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Can You Play Rocket League With PureVPN?

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You can play Rocket League with PureVPN, even in regions like Crimea or Iraq, where the game is unavailable.

So, use the high-octane Porsche 911 turbo for epic saves and insane air dribbles in the legendary Neo Tokyo arena, free of ISP throttling or DDoS attacks, by setting up PureVPN for Rocket League.

With its 6500+ servers, advanced military-grade encryption, and excellent port forwarding, PureVPN bypasses geo-restrictions, prevents DDoS attacks, and improves multiplayer gaming on the title.

Ready for an adrenaline rush on Rocket Leagues Death Karz races?

How to Play Rocket League on PC With PureVPN?

Grab an elite pack, upgrade your next-generation Ford Mustang, and score against other NASCAR legends in the DFH stadium from anywhere by setting up PureVPN for Rocket League on PC.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a PureVPN subscription (enjoy savings).
purevpn pricing
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  1. Download the PureVPN app for your PC. I’ll download the PureVPN Windows app for this guide.
purevpn apps
  1. Log in to the PureVPN app with your credentials.
purevpn log in
  1. Activate the PureVPN kill switch so that grumpy losers don’t flood your IP address with malicious DDoS requests when the VPN connection drops! Go to Settings > General > Enable IKS.
purevpn internet kill switch
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol to score high-flying Messi-esque shots and make breathtaking Peter Cech-like saves with the famous battle bus without worrying about speed drops or buffering. Go through Settings > Protocol and select “WireGuard.”
purevpn wireguard protocol
  1. Choose a suitable PureVPN location to enjoy fast-paced Rocket League online matches. You can connect to the closest PureVPN server locations with the lowest pings/latencies for fast-paced Best of the Bunch and Buzzer Beater gameplays by clicking the “Recommended Location.”
purevpn recommended location
  1. Alternatively, connect to a PureVPN server of choice by going to the Globe icon > Search by Location.
purevpn location search
  1. Visit the Rocket League official page, choose your playing device, install the Epic Games launcher, and download the game.
downloading epic games update
  1. That’s it! Enjoy Rocket League extra mode matches like Rumble and Snow Day or regular 3v3 online matches without worrying about speed drops or DDoS attacks with PureVPN.
purevpn connected to johannesburg server

How to Play Rocket League With PureVPN on Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo?

Customize your booster-rigged monster cart, deliver bone-crushing power shots, and wow the crowd with airborne double air touches on Rocket League by setting up PureVPN on your console (PS4/5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch).

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a PureVPN subscription. Enjoy savings on the long-term plan.
  2. Download the PureVPN Windows app. (In this guide, I’ll use the virtual router method, which only works on Windows).
  3. Set up your Windows PC for VPN sharing via hotspot. Follow the video guide below.
  1. Connect to an appropriate PureVPN server location for Rocket League.
  2. Connect your gaming console to the Windows hotspot you’ve just created.
  3. That’s a wrap! I scored insane goals with my BMW M240i and grabbed the Papel Picado during Rocket League’s Fiesta Latina festive offer without experiencing DDoS attacks or disconnections with PureVPN.
purevpn connected to los angeles server

How to Port Forward PureVPN for Rocket League?

You can use PureVPN’s port forwarding, which comes at an extra cost, to fix high-ping server issues and connect to peers faster. Thus increasing game speed while reducing disconnection and stability issues during Rocket League matches.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Follow this guide to get PureVPN’s port forwarding.
  2. Follow the steps in this guide to port forward your router for Rocket League.
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Yes, PureVPN bypasses Rocket League IP bans by changing your IP address once connected to the VPN servers. PureVPN offers an extensive server spread (6500+) that lets you change your IP address and play the game without Rocket League noticing that you’ve changed your IP.

PureVPN doesn’t offer dedicated DDoS protection for Rocket League, thus may not prevent DDoS attacks on the title. That said, PureVPN offers advanced AES 256-bit encryption that hides your IP address from malicious actors.

Hence, making it more difficult for opponents to flood you with malicious DDoS requests on the game.

Grow Your Rocket League XPs With PureVPN

PureVPN is a solid Rocket League VPN that offers fast speeds, military-grade encryption, and an extensive server network to unblock the title in numerous locations.

Additionally, PureVPN offers port forwarding and dedicated IP addresses to improve Rocket League multiplayer functionality and game stability.

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