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Does Atlas VPN Work in Ukraine?

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Atlas VPN works in Ukraine to boost internet security when connected to Ukrainian ISPs like Astelit or public Wi-Fi networks.

You can also unblock geo-restricted content and get around censorship.

That said, there aren’t any Ukrainian servers.

In this piece, I’ll explain how to use and unblock geo-restricted content in Ukraine, reasons to use Atlas VPN, and alternative Virtual Private Networks that work in Ukraine.

How to Use Atlas VPN in Ukraine?

Follow these steps to use Atlas VPN in Ukraine:

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN plan.
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Download the Atlas VPN app for your device.
compatible devices on atlas vpn
  1. Launch the app, then tap “Existing user? Log in.”
atlasvpn log in
  1. Fill in the e-mail address associated with your account, then click “Log in.” You will receive a device sign-in confirmation to your e-mail address.
locating atlasvpn log-in button
  1. Tap the appropriate server, and Atlas VPN will connect automatically. I’ll pick the UK for this example.
atlasvpn location servers
  1. Unblock Russian content like rbc.ru in Ukraine and enjoy your favorite show.
atlasvpn russian content

Why Use Atlas VPN in Ukraine?

Atlas VPN is among the best VPNs that work in Ukraine. Here’s why:

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Atlas VPN allows unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can catch up on your favorite Peacock TV shows while your sibling watches Hulu in Ukraine.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS Leak Protection helps prevent Ukrainian ISPs like life Astelit from monitoring your online activities by encrypting your DNS traffic and sending it to a secure DNS server. Atlas VPN has DNS leak protection built-in, so your DNS queries are safe and secure.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature that allows you to secure some of your device’s Apps through a VPN while other Apps go through your regular, unsecured connection.

It can be helpful if you want to watch Tschiller: Off Duty movie banned in Ukraine or keep your web browsing private while listening to Jamala songs in an unsecured connection.

Internet Kill Switch

The Internet Kill Switch prevents the internet from connecting if the VPN connection is lost. This function is essential if you want to remain anonymous online, as it ensures your real IP doesn’t leak to Fregat TV Ltd, Lifecell, Kyivstar, LanCom Ltd, or the Ukrainian government.

No-Logs Policy

Atlas VPN doesn’t keep any logs of your online activity. This feature is vital since your data isn’t stored anywhere and can’t be traced back to you, so no one can get log information from media workers in Ukraine and hand it to the Russian government.

Public Support for Ukraine

This VPN Provider declared its support for Ukrainian journalists and media workers by providing free access to its VPN services to journalists working there.

This guarantees that Ukrainian journalists and media workers have full protection and privacy while working online in Ukraine.

Best VPN Alternatives for Ukraine

If Atlas VPN isn’t your cup of tea, other VPNs work in Ukraine. I recommend ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PureVPN as my best substitute. Below are the reasons:


streaming 1+1 with expressvpn on ukraine server

ExpressVPN provides you with a Ukrainian IP address and circumvents Internet Service Provider’s monitoring by automatically adding obfuscation.

This feature helps increase your privacy by making it more difficult for your ISP or Ukrainian government to detect you’re using a VPN and track your online activity.

ExpressVPN also has over 3000 servers in 94 nations, with one in Ukraine, unlike Atlas VPN. It gives users a pool of server choices to help unblock local and international content on Hulu.


streaming zattoo with nordvpn on ukraine server

NordVPN has over 5200 servers in 59 countries, with 14 Ukrainian servers to help you get a Ukrainian IP address for accessing local content and services like mobile banking apps.

NordVPN also offers dedicated IP addresses, unlike ExpressVPN and Atlas VPN.

It helps boost your security and speed while watching your favorite Ukrainian Netflix show because your internet traffic won’t have to share an IP address with other users.


streaming news with purevpn on ukraine server

PureVPN has over 6500 servers in over 78 countries, including Ukraine, and allows up to ten simultaneous connections. This means you can stream live Ukranian news from your tablet while chatting on Omechat with new friends.

PureVPN also has split tunneling for Windows and Android, unlike Atlas VPN, which only supports this feature in Android. Split tunneling allows you to ensure your bank Apps are protected through VPN while others remain unprotected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch Ukrainian TV using Atlas VPN. This service provider allows you to unblock Ukrainian TV channels and stay connected to your favorite shows while you are abroad. However, as there’s no Ukraine IP, you’ll need to connect to servers in another country. I recommend the US or Australia.

It is legal to use Atlas VPN in Ukraine since there are no restrictions on using VPNs in Ukraine. You can even get a premium account for free if you’re a journalist in Ukraine. However, you should still follow local and international laws.

Connect to Atlas VPN Today in Ukraine

I recommend AtlasVPN for Ukraine, given its internet kill switch, no-logs policy, and other necessary security features for Ukrainians.

That said, Atlas VPN doesn’t offer servers for Ukraine. If that’s a requirement, I recommend NordVPN instead, which offers 14 Ukrainian servers.

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