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Can You Play Fortnite With Private Internet Access?

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You can play Fortnite on Private Internet Access (PIA) to enjoy fast-paced Husk annihilation sessions free of DDoS attacks or ISP throttling.

Your location or disgruntled opponents no longer mean a thing on Fortnite, thanks to PIA’s military-grade encryption and extensive server spread.

And the best part is that setting up PIA  for Fortnite on your different gaming devices (mobile, PC, and consoles) is simple, as shared below.

How to Set Up PIA for Fortnite on PC?

Ready to unblock Fortnite to find Lars Van and build fortifications for Home Base on your PC (Windows, macOS, Linux) without getting DDoS-ed?

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription (Get discounts here).
  1. Download the PIA app for your PC system. I’ll download the Windows PIA app for this guide.
private internet access app for windows
  1. Install the app and log in.
private internet access log in
  1. Activate the VPN Kill Switch to secure your internet connection from malicious actors and DDoS attackers even when the VPN connection drops.
private internet access vpn kill switch
  1. Connect to the WireGuard protocol for stable PVE fight scenes and quick connection to teammates on Battle Royale.
    1. Start by clicking the three vertical dots on the upper right-hand corner of the PIA app, followed by Settings.
private internet access app settings
    1. Go to Protocols > WireGuard.
private internet access wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to suitable low-ping PIA servers, usually those closest to you, for fast and lag-free Fortnite gaming. Click the large power button to connect to the fastest/nearest or best VPN-determined servers.
private internet access power button
  1. Alternatively, expand the PIA app to access the complete list of servers.
private internet access choose automatically
  1. Now securely play Fortnite Creative, snipe opponents, and gain EXP points without speed drops or IP bans.
play fortnite creative using private internet access

How to Set Up PIA for Fortnite on Mobile?

Enjoy playing Fortnite on your mobile devices with zero ISP speed throttling while evading gaming IP bans by setting up PIA on your mobile gaming devices.

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription (Get discounts here).
  2. Download the PIA app for your mobile device. I’ll download the PIA Android app for this guide.
  1. Log in to the PIA Android app with your credentials (Username, Password).
  1. Connect to the WireGuard protocol for seamless gaming server connections and a stable gaming experience.
    1. Go to Settings > Protocols > Protocol Selection > WireGuard.
  1. Activate the PIA kill switch to secure your Fortnite gaming connection at all times.
    1. Go to Settings > Privacy > VPN Kill Switch > NETWORK & INTERNET SETTINGS > Block connections without VPN.
    2. Activate “Always-ON VPN” for the PIA kill switch to work.
  1. Enjoy fast PVP matches and lag-free builds free of IP bans by connecting to the lowest ping PIA servers. Click the large power button to connect to the fastest/nearest or best VPN-determined servers.
  1. Or choose from the PIA server list by:
    1. Tapping the Menu icon.
    1. Tapping “Region Selection.”
    1. Tapping your preferred PIA server to connect.
  1. Launch Fortnite and securely tour Zero Point while eliminating Husk swarms without getting IP banned or experiencing ISP throttling.
playing fortnite using private internet access

How to Set Up PIA for Fortnite on Console?

Enjoy fast speeds on Fortnite’s Purradise Meowscles quests and win loot chests from anywhere by setting up PIA on your gaming consoles(Xbox, PS4/5) in three main ways:

Method 1: Virtual Router Method

Let’s create a virtual Fortnite router using a Windows PC for a PS4 console.

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase a PIA plan (Get savings here).
  2. Download the PIA Windows app (I’ll use a Windows 11 PC for this guide).
  3. Go to Settings > Network & internet > Mobile hotspot on your PC.
windows pc mobile hotspot
  1. Turn on “Mobile hotspot” and click “Edit” to change the network name and password.
windows pc network properties
  1. Click “Advanced network settings.”
windows pc advanced network settings
  1. Click “More network adapter options” and ensure the green light under “Wi-Fi” is on.
windows pc wi fi settings
  1. Right-click “Private Internet Access” and select “Properties.”
windows pc properties
  1. Under “Sharing,” tick “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” and click “OK.”
windows pc internet connection settings
  1. Go to “Settings” on your PS4 and connect to the hotspot you’ve just created.
  2. Launch PIA on your PC and connect to a low-ping server for fast and secure PVP and PVE Fortnite matches.

