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How to Use Ome TV With CyberGhost?

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You can use CyberGhost with Ome TV on your PC or smartphone by installing the VPN app to change your location before connecting to strangers.

Doing so hides your IP address from Ome TV strangers who may use an IP locator on anyone they chat with. Likewise, CyberGhost enables you to chat with strangers from the UK, France, the US, South Africa, or anywhere else from the comfort of your bedroom.

And if your school/work network blocks Ome TV, CyberGhost’s reliable encryption and unblocking ability will grant you access.

Let’s set up this impressive Ome TV VPN.

How to Unblock Ome TV With CyberGhost?

Ome TV isn’t available in regions like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. 

Likewise, some work and school network admins restrict access to the video chatting website.

If you’re ever in any of these binds, here’s how CyberGhost can get you access in 13 simple steps:

  1. Get a CyberGhost account. Don’t let these HUGE discounts pass you by.
  1. Download the CyberGhost app for your smartphone or PC. I’ll get the Windows PC app for this demo.
  2. Launch the CyberGhost app and log in with your email and password.
  3. Click the power icon to connect to the nearest/fastest available server.
cyberghost power button
  1. Or click “Best server location,” then “More servers…” to open the server list.
cyberghost best server location
  1. Browse and click on a preferred server. I recommend one in an Ome TV-supported region like the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.
  2. Click the big power button to connect.
cyberghost connected to canada server
  1. Launch your browser in incognito mode.
  2. Go to the Ome TV website. Or launch the Ome TV iOS/Android app.
  3. Log in with your Facebook or VK account.
  4. Confirm that the Ome TV-assigned location matches the connected CyberGhost VPN server.
using cyberghost with ometv
  1. Click “Start” to get matched with strangers.
  2. Learn new languages, connect with home peers, and have fun with Ome TV strangers.

How to Chat With Foreign Ome TV Strangers Using CyberGhost?

Do you want to chat with Ome TV strangers in France, the UK, Germany, South Africa, or anywhere else? While Ome TV connects you with strangers in your locale, CyberGhost’s spread to 90+ countries means you can interact with strangers globally.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Got your CyberGhost account? Grab one while these massive discounts last.
  2. Download and install the CyberGhost app. I’ll use the PC app for this demonstration.
  3. Launch the app and log in.
  4. Click “Best server location” or the displayed server location.
cyberghost best server location
  1. Click “More servers…”
  2. Browse the available locations and click where you want to connect to strangers. I’ll choose France to sharpen my French.
  3. Click the big power button to connect.
  4. Launch Ome TV in your browser’s incognito window. You can also choose the mobile app route.
  5. Log in to Ome TV with your Facebook or VK ID.
  6. Click “Start.”
ometv start button
  1. Enjoy meaningful conversations, travel the world virtually, and explore new cultures with Ome TV strangers in other countries.
unblock ometv with cyberghost

Is CyberGhost’s WireGuard Faster Than IKEv2 for Ome TV?

You need stable and fast internet speeds to enjoy seamless Ome TV moments and catch everything in real time. For that, CyberGhost promises two fast VPN protocols: IKEv2 and WireGuard.

But which is faster?

I connected to both protocols on PC and mobile, using different networks, to know which works best.

I used my 35Mbps network for the PC test to determine what these protocols could do on the best VPN-determined server in Algeria.

cyberghost speed test on algeria server
Protocol Speed
IKEv2 21Mbps
WireGuard 38Mbps

CyberGhost’s WireGuard was faster than IKEv2 on PC and unlocked my ISP’s throttling to give me faster internet speed!

cyberghost speed test on wireguard protocol

I repeated the test on mobile over the same network, and WireGuard pulled comfortably ahead again.

 Protocol Speed
IKEv2 28.7Mbps
WireGuard 30.2Mbps

So, to connect to these protocols, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your CyberGhost app.
  2. Locate the settings.
    1. On PC, click the settings/cog icon in the bottom left. Then, click “CyberGhost VPN.”
cyberghost wireguard protocol
    1. On mobile (iOS), click Settings icon > VPN and select Protocol.
  1. Select the dropdown under “VPN protocol.”
  2. Choose your preferred protocol.
  3. Return to the VPN home page to connect to a choice server.
  4. Securely chat with Ome TV strangers without leaking your IP address.

Are CyberGhost’s Dedicated IPs Necessary for Ome TV?

CyberGhost’s dedicated IP addresses are optional to enjoy conversations with Ome TV strangers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else globally. 

However, you may get these dedicated IP servers to:

  • Unblock the platform in highly censored regions like Saudi Arabia.
  • Improve your chances of never getting an Ome TV-banned CyberGhost IP address.
  • Enjoy faster, uninterrupted Ome TV access anywhere.
cyberghost dedicated ips

But note that you can only get a dedicated IP address in ONE location. 

So, you’ll still need the standard VPN servers whenever you want to joke around with strangers from other countries.

What’s the Best CyberGhost Server to Bypass Ome TV IP Bans?

All of CyberGhost’s 9000+ servers are potentially the best candidates to bypass an Ome TV IP ban. They all give you a fresh IP address, different from your initially banned Ome TV IP address, to access the video chatting platform.

However, avoid CyberGhost servers in countries where Ome TV is generally banned or inaccessible. This includes its servers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. 

Thankfully, such servers constitute less than a tenth of CyberGhost’s server haul.

cyberghost servers
CyberGhost's US servers are some of my most preferred picks to unblock Ome TV

Finally, you may land on a CyberGhost VPN server in a supported region like the USA, which is also banned from Ome TV. This might mean another user has previously taken that IP address to incur the wrath of Ome TV admins.

In that case, disconnect from that server and reconnect to get another IP address with a better chance of unblocking the service.

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Surf Ome TV Seamlessly

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Besides unblocking access and bypassing IP bans, CyberGhost also makes it impossible for stalkers to find your IP address when chatting on Ome TV.

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