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How to Use PrivateVPN With qBittorrent?

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The best way to use PrivateVPN for qBittorrent is to connect to the VPN server before downloading any torrent/magnet file.

You can boost your PrivateVPN-qBittorrent security by binding the PrivateVPN interface to the torrent client. However, you might need help finding the PrivateVPN interface so you don’t leak your torrent activities to ISPs, copyright trolls, and other authorities.

I’ll discuss the best PrivateVPN setup for qBittorrent, how to get the fastest download speeds, and how to successfully bind the client below.

How to Setup PrivateVPN for qBittorrent?

You should download the PrivateVPN app and configure it correctly for secure downloads on qBittorrent from anywhere. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Buy a PrivateVPN subscription. Grab these discounts for savings.
privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download the PrivateVPN PC app. I’ll grab the Windows PC app for this demonstration.
  2. Install the app and launch it.
  3. Log in to the app with your credentials.
privatevpn log in
  1. Optional: If you’re in the simple view, click “Advanced View.”
privatevpn advanced view button
  1. Click “Connection Guard,” then toggle “DNS Leak Protection” and “Kill Switch.”
privatevpn connection guard options
  1. If your connection supports IPv6, toggle “IPv6 Leak Protection.”
  2. Click “Dashboard,” then “Change.”
privatevpn dashboard
  1. Browse the server list and choose anyone for torrenting. I recommend servers close to your location as they’ll give you the best performance.
privatevpn servers
  1. Optional: Choose from the “Dedicated IP” servers for even more privacy.
  2. On the dashboard, click “Connection Type” and choose “OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) (Default).”
privatevpn openvpn udp protocol
  1. Choose “’AES-256-GCM” under “OpenVPN Encryption.”
privatevpn openvpn encryption options
  1. Click “Connect Now” to connect to the server.
  2. Once connected, test for leaks. I recommend www.ipleak.net to ensure you’re now browsing with the VPN-assigned IP address.
  3. If there are no leaks, open your qBittorrent app.
  4. Add a torrent to the client. You can also use PrivateVPN to bypass censorship of The Pirate Bay, 1337x, and other notable torrent websites.
  5. Start downloading securely with the VPN active.
torrenting with privatevpn on france server

How to Setup PrivateVPN Port Forwarding for qBittorrent?

PrivateVPN’s free port forwarding on all servers can help you boost torrent speeds and improve seeding on the VPN. More on the speed part later.

For now, here’s how to forward ports from PrivateVPN to qBittorrent:

  1. Launch the PrivateVPN app.
  2. Search and connect to any server.
  3. Wait for the connection confirmation.
privatevpn port forwarding
  1. Wait for the port number to show up. This can take between 0-20 seconds.
  2. Copy the port number and note it somewhere.
  3. Launch qBittorrent.
  4. Access the settings.
qbittorrent connection options
  1. Click “Connection.”
  2. Enter the PrivateVPN port number in front of “Port used for incoming connections:” In my case, that’s “61628.”
  3. Keep “Peer connection protocol:” at “UTP and TCP.”
  4. Keep “Use UPnP/NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router” checked.
  5. Click “Apply,” then “OK.”
  6. Start downloading and seeding torrents with better speeds.

How to Bind PrivateVPN to qBittorrent?

Binding PrivateVPN to qBittorrent works like an extra kill switch, ensuring the torrent client won’t download if PrivateVPN isn’t active. This ensures you’re not sending torrent-related traffic directly through your ISP, where authorities and copyright trolls can pick it up.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Connect to PrivateVPN. You can follow the setup guide above to connect appropriately to the VPN.
  2. Launch qBittorrent.
  3. Go to Settings. You can click the settings cog or go through Tools > Options.
qbittorrent tools options
  1. Click “Advanced,” then click the dropdown menu in front of “Network interface.”
qbittorrent network interface options
  1. Select the PrivateVPN network interface. If you don’t know which it is, follow the guide below.
qbittorrent network interfaces
  1. Click “Apply,” then “OK.”
  2. Return to the qBittorrent dashboard to add torrents or continue downloading added torrents.

How to Find the PrivateVPN Network Interface in qBittorrent?

Finding the correct PrivateVPN network interface to bind to qBittorrent is crucial. Otherwise, you risk downloading via an exposed network interface or your qBittorrent not working.

I’ve described two simple methods to find the network interface below:

Check Your System Connections

The PrivateVPN network interface should only become active after connecting to its server. Hence, you can find which one it is by investigating what “strange” interfaces you see in the torrent client.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to PrivateVPN and connect to any server.
  2. Go to your device’s network settings. Search for “Network status” on Windows and click to open it.
windows os network status
  1.  Click “Network and Sharing Center.”
windows os network and sharing center
  1. You’ll see the name of the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to, then the PrivateVPN network interface.
windows active networks
  1. Go to qBittorrent and bind the client to that interface.
qbittorrent advanced settings

Check Your Connection Notification

Your PC has a connection notification bar that confirms what Wi-Fi or ethernet network(s) you’re connected to.

Once you connect to a PrivateVPN server, it should also show you the connection interface.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Connect to PrivateVPN.
  2. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  3. Hover on your Wi-Fi or ethernet connection icon.
windows wifi connections
  1. Note your connection name and the interface name.
  2. Choose that interface in qBittorrent.

How to Test Your PrivateVPN-qBittorrent Security?

