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How to Set Up and Use IPVanish for PokerStars?

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This guide jumps to the gist of it and shows you how to set up and use IPVanish for PokerStars. If you play your hand right, you can get a seat at an online poker table anywhere under the umbrella of a reliable VPN.

With servers in 75+ VPN locations, you can use the VPN to download PokerStars in restricted regions like Cuba, Syria, and Ukraine. Plus, keep your transactions for real money protected with military-grade encryption.

Deemining IPVanish a “safe bet,” read on to see how you can use PokerStars privately.

How to Use IPVanish With PokerStars?

I tested IPVanish with PokerStars to make sure it works. I found some servers to be temperamental (more on that below), but if you find the “sweet spot,” the pot’s yours!

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Purchase an exclusive IPVanish deal.
  2. Pick an IPVanish plan and click “Start Now.”
  1. Enter your email address and choose a payment method.
  2. Complete your purchase at checkout.
ipvanish payment method
  1. Log in to your IPVanish account and download the app on your device.
  2. Launch your app and connect to a server in a PorkerStars-approved location. I chose the working Birmingham, UK server for this demo.
ipvanish connected to uk server
  1. Go to the PokerStars website and download the app.
pokerstars website
  1. Follow the prompts to create your PokerStars account, ensuring you enter an address in your chosen server location.
access pokerstars using ipvanish on uk server
  1. Play Spin & Go, Tempest, & Tourney!

What Are the Best IPVanish Servers for PokerStars?

The best IPVanish servers for PokerStars are those in countries/regions where online gambling sites like PokerStars are permitted. If you want to gamble for real money, you must use a server in an approved region like Canada, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, and Latvia.

I tested a few IPVanish servers with PokerStars to confirm which can be used to access the online casino from anywhere.

I considered download speed for unbuffered gaming and narrowed it down to three options:

Server Download Speed
UK, Birmingham 15.89 Mbps
Canada, Montreal 14.28 Mbps
Belgium, Brussels 13.66 Mbps

Here, I tested the Montreal server to see if it truly works:

ipvanish canada server speed test

And the Brussels server:

ipvanish brussels server speed test

These servers worked with PokerStars successfully. The speed drops were also not bad, considering I was battling with my base download speed, an all-time low of 23.44 Mbps. I even managed to join a UK Home Tourney without lag!

Alternative VPNs for PokerStars

Many IPVanish servers were temperamental, and several failed to work with PokerStars. IPVanish also lacks a dedicated IP, which can account for mixed user experiences.

If IPVanish gives you a headache, cash in your 30-day money-back guarantee and try one of the below VPNs offering static dedicated IP addresses as add-ons.


NordVPN has a proprietary protocol called NordLynx that brings significantly faster speeds for smooth online gaming. It also offers a dedicated IP address in the UK, which can be helpful to bypass PokerStars geo-restrictions using the UK as a base.


Surfshark’s dedicated IPs are significantly cheaper than competing VPNs’. 

Like NordVPN, a personal static server address in the UK is an option. 

If you don’t want a dedicated IP, Surfshark is one of the few VPNs to provide a shared server in Malta, where you can play PokerStars for real money.

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Likewise, my guide supports an easy set-up, so you’ll have your games running quickly.

I advise trying IPVanish risk-free now – it’s a “kicker.”

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