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Can You Play Rocket League With NordVPN?

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You can use NordVPN to play Rocket League anywhere. That’s thanks to its 5800+ servers in 60 countries to bypass Rocket League bans in blocked countries, schools, and workplaces.

Plus, NordVPN’s security network keeps ISPs from throttling your connection speeds for the sake of smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

Ready to securely score more goals with your rocket-powered car?

How to Play Rocket League With NordVPN on PCs?

Enjoy the epic moments of driving past your opponents without speed buffers to score near-impossible goals on your PC (Windows, macOS).

Here’s how to set up NordVPN to help:

  1. Purchase NordVPN services. I have these fantastic NordVPN deals to help you save costs!
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Download the NordVPN app for your gaming PC or smartphone. I’ll use a Windows PC for this demo.
windows compatible on nordvpn
  1. Install the VPN app on your PC.
installing nordvpn on windows
  1. Open the NordVPN app, then click “Log in.”
nordvpn log in
  1. Enter your NordVPN account email address, then click “Continue.”
nordvpn account log in
  1. Enter your NordVPN account password, then click “Log in.”
enter nordvpn password
  1. Click the settings/gear icon at the bottom left corner.
nordvpn settings gear
  1. Click “Kill Switch.”
nordvpn kill switch
  1. Enable the “Internet Kill Switch.” This ensures your IP doesn’t leak to DDoS attackers who plan to win the match unfairly!
enable internet kill switch on nordvpn
  1. Click the return arrow at the top left corner to go back.
nordvpn back button
  1. Click “Connection.”
nordvpn connection settings
  1. Choose a suitable NordVPN protocol next to “VPN protocol.” I recommend NordLynx to make pool shots and work on your wall hits over excellent connection speeds.
selecting nordlynx protocol on nordvpn
  1. Click the globe-looking icon to return to NordVPN’s home page.
selecting globe icon on nordvpn
  1. Click the “Quick Connect” command. This connects you to the fastest available NordVPN server.
nordvpn quick connect button
  1. Alternatively, choose your preferred server by typing the server country on the NordVPN search bar.
searching us server on nordvpn
  1. Test for IP/DNS leak to ensure your IP is NordVPN assigned, not your real IP.
nordvpn ip leak test results
  1. All done now! So, launch Rocket League and enjoy every minute of real fun doing barrel rolls and playing exhibition matches with funny mutators.
playing rocket league with nordvpn on south africa server

How to Play Rocket League With NordVPN on Gaming Consoles?

NordVPN lacks VPN apps for gaming consoles. Even so, you can enjoy smooth Rocket League gameplay on your console via router, SmartDNS, and virtual Wi-Fi router methods.

Method #1: Install NordVPN on a Router

The router method requires installing the NordVPN app on your home router.

Thus routing the VPN service to the connected devices (gaming console).

Follow this NordVPN router installation guide for all the necessary steps.

But there’s a caveat! The method works only on VPN-compatible routers, which you may lack.

So, if that’s you, try the virtual Wi-Fi router method outlined below.

Method #2: Virtual Wi-Fi Router on PC

This method allows you to turn your Windows PC into a virtual router broadcasting the NordVPN network. Here’s what to do:

  1. Get NordVPN using these VPN savings.
  2. Download the NordVPN Windows PC app and install it.
  3. Start the NordVPN app on your PC, then sign in.
  4. Connect to an OpenVPN protocol (stable enough for routing VPN connections). Go through the settings icon > Connection > VPN protocol > OpenVPN (TCP or UDP).
nordvpn openvpn protocol
  1. Connect to a suitable NordVPN server.
nordvpn connected to south africa server
  1. Set up your PC for hotspot sharing. Follow the video guide below.
  1. Done! The virtual Wi-Fi router is ready. Connect your console to the PC hotspot.
  2. Launch Rocket League and score as many goals as possible over a stable, fast-paced internet connection!

How to Reduce Ping When Playing Rocket League With NordVPN?

play rocket league with nordvpn on south africa server

High ping negatively impacts your Rocket League gaming. But NordVPN can help lower your ping by connecting you to the closest NordVPN server to ensure a buffer-free Rocket League session.

Furthermore, choosing the proper NordVPN protocol is a priority for low ping. Therefore, the NordLynx protocol is the best protocol to play Rocket League on your PC.

To be exact, I did a ping test on all NordVPN protocols using NordVPN’s South Africa server.

Here are my results:

NordVPN Protocol Ping
NordLynx 3.26 ms
OpenVPN (UDP) 7.98 ms
OpenVPN (TCP) 12.85 ms

Notable NordVPN Drawbacks for Rocket League

NordVPN doesn’t win it all in playing Rocket League. Despite offering an extensive server network for unblocking Rocket League efficiently and lightning-fast speeds to score goals smoothly, the VPN doesn’t have port forwarding abilities.

Hence, it’s impossible to host Rocket League challenges with your friends remotely. 

Also, you won’t enjoy the remarkable speeds that come with port forwarding.

But the gap is fillable! So, consider PrivateVPN, which has reliable port forwarding capabilities besides matching NordVPN’s privacy and security offerings.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rocket League’s Terms of Use don’t forbid using Virtual Private Networks to play the game. So, you won’t be banned for using NordVPN to play Rocket League. Instead, you’ll get banned for using hate speech, spam, curse words, other obscene remarks, or breaking community rules.

You can bypass some Rocket League bans with NordVPN. For instance, NordVPN assigns you a different IP address when connected to its servers, helping you to evade IP bans.

However, NordVPN cannot help with harassment bans, temporary matchmaking bans, tournament bans, or permanent account bans. In this case, you should be patient for the ban to expire or create a new account.

NordVPN has a DDoS protection mechanism on all its servers for secure Rocket League gaming. So, once you connect to any of the VPN’s servers, no one can DDoS you across Rocket League tournaments and matches.

Enjoy Safe Rocket League Air Dribbles With NordVPN

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro Rocket League gamer, you’ll need NordVPN to enhance your gaming experience. With 5800+ servers in 60 countries, the VPN bypasses Rocket League IP bans anywhere, including schools and workplaces.

Furthermore, NordVPN lets you evade ISP speed throttles and stabilizes high ping to avoid constant game rubberbands. Also, you won’t suffer DDoS attacks from your opponents with NordVPN, allowing you to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

So, don’t wait! Grab my NordVPN hot deals to enjoy the game!

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