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How to Use CyberGhost With qBittorrent?

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The primary way to use CyberGhost with qBittorrent is to connect to the VPN’s server before launching the torrent client or downloading over it.

You can step it up by binding the VPN client to qBittorrent for extra security.

The correct CyberGhost-qBittorrent setup ensures you can unblock all torrent sites to download large files without bandwidth throttling or nasty copyright notices.

So, let me show you how to set up the connection.

Hint: CyberGhost has servers optimized for qBittorrent!

How to Set Up CyberGhost With qBittorrent?

Setting up CyberGhost for qBittorrent is as easy as connecting to a VPN server. 

However, you must know how to choose the correct server and other settings for optimal performance.

Here’s a stepwise guide:

  1. Get a CyberGhost subscription. You can save more with these exclusive discounts.
  2. Download the CyberGhost app to your PC. I’ll grab its Windows app for this demonstration.
get cyberghost vpn
  1. Install and launch the CyberGhost app.
  2. Log in with your account credentials.
  3. Click the “Settings” icon to expand your options.
locating cyberghost settings gear
  1. Click “CyberGhost VPN,” then choose “WireGuard” under “VPN protocol.” WireGuard ensures fast torrent downloads without exposing your data.
selecting wireguard protocol on cyberghost
  1. Keep the “MTU Size” set to “Auto.”
  2. Click the CyberGhost VPN icon, then click “Privacy settings.”
locating privacy settings on cyberghost
  1. Toggle “Block content” to keep malicious ads on torrent websites at bay. It can also protect you from adware on some torrent websites.
enable all privacy settings on cyberghost
  1. Enable “Prevent DNS leaks” to ensure you’ll only browse over CyberGhost’s DNS nameservers. Otherwise, your torrent activity may still leak to Verizon, AT&T, or any ISP you use.
  2. Toggle “Automatic Kill-Switch” on to prevent accidental data leaks if the VPN loses the server connection.
  3. Click “For Torrenting.” This opens a list of CyberGhost’s servers optimized for fast and secure torrent downloads.
locating for torrenting servers on cyberghost
  1. Connect to a preferred server. I’ll recommend nearby servers, which you can sort by the estimated distances to your location.
  2. Once connected, test for leaks. I recommend using an independent tool, not CyberGhost’s internal leak checkers. I’ll use the Surfshark leak checkers for this example.
    1. DNS leak test
surfshark dns leak checker for cyberghost
    1. IP Leak test
surfshark ip leak checker for cyberghost
  1. If cleared on all checks, download or launch qBittorrent. NEVER launch qBittorrent before connecting to CyberGhost.
  2. Add a torrent to qBittorrent. You can manually add magnet links or unblock torrent websites like The Pirate Bay to find preferred files.
open qbittorrent with cyberghost on algeria server
  1. Enjoy your fast downloads on qBittorrent.
qbittorrent download performance with cyberghost on algeria server

How to Bind the CyberGhost VPN to qBittorrent?

CyberGhost has a kill switch designed to cut off connections to programs like qBittorrent if the VPN connection randomly fails. But it’s better to be extra safe and bind the torrent client such that it only ever downloads on the VPN.

Here’s how to make that happen:

  1. Get your CyberGhost subscription. These discounts will help you save massively.
  2. Repeat steps 2-14 from above.
  3. Click the Settings icon in qBittorrent or go via Tools > Options.
locating tools options on qbittorrent
  1. Click “Advanced,” then click the dropdown menu in front of “Network interface.”
selecting any interface on qbittorrent network interface settings
  1. Click the CyberGhost network interface. In this case, it’s aptly named “CyberGhost-WireGuard-4.”
selecting cyberghost wireguard on qbittorrent
  1. Click “Apply,” then “OK.”
  2. Return to the qBittorrent homepage to add new torrents or continue existing torrent downloads.

To test if the VPN binding works, do these:

  1. Pause current downloads, if any, on qBittorrent. Do this by right-clicking on the download and selecting “Pause.”
locating pause button on qbittorrent with cyberghost on algeria server
  1. Disconnect from the CyberGhost server.
paused downloads on qbittorrent while disconnecting cyberghost
  1. Attempt to start any or all of your qBittorrent downloads.
  2. A “Stalled” message shows that the download won’t commence. This indicates successful binding.
stalled status on qbittorrent
  1. Otherwise, repeat the steps above to bind your CyberGhost VPN to the torrent client.

Can’t Find CyberGhost-qBittorrent Interface? (2 Tips)

Successfully binding CyberGhost to qBittorrent requires knowing the correct network interface for CyberGhost. Otherwise, you risk binding to the wrong interface, which may cause leaks or prevent your files from downloading.

Here are a few tips for finding the proper interface:

Method #1 – Check for New qBittorrent Interfaces

The network interface section on qBittorrent should add new interfaces once CyberGhost is connected.

any interface on qbittorrent

So, check the interface panel before and after connecting to CyberGhost.

Often, the more recent addition is CyberGhost’s.

Method #2 – Check Your Wi-Fi Ethernet Connection Area

Some operating systems may show you the network interfaces you’re connected to alongside your internet network. So, connect to a CyberGhost server and hover on your connection notification icon to reveal all the interfaces you’re using.

cyberghost connected to wireguard protocol while on morocco server

In this case, my network interface is “CyberGhost-WireGuard-6.”

How to Test Your CyberGhost-qBittorrent Security?

It’s essential to test your CyberGhost-qBittorrent security and connection before heavy torrenting. Otherwise, you’ll erroneously assume privacy while leaking tons of data to your ISP, copyright trolls like Malibu Media, and other authorities.

Thankfully, most of these tests can be done in under five minutes and require no technical know-how.

My favorite tests remain:

  • The IP leak test: to ensure copyright trolls can’t identify you by your IP address in a torrent swarm.
  • Wireshark test (optional): to ensure even your ISP doesn’t see you using a qBittorrent client.
  • VPN binding test: to ensure you’re bound to the VPN interface, not leaking data outside the VPN tunnel.

Learn more in this straightforward guide to these tests that you can adapt for CyberGhost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CyberGhost’s torrenting servers are faster on qBittorrent as they’re optimized to allow larger bandwidth to pass through them. Hence, you can share them with multiple other CyberGhost users to securely torrent anonymously without suffering speed losses and lag.

It’s best to pair these servers with the WireGuard protocol and ensure you download files with a higher ratio of seeders to leeches.

CyberGhost doesn’t offer split tunneling for qBittorrent. Hence, making it impossible to pass only qBittorrent traffic through the VPN while other programs use the unencrypted internet.

Ghost Copyright Trolls!

CyberGhost makes it such that copyright trolls, ISPs, or snoops lurking around your qBittorrent activity will only ever see a puff of smoke leading nowhere.

This gives you the complete anonymity to grab all the files you want on any network without looking over your shoulder.

And if you want to unblock The Pirate Bay, 1337x, NYAA, or any other top torrent website, CyberGhost’s 9000+ servers are equal to the task.

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