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Does Surfshark Work With Instagram?

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Surfshark works well with Instagram.

It offers excellent speeds for watching Instagram Reels on your mobile device and loading Unboxing live streams from your favorite influencers. 

You can also use Surfshark to change location on Instagram.

To see how well Surfshark works with Instagram, I tested its speeds on my iPhone with several servers and its Camouflage Mode.

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How to Use Surfshark With Instagram?

To use Surfshark with Instagram, take the following steps:

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription and download the application on your mobile device.
  1. Open the application and log in. If prompted, add the VPN configuration to your mobile device.
  1. Go to the “Locations” tab and choose a server in a country where Instagram isn’t restricted (for example, the UK or the US).
  1. Wait for Surfshark to connect.
  1. Once connected, open Instagram on your device and check its performance. If there are any lags, reconnect to an Instagram-supported Surfshark server closer to you.
  1. And that’s it! You can now watch your favorite creators on Instagram safely, thanks to Surfshark!

What Are the Best Surfshark Servers for Instagram?

Surfshark offers a range of 3200+ servers in 100 countries. 

However, the best Surfshark-Instagram servers allow fast loading of posts and notifications and seamless streaming of Reels and Live Streams.

I used the Speedtest app to test Surfshark’s speed for Instagram and the maximum video resolution to verify the best Surfshark server for Instagram. 

Here’s what I found:

Surfshark Server Speed With WireGuard Maximum Video Resolution
UK (London) 0 Mbps drop 2160p
Germany (Frankfurt) 0 Mbps drop 2160p
Canada (Toronto) 2 Mbps increase 2160p
USA (New York) 3 Mbps increase 2160p
Australia (Sydney) 2 Mbps drop 2160p

As you can see, most Surfshark servers don’t cause any speed delays or issues with video streaming.

However, the best Surfshark servers for Instagram are the Canada – Toronto and US – New York servers. Not only did they increase my speed, but they also offered seamless Instagram feed scrolling and a lag-free Reels-watching experience.

The most significant speed drop was when I connected to Surfshark’s Australian server – no surprise since I’m many miles away from Sydney. 

However, it had minimal impact on my experience watching Lily Maymac’s latest unboxing Reels.

Does Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode Work With Instagram?

You can use Surfshark in countries where Instagram is restricted to stay on top of your favorite content. This is possible thanks to the VPN’s Camouflage Mode, which works well with Instagram.

Here’s how to set up Surfshark Camouflage Mode to be used with Instagram:

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription and install the application on your smartphone. Then log in.
  2. Tap “Settings” and choose “VPN settings.”
  1. Scroll down to tap “Protocol.”
  1. Choose an OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) protocol from the list, which will enable the Camouflage Mode automatically. I recommend using UDP for better speeds. Then hit “Close.”
  1. Connect to a Surfshark server in a country without Instagram restrictions (e.g., France).
  1. The Surfshark Camouflage Mode is now enabled, and you can securely browse Instagram, even in countries with Internet restrictions.
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You can access Instagram with Surfshark in Russia by manually setting up a Surfshark connection on your preferred IG device. For iOS, you’ll have to use the Surfshark IKEv2 manual setup, while Android users must set up an OpenVPN connection.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to Surfshark’s impressive speeds and security features like Camouflage Mode, you can enjoy your favorite Instagram content seamlessly anywhere!

Surfshark can unblock Instagram in many Internet-restrictive countries and lets you watch Reels from your favorite bloggers with zero buffering. 

It can also do the same on work and school networks blocking the social media service.

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