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How Many Devices Does PrivateVPN Allow?

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You can connect on up to 10 devices simultaneously on PrivateVPN.

Luckily, you’ll get the same excellent speeds, a library of over 200 servers, and great security and streaming on all the connected devices.

Keep reading this article to learn more about PrivateVPN and how to install it on different devices!

Which Devices Can You Use PrivateVPN On?

You can use PrivateVPN on the following types of devices, with a maximum of 10 connections at a time:

Platform OS PrivateVPN Compatibility
Desktop/Laptop Computers Windows Windows app
Linux PrivateVPN configuration files
macOS macOS app
Mobile Phones iPhone App Store app
Android phones (e.g., Samsung) Google Play app
Blackberry VPN profile configuration
Tablets iPad App Store app
Android tablets (e.g., Samsung) Google Play app
Routers Any compatible router PrivateVPN profile or configuration files
Other Amazon Firestick PrivateVPN app
Kodi Zomboided VPN Manager for OpenVPN

So, if you’re streaming Netflix on your phone while other people in the house are unblocking content on their laptops, PrivateVPN can protect all your connections.

How to Enable PrivateVPN on a Router?

Suppose you have a large household with more than ten devices.

In that case, you may want to install PrivateVPN on a compatible router to protect them all. In such cases, you would be connected to the same server location on all linked devices.

Here’s how to enable PrivateVPN OpenVPN protocol on an Asus router:

  1. Purchase a PrivateVPN plan.
  2. Log into your router (via the web) with the IP address and password on the sticker at the back of the router.
  3. Locate the VPN section in your router.
locating vpn tab on asus router
  1. Click on the “VPN client” tab and add a profile.
locating vpn client on asus router
  1. Download the .zip file for the PrivateVPN certificate here.
  2. Login with your PrivateVPN credentials, upload the .zip file, and click “OK.”
asus router openvpn protocol
  1. Click “Activate,” and you’re all set!
activate vpn on asus router

How to Install PrivateVPN on Your Device?

Read the guides below to learn how to install PrivateVPN on your PC or mobile device. But before getting started, get a PrivateVPN subscription with our amazing discount!

Install PrivateVPN on Windows

Here’s how to install PrivateVPN on Windows after creating your PrivateVPN account:

  1. Go to the PrivateVPN website and click “Download.” OR download the PrivateVPN app from your Microsoft Store.
privatevpn download for windows
  1. Wait for the file to finish downloading, and then click on it.
privatevpn downloaded file
  1. Click “Yes” when prompted and wait for the installation to finish.
  1. Log in.
  1. Click “Change,” choose a server to connect to, and you’re all set!
privatevpn change server option

Installing PrivateVPN on iPhone

Here’s a stepwise guide to install PrivateVPN on your iPhone:

  1. Create a PrivateVPN account via your browser.
privatevpn account
  1. Download the PrivateVPN app at the App Store.
  1. Open the app and log in with your PrivateVPN account credentials.
  1. Click “Allow” to add the VPN connection to your device. Confirm with Touch ID/Face ID or passcode.
  1. You’re all set!

Install PrivateVPN on Android

And here’s how to install PrivateVPN on Android after creating your account:

  1. Download and install the PrivateVPN app from Google Play Store.
  1. Open the app and click “Log In.”
  1. Enter your PrivateVPN credentials and click “Log In.”
  1. Click “Allow” and enter your device passcode to configure the VPN on your device.
  1. Click “OK.”
  1. You’re all set!

How to Install PrivateVPN on Firestick?

You can watch the video below to see how you can install PrivateVPN on Firestick:

Also, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to “Apps” on Fire Stick.
locating apps on firestick
  1. Select “Categories” and then “Utility.”
locating utility on firestick
  1. Find the PrivateVPN app and click on it.
locating privatevpn app on firestick
  1. Click “Get.”
firestick get button
  1. Click “Open” to launch PrivateVPN.
locating open button on firestick
  1. Enter your PrivateVPN credentials and click “Log in.”
privatevpn log-in on firestick
  1. Choose a server, click “Connect,” and you’re all set!
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You can use PrivateVPN on 10 devices simultaneously during its 7-day free trial period.

Likewise, all PrivateVPN subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Luckily, you’re free to use your PrivateVPN account on up to 10 devices during this risk-free trial too.


You can use PrivateVPN on up to 10 devices at the same time.

These devices can be Windows, macOS, iPhone and iPad, Android, Amazon Firestick, Kodi, Linux, and Blackberry.

You can also install PrivateVPN on a router to keep your entire household safe and get more than ten simultaneous device connections.

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