web RTC data and your internet activity can be collected and logged by the satellite.

However, you need to choose an ultra-fast yet secure VPN like NordVPN to get the best experience over a VPN service.

You can use NordVPN with Starlink with NordLynx protocol for fast speeds and decent tunneling security. You should also enable the NordVPN internet kill switch, interrupting the Starlink connection once your NordVPN connection drops.

Don’t Trade Security for Speed

You shouldn’t fall into the trap of free VPNs and proxy services offering speed over protection. They steal your data and sometimes ship malware onto your device.

With NordVPN’s NordLynx technology available over 5400+ servers in 60+ countries, you get faster satellite internet speeds over your VPN connection. NordVPN also brings you a kill switch to prevent satellite internet data leaks while allowing up to six simultaneous device connections.

If you’re ready to secure your satellite internet connection, grab these limited-time NordVPN exclusive deals to save more on your subscription.

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