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How Many Devices Does ExpressVPN Allow?

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ExpressVPN allows up to eight simultaneous connections to connect multiple devices, depending on the plan you purchased from the VPN service provider.

Furthermore, you can install ExpressVPN on multiple devices but can only connect to eight concurrently.

Keep reading to discover when you get the eight connections, under what conditions you get lesser, and how to bypass the simultaneous connection limit.

What Devices Can You Connect via ExpressVPN?

You can connect your smartphones and personal computers to your ExpressVPN account. These devices enjoy ExpressVPN app coverage.

ExpressVPN also allows you to connect gaming consoles, smart TVs, streaming units, and other devices. However, these devices don’t have a native ExpressVPN application, so the VPN provider offers alternative support.

Discover more in the table below.

Platform Devices ExpressVPN Support
Mobile iOS, iPadOS, and Android ExpressVPN app
PC Linux, Chromebook, Windows, and macOS ExpressVPN app
Smart TV Android TV ExpressVPN Android app; Router support
Smart TV Non-Android TV like Samsung TV, LG TV, etc. MediaStreamer (Smart DNS); router support
Gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation MediaStreamer (Smart DNS); router support
Streaming devices Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc. MediaStreamer (Smart DNS); router support

If your device doesn’t allow ExpressVPN’s app, follow the guides below to

  • Set up ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer
  • Install ExpressVPN on your router

Can You Bypass the ExpressVPN Simultaneous Connections Limit?

You can bypass the ExpressVPN device connection limit to secure more units under the VPN by setting it up on your router, getting a fresh account, or upgrading your account.

Here’s a complete overview of the options you have at your disposal:

Use the Router VPN Connection

ExpressVPN can be set up on a router from where you connect other devices. 

The best part is that the router connection counts as one slot, no matter how many units are connected to the router.

In context, your ExpressVPN-enabled router can connect twenty devices and still count as one simultaneous connection slot.

Here’s a video guide to setting up ExpressVPN on your router:

The exact setup steps will differ based on your router model and manufacturer.

Likewise, some routers aren’t compatible with VPNs, even after flashing them.

Buy a New Account

Getting a new ExpressVPN account gives you another eight simultaneous connection slots.

This solution is necessary because ExpressVPN doesn’t sell extra seats/device connections as an add-on.

You must sign up for the new ExpressVPN account from a fresh email address

You can create a burner email address if you don’t want to use any existing addresses.

Share Connection via PC

Sharing your ExpressVPN connection via a PC is an excellent solution for users without VPN-compatible routers. In short, you turn your PC into a virtual router.

Since it’s the only one directly connected to ExpressVPN, the PC only takes one device slot. Furthermore, the secure Wi-Fi network you broadcast from the PC can be used to connect other devices to enjoy ExpressVPN’s encryption and privacy.

Here’s a video guide to share your ExpressVPN connection from your PC:

How to Fix the ExpressVPN "Connection Limit Reached" Error?

ExpressVPN will throw a “Connection Limit Reached” error once you try connecting an extra device outside of the allowable limit.

If that happens, you don’t need to wait for another account user elsewhere to disconnect before you gain access. Here are a few things you can try:

Disconnect Multiple Devices

If you’re connected to multiple devices in the same space, disconnect one or more to free up a slot for others.

It’s best to disconnect devices on which you aren’t performing extra sensitive activities (such as torrenting, secure file sharing, etc.).

Tap the big power button on the app you want to disconnect, and you’re good to go.

Change ExpressVPN Plan

ExpressVPN allows users on the one-month plan to connect five devices simultaneously. However, you can get three (3) more connections to make eight (8) with the 6-month or 12-month ExpressVPN subscription.

The best part is that you save more on these long-term plans compared to paying for the month-to-month plans.

And you can grab these ExpressVPN discounts to save more on your device limit upgrade.

Change Your Account Password

Changing your account password ONLY works when you’re sure you haven’t connected five or eight devices, depending on your account tier.

In this case, someone else with your account password may be concurrently connected to an ExpressVPN server on one or multiple units.

Thus, changing the account password should log them out of the account, giving you all the slots back.

Speak With Customer Support

You should speak with customer support if:

  • You’re getting fewer simultaneous connections than your account tier is supposed to have
  • You get the connection limit error even though you don’t have as many devices

Customer support might recommend changing your account password to keep unauthorized devices connected out, as recommended above. But if that doesn’t work, they’ll be in the best place to guide you on alternative solutions.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives With More Device Connections

If you want more than the eight simultaneous connections you get from the 6 or 12-month ExpressVPN plans, explore alternative VPN providers below:

PrivateVPN – 10 Connections + Free Dedicated IPs

privatevpn device connections

PrivateVPN offers ten simultaneous device connections spread across the same devices as ExpressVPN. This is irrespective of your plan, so you can stick with the month-to-month payments and get twice the connections as ExpressVPN offers on that package.

While PrivateVPN doesn’t have as many servers as ExpressVPN, it offers dynamic dedicated IP servers, which ExpressVPN lacks.

The best part is that it’s considerably cheaper than ExpressVPN with my discount offers below.

Surfshark – Unlimited Connections & 3200+ Servers

surfshark unlimited connections

Surfshark doesn’t cap its connections, offering users unlimited device access without bandwidth limitations.

So, share the same Surfshark subscription with all the members of your extended family and never worry about encountering device connection limits.

Even so, Surfshark offers slightly more servers (3200+ vs. 3000+) in a few more countries (100+ vs 94) than ExpressVPN.

And if you think it’ll cost highly because of this unlimited offering, you can get it cheaper than ExpressVPN with my discounts.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

ExpressVPN’s customer support staff confirmed that the MediaStreamer setup method also counts toward device connection limits. Hence, remember to disable your TV, gaming consoles, or other devices on the MediaStreamer functionality when disconnecting units connected to the VPN.

One Account, Multi-Security

ExpressVPN used to be accessible on just one device per account before migrating to three devices. By 2019, the provider moved to offer five connections, which has now increased to eight for long-term plan users.

So, if you agree with the ExpressVPN five-device connection limit, choose its expensive monthly plan. But if you want to cover more devices and save more, grab the multi-month/one-year deal.

Here are ExpressVPN discounts for multi-month plan buyers to save some money.

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