A simple misstep during the PrivateVPN setup for qBittorrent can cause your activities to leak to copyright trolls, your ISP, network admin, or anyone else on the other side of your connection.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to test your setup to ensure that never happens.

Testing the VPN Binding

If the VPN binding works correctly, you shouldn’t be able to download anything without the VPN active.

So, here’s how best to test it:

  1. Bind PrivateVPN to qBittorrent as described above.
  2. Disconnect from your PrivateVPN server if connected.
  3. Add a test torrent file to qBittorrent. You can search for test torrents online.
  4. You should see a “Stalled” download message if the binding works.
qbittorrent stalled download

But that’s just one part of the VPN binding test. This shows that the torrent client won’t download on ALL interfaces. But how sure are we that it’s bound to the PrivateVPN interface?

Continue with the steps below to find out:

  1. Connect to any PrivateVPN server.
  2. Start the test torrent download again (if it doesn’t start by itself).
  3. You’re correctly bound to the PrivateVPN network interface if the download works.

IP Leak Test

You may not know that qBittorrent logs the IP addresses of users downloading a torrent file. Hence, copyright trolls can join the torrent swarm to record all these IPs, then subpoena the issuing internet service provider to reveal who’s behind those addresses.

That’s why it’s essential to not leak your actual IP address when using qBittorrent.

How sure can you be? These steps can help:

  1. Ensure you’re not downloading anything on qBittorrent.
  2. Launch PrivateVPN.
  3. Connect to a random PrivateVPN server. I’ll use the Belgium – Brussels server for this example.
privatevpn connected to belgium server
  1. Wait for the connection confirmation, then go to a leak test site. I recommend www.ipleak.net.
privatevpn ipleak test on belgium server
  1. Check if the IP address on the leak test site matches that on the PrivateVPN app.

You’re not leaking IP/DNS requests if the IP addresses match. 

Otherwise, disconnect from the server and reconnect, then repeat the test.

How to Boost qBittorrent Download Speeds With PrivateVPN?

VPNs reduce network speeds, but PrivateVPN is optimized for speed. 

However, the wrong setup or connection choices could give you less-than-ideal download speeds.

So, use these tips to maximize your download speed:

Choose Nearby Servers

Nearby servers ensure your internet traffic doesn’t have to travel a long distance to get encrypted. Hence, reducing the latency and lag you’ll get on that server.

privatevpn server pings

Luckily, PrivateVPN even lets you see the server ping on all its servers. 

That way, you can choose the one with the slightest ping – usually nearer your location.

Choose the Right Protocol

Many people believe that the PPTP or L2TP should be faster than OpenVPN. 

I tested this, and PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN protocol was just 2Mbps off.

privatevpn speed test on openvpn protocol

Considering the higher chance of leaks on PPTP and L2TP, OpenVPN is the faster protocol without sacrificing security and privacy.

Choose the Right Torrents

The right torrents are those with a higher ratio of seeders to leeches. 

Otherwise, you’ll get poor qBittorrent download speeds, even with faster network bandwidth available.

In short, seeders are other users uploading files to downloaders (leeches). 

So, it’s reasonable that there should be more seeders if you’re looking for faster downloads.

torrents seeding and leeching information

Fortunately, top torrent websites like The Pirate Bay allow you to see the number of seeders and leeches on a file before you grab it.

Setup Port Forwarding

PrivateVPN allows port forwarding on all its servers, which you can use to boost your torrent download speeds.

While port forwarding itself isn’t a speed booster, it increases your chances of connecting to a peer on the torrent network. Hence, giving you more options (seeders) to download from than someone without the setting enabled.

Follow the port forwarding guide above to set this up.

Notable Drawbacks While Using qBittorrent With PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is an ideal VPN for qBittorrent, as you can already see. 

However, it lacks in some areas, which may mean extra download, privacy, security, or setup options.

Here they are, and I’ve included the best alternatives for each section.

Split Tunnelling

PrivateVPN doesn’t have split tunneling, which would have made it possible to route only qBittorrent over the VPN.

You may need this in school or work where you want other apps/programs to bypass the VPN while only qBittorrent works with PrivateVPN. Likewise, split tunneling ensures a slight download boost since you can reserve all the server bandwidth for qBittorrent rather than share it with other programs.

privatevpn split tunneling

Private Internet Access is a close alternative if this is a big deal. 

Besides split tunneling, it also offers free port forwarding like PrivateVPN.

Only One Protocol

Only the PrivateVPN OpenVPN protocol is reliable for qBittorrent.

While it also has L2TP and PTPP, I won’t recommend those if you’re concerned about privacy and security.

In fact, most reliable VPN providers I’ve tested have phased these protocols out due to their security flaws.

Lacks SOCKS5 Proxy

SOCKS5 proxy shouldn’t be a big deal since it lacks encryption, which you’ll get from a VPN setup. However, I can’t deny that SOCKS5 can be marginally faster than the basic VPN.

That makes it desirable to some users and isn’t present on PrivateVPN.

Luckily, you can explore the best VPNs with SOCKS5 proxy to choose one with everything/almost everything else PrivateVPN offers.

Interesting Reads:

Download and Seed Torrents Privately

PrivateVPN allows it to download and seed torrents without fearing copyright trolls, your ISP, network admin, or authorities finding out.

Ensure you’ve set it up correctly, as discussed above, and you don’t have to worry about speed, security, or privacy.

And while PrivateVPN has some drawbacks for torrenting, it ticks most of the right boxes.

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