Method 2: Smart DNS Set Up

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Network on your PS4.
  2. Click “Set Up Internet Connection.”
  3. Choose between LAN or WiFi internet connections.
  4. Go to How do you want to set up the internet connection > Custom.
  5. Go to IP Address Settings > Automatic.
  6. When prompted for “DHCP Host Name,” choose “Do Not Specify.”
  7. Visit PIA’s VPN DNS configuration page and log in with your credentials.
pia account log in
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click “Smart DNS.”
private internet access smart dns
  1. Follow the prompts for your gaming console.
  2. PIA will automatically generate your smart DNS address.
  3. On your PlayStation, go to Primary DNS > Enter Smart DNS Address > Done (Use the DNS settings generated above. You can leave the secondary DNS blank).
  4. Go to “MTU Settings” and choose “Automatic.”
  5. Select “Do Not Use” under “Proxy Server.”
  6. Select “Test Internet Connection.” You should receive the “Internet Settings Updated” message on your screen.
  7. Go to your PS4’s Quick Menu > Power and Restart your unit.
  8. Enjoy secure Fortnite unblocking on your gaming console.

Method 3: Router Set Up

Secure all your gaming devices by installing PIA on a router for secure Fortnite gaming. Here are the steps for installing PIA on a DD-WRT router.

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription if you don’t already have one (Get discounts here).
  2. Go to the DD-WRT Admin interface and navigate to Setup > Basic Setup.
dd wrt admin interface basic setup
  1. Next, go to the static DNS field and input the following PIA DNS addresses.
  • Static DNS 1 =
  • Static DNS 2 =
pia dns addresses
  1. Go to Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) and check the following boxes:
  • Use DNSMasq for DHCP
  • Use DNSMasq for DNS
  • DHCP – Authoritative
network address server settings
  1. Next, click “Save” and “Apply Settings.”
  2. Go to Setup > IPv6 and ensure that it’s disabled.
  3. Next, click “Save” and “Apply Settings.”
dd wrt ipv6 tab
  1. Move to Services > VPN and enable “Start OpenVPN client.” This step will open more options.
dd wrt vpn tab
  1. Enter your preferred PIA server location in the “Server IP/Name box.” Check the complete list of PIA servers here.

Fill in the relevant sections with this information:

  • Port = 1198
  • Tunnel Device = TUN
  • Tunnel Protocol = UDP
  • Encryption Cipher = AES­-128-­CBC
  • Hash Algorithm = SHA1
  • User Pass Authentication = Enable and type in your PIA Username & Password.
openvpn client advanced options
  1. Click “Enable” on “Advanced Options” from the step above to view more options.

Use the following information in this section.

  • TLS Cipher = None
  • LZO Compression = Yes
  • NAT = Enable
enable advanced options
  1. Next, go to the “Additional Config” section and key in the following information.
  • persist-key
  • persist-tun
  • tls-client
  • remote-cert-tls server
additional config
  1. Download this file: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/openvpn/ca.rsa.2048.crt
    1. Once downloaded, right-click the ca.rsa.2048 file.
    2. Click Open With > Notepad.
ca.rsa file
  1. Copy and paste the information in Notepad to the CA cert box. Ensure you copy all the information between “BEGIN CERTIFICATE” and “END CERTIFICATE.”
ca certificate box
  1. Finally, click “Save” and “Apply Settings.”
apply settings on ca certificate
  1. Confirm if PIA is active on your router by going to Status > OpenVPN. You should see the “CLIENT: CONNECTED SUCCESS” message.
router information
  1. Connect your Fortnite gaming device to the VPN-enabled router.
  2. Launch Fortnite, securely raid Fortnite Island, and win loot chests free of ISP throttling from anywhere.
play fortnite using pia panama server

What’s the Best PIA Server for Fortnite?

With servers in over 80 countries, PIA can unblock this gaming title in multiple locations while guaranteeing secure sessions.

Thus, the best PIA server for Fortnite will depend on your location and other factors.

Connect to low-ping PIA servers near you for fast Fortnite speeds. 

Alternatively, click “Choose automatically” to connect to the lowest ping or the best VPN-determined server for fast builds and stable fight scenes on Fortnite.

Also, don’t forget to connect to the best PIA protocol for an optimal experience!

The best PIA protocol for Fortnite is WireGuard since it offers lightning-fast speeds and robust security to defend your gaming connection from DDoS attacks and speed drops.

I conducted speed tests while connected to a PIA Spain – Valencia server, and the WireGuard protocol averaged 72 Mbps speeds on a 100 Mbps network.

pia wireguard protocol speed test

Conversely, PIA’s OpenVPN protocol averaged 58.7 Mbps speeds on a 100 Mbps network while connected to the same server.

pia openvpn protocol speed test
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Yes, activating the PIA port forwarding feature can increase gaming speed and stability for a more comfortable Fortnite experience. Go to Settings > Network > Request Port Forwarding to enable port forwarding before connecting to low-ping servers.

Improve Fortnite Gaming With PIA VPN

PIA’s extensive server network and robust security features allow you to unblock the title from anywhere while securing your gaming connection from IP bans and DDoS attacks.

Additionally, PIA offers port forwarding, which improves Fortnite game speeds and stability.

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