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How to Use NordVPN With Discord?

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To use NordVPN with Discord, launch the VPN and connect to one of its 5500+ servers in Discord-supported countries like the United States.

As much as Discord ensures chat privacy and robust security, NordVPN offers 256-bit encryption, a customizable kill switch, and DNS leak protection, boosting your online safety.

Moreover, some countries have strict censorship against Discord, while others, like the United Arab Emirates and China, have outrightly banned Discord.

Ready to learn more on how to unblock Discord with NordVPN and fix some problems you may encounter?

How to Unblock and Access Discord With NordVPN? (Stepwise Guides)

NordVPN bypasses network and firewall restrictions to unblock the Discord platform, allowing you to chat with fellow gamers/other users worldwide.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to use Discord with NordVPN on a computer, phone, or tablet.

How to Use Discord With NordVPN on a PC (Windows and macOS)

NordVPN is compatible with Discord PC platforms from Windows and macOS.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for NordVPN.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Download and install the NordVPN app on Windows PC or macOS. I’ll use my Windows device for this demonstration.
download nordvpn app for windows
  1. Launch the NordVPN app and sign in with your username and password.
launch nordvpn app and sign in
  1. Go to the NordVPN dashboard and click “Quick Connect” to get the nearest server.
click quick connect
  1. Optional: Toggle the drop-down button to search for your preferred server.
search for preferred server
  1. Launch the Discord app on your Windows PC or macOS and start chatting with maximum security.

How to Use Discord With NordVPN on a Smartphone (iOS, iPadOS, Android)

NordVPN is compatible with iOS, iPad, and Android devices, which you can use with Discord.

So, here’s how to unblock the service on these devices from anywhere with NordVPN:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN. Grab these fantastic discounts while they last.
  2. Visit Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store to download and install the NordVPN app on Android or iOS/iPad, respectively. I’ll use my iOS device for this example.
  3. Launch the NordVPN app and log in with your account credentials.
  1. Tap “Search” to find a preferred Discord server. Select the country or location you want to connect to or unblock Discord.
  1. Enable the suggestion to allow NordVPN to create a VPN configuration on your device when prompted. This will only happen the first time you try to connect to NordVPN.
  1. Launch the Discord app on your iOS, iPad, or Android device.
  2. Log in to safely chat, text, and interact with your teammates or fellow gamers.

Is Your Discord Not Working With NordVPN? (Troubleshooting Guide)

nordvpn for discord
NordVPN works for Discord if you set it up correctly!

If you’re having trouble unblocking Discord with NordVPN, try to fix those problems with these tips:

  • Switch VPN servers. Discord can detect and ban some NordVPN IP addresses if they’ve been overused on the platform. Fortunately, the platform can’t blacklist 5200+ servers worldwide, of which NordVPN boasts 1970+ US servers. So, disconnect from your current server to another server and restart the Discord app.
  • Delete browser cache and cookies. Discord stores cookies/cache to ensure a great chatting and communication experience. But these cache/cookies can make your actual location known even when using NordVPN. Clear them, or use private/incognito browsing mode before accessing Discord via the web again.

If you still can’t access Discord, contact NordVPN’s customer support. 

You can communicate with them via email or live chat, and they’ll do their best to troubleshoot the issues.

NordVPN Alternatives to Unblock and Use Discord

NordVPN is my top recommendation for Discord. However, many competing VPNs exist, offering a unique take on the Discord compatibility angle.

Of those, below are the best three alternatives:

  • Surfshark – Best budget VPN to securely access Discord from anywhere. Also, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections instead of six connections from NordVPN. Thus, ideal for a gaming guild or large user group who want to unblock/use Discord securely without paying for more VPN subscriptions.
  • ExpressVPN – Fast VPN to access Discord, so no worries about VoIP lag. It also uses automatic obfuscation on all servers and protocols to hide your VPN traffic from Discord’s servers. Finally, its easy-to-setup custom router firmware means you can connect all devices (including your gaming consoles) to a single secure network.
  • CyberGhost – Boasts over 9000 servers across 90+ countries for broader options to unblock Discord anywhere. It also has gaming-dedicated servers for low latency, which you can use to connect to Discord gaming peers and get the best ping when playing against them.
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You can use NordVPN to bypass a Discord IP ban. Connect to a NordVPN server to change your IP address and create a new Discord account using an alternate username and email address to circumvent an earlier IP ban.

Discord will function normally, like without a VPN, after connecting to a NordVPN server. However, you may experience a slower connection, but this won’t be as significant since NordVPN is engineered and optimized for speed on all servers.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. Now you know every detail on how to use NordVPN with Discord.

If you’re a gamer, developer, or other Discord user who needs to text chat, voice message, or host video calls, use NordVPN to ensure robust security, privacy, and secure Discord unblocking in geo-restricted areas.

Ready to get cracking? Get a NordVPN discount to unblock your Discord app and stay secure from anywhere.

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