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How to Set Up IPVanish on Samsung Smart TV?

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IPVanish doesn’t have an app for Samsung Smart TVs like it does for Android TVs. However, you can still use the VPN to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CNN, and other content on your Samsung TV via alternative methods.

Users with an Amazon Fire TV stick are in luck here. But a VPN-compatible router will do the magic if you don’t have one. If that’s not a viable option, there’s the virtual PC router setup.

However, IPVanish lacks a Smart DNS option. Thus, I’ll also recommend the best alternatives for Samsung Smart TV.

For now, let’s get into the various IPVanish-Samsung Smart TV setups.

How to Use IPVanish With a Samsung Smart TV?

You get three methods to set up IPVanish to unblock content on your Samsung smart TV. While they’re all brilliant setup options, there are slight differences.

I’ve tabled these below.

  Amazon Fire TV Stick Router Virtual Router
Ease of setup Easiest Technical Easy
Additional hardware required? Yes Yes Yes
Speed Fastest Fast Faster
Seamless server switching X
Unblocks all content?

Set Up IPVanish on Router for Samsung Smart TV

Installing IPVanish on your router ensures you can broadcast the chosen VPN IP address to your Samsung smart TV. For example, installing a US server on your router means your Samsung Smart TV can unblock Netflix US, Hulu, and other US content.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Confirm that your router is VPN-compatible. I’ve added a video below to help.
  1. Alternatively, flash your router with custom firmware to support router installation. Please be careful, as this may break some routers.
  1. Get an IPVanish account. You’ll need these discounts if you like savings (like me).
  1. Install IPVanish on your router. The installation method will depend on your router’s OS. I’ve added guides below:
    1. ASUS-WRT
    2. ASUS-WRT Merlin
    3. DD-WRT
  2. Connect your Samsung smart TV to the resulting router network.
  3. Securely unblock Netflix US/AU/UK shows, get BBC iPlayer anywhere, and catch the latest geo-restricted Amazon Prime Video shows on your Samsung TV.

How to Set Up IPVanish Virtual Router for Samsung TV?

If you don’t have a router that supports VPN installation, your Windows PC may be handy. IPVanish allows you to set VPN hotspot sharing on your Windows PC by following the steps below:

  1. Buy an IPVanish subscription. Use these discounts to save.
  2. Download and install the IPVanish Windows PC app.
  3. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials.
logging in on ipvanish
  1. Next, set up your Windows PC for hotspot sharing. Follow the guide below to do so.
  1. Connect to a preferred IPVanish server. For instance, connect to a US server to unblock the Netflix US-exclusive NCIS on your Samsung smart TV.
ipvanish connected to new york server
  1. Connect your Samsung TV to the resulting Wi-Fi network. I’ve added a video guide to help you connect your TV below.
  1. Launch Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, or other streaming apps on your Samsung TV and enjoy unrestricted content anywhere.

Set Up IPVanish on Amazon Fire TV Stick for Samsung TV

Amazon Fire TV stick runs an Android version, which allows it to download and install the IPVanish app. So, you can use that to port the VPN onto your TV and use it seamlessly.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. You’ll need an IPVanish account. Grab these savings to keep your costs low.
  2. Set up the Amazon Fire TV stick for your TV. There’s a helpful video guide to walk you through the process below.
  1. Install and set up IPVanish on the Fire TV stick. You can watch the helpful video below to learn how to install apps.
  1. Connect to a preferred server. I usually connect to the US, UK, or Canada since they have almost all the sports content I stream on my Samsung smart TV.
  2. Once connected, launch your preferred streaming services to enjoy previously geo-blocked content.

How to Change the IPVanish Server on Samsung Smart TV?

The method to change the IPVanish server you’re using on your Samsung TV depends on the setup you used.

For instance, streamers using the Fire TV stick method can change their IPVanish server from the IPVanish app. However, those with a router setup need to download the configuration files for the new server they want and install them on the router.

Finally, users who have set up a virtual hotspot can connect to another server via the IPVanish Windows PC app.

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