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Does IPVanish Work With Instagram?

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IPvanish works with Instagram! With its 2200+ servers in 84 locations across 50+ countries, you can bypass geographical restrictions and get access to location-tagged posts and Instagram Music.

Plus, watching your favorite creator’s live stream will be lag-free using IPVanish’s WireGuard protocol. So, continue reading to learn how to use IPVanish with Instagram.

How to Use IPVanish With Instagram?

Ready to access Instagram content without location-based restrictions or filters? 

Follow these steps:

  1. Get an IPVanish subscription. I recommend the 2-year plan since you can save up to 75%.
  1. Download the IPVanish app for your Instagram device.
download ipvanish for windows pc
  1. Install the app and sign in.
ipvanish log in
  1. Enable the kill switch so that if IPVanish unexpectedly disconnects, your network admin won’t see your Instagram activities.
ipvanish kill switch enabled
  1. For seamless Instagram live streams and quicker photo uploads, select the WireGuard protocol. Go to app Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
ipvanish protocol settings
  1. Choose a server to connect to. For instance, connect to a US server to access Instagram Music. Just click the pin icon and search for the location.
ipvanish us servers
  1. Log in to Instagram on your device.
  2. Now, you can browse geo-restricted content like Pride posts, interact with your favorite influencer, and post images of your recent travels without exposing your location. I connected to the Dubai server and browsed Amina Muaddi’s content.
access instagram with ipvanish on dubai server

What’s the Fastest IPVanish Server for Instagram?

The fastest IPvanish server for Instagram is the one closest to you in a region with no Instagram restrictions. For example, opt for a server in Finland or Estonia if you’re in Russia.

You can select “Optimal Location” to choose the fastest server automatically. 

Or you can select the nearest server where Instagram is unrestricted from the server list.

ipvanish optimal locations

When I connected to the Optimal Location (the Tel Aviv server), I experienced an average download speed of 16.15 Mbps on a 20 Mbps connection.

ipvanish speed test on tel aviv server

This speed was perfect for watching food blogger Sarah’s culinary journey without lag.

unblock instagram with ipvanish

Meanwhile, the London, UK server gave me a slightly lower average speed of 11.8 Mbps. I tried uploading a series of high-resolution photos. 

The upload process was still swift, taking only a few seconds longer than the Tel Aviv server.

However, the Montreal, Canada server was the slowest, with an average speed of 10.11 Mbps. I explored Instagram’s IGTV. Luckily, watching a Billiebopbillie reel was still smooth, with only an initial delay as the video buffered.

watch igtv with ipvanish

What’s the Best IPVanish Location for Instagram?

Choosing the best IPVanish server location for Instagram depends on your needs.

If you want to access Instagram in China (an Instagram-restricted region), pick a nearby unrestricted area, like Hong Kong.

If you want to explore content, trends, or ads specific to a particular region, connect to an IPVanish server in that region.

For instance, I connected to the France server to see more French influencers and local trends on my feed, which helped me plan my Paris vacation.

ipvanish connected to paris server

Or, if you’re a European marketer trying to promote a product tailored for a Japanese audience, select a Japanese server. This allows you to access the Asian market to better understand Japanese consumer preferences and behaviors.

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You can use unlimited simultaneous connections with IPVanish on Instagram.

This means you can browse Instagram on your phone, post pictures from a tablet, and explore feeds on a laptop, all while using the same IPVanish account.

IPVanish supports Instagram on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS devices.

Utilize IPVanish to Enhance Instagram Experience

Using IPvanish with Instagram allows you to access restricted content like LGBTQ+ posts in Russia, post on your feed on public Wi-Fi, and use Instagram Music from any location.

Plus, it ensures a constant and rapid connection to keep sharing, liking, and posting without interruption. 

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