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Does Private Internet Access Work With Plex?

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Yes, Private Internet Access (PIA) works with Plex Media!

What’s attractive about PIA is its port forwarding feature that lets you stream media content securely from outside your home network over the Plex Media Server.

Additionally, it provides added security and privacy by not storing any identifying logs or metadata while providing an automatic kill switch in case your connection drops.

If you’re looking for the ideal VPN for Plex, look no further than Private Internet Access.

How to Unblock Plex Media Player With Private Internet Access (PIA)?

As you know, Plex is a free streaming aggregator in almost every country.

However, access to content on the platform is limited by region restrictions.

Plex pulls movies and TV shows from major streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ABC iView, and Amazon Prime. Therefore, it’s not immune to region-blocks.

To unblock content on Plex Media Player using Private Internet Access:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription. Use this special deals link for a massive discount.
get pia vpn
  1. Download the PIA VPN app onto your device. For this example, I used my Windows PC.
windows compatible with pia
  1. Log into your PIA VPN app.
pia log in
  1. Activate the kill switch to help prevent data leaks in case the VPN connection drops. Go through Settings > Privacy > Kill Switch.
enable vpn kill switch on pia
  1. Connect to a PIA server. I went with a US server as most streaming platforms aren’t region-blocked in the US.
pia connected to washington dc server
  1. Run a DNS leak test to see if the VPN connection is solid.
pia dns leak test results on us server
  1. Open your Plex account and start streaming your favorite movie or TV show.
unblocking plex with pia on us server

Does PIA Work With the Plex Media Server?

Private Internet Access (PIA) works with the Plex Media Server.

However, you’ll need to ensure that your Plex server is set up accurately and that you have an active PIA subscription.

To get your Private Internet Access subscription:

  1. Visit the Private Internet Access order page through this time-limited discount deal.
  2. Select “Get This Deal.” I recommend getting the 2-year plan, which gives you the best value (82% off) plus 3 free additional months.
  1. Select your preferred payment method and select “Pay Now.” I used PayPal for my purchase.
pay now button on pia checkout page
  1. Complete your sign-up and check out. You’ll receive a confirmation message with your PIA login credentials in your email.

To set up the Plex Media Server:

  1. Sign up or sign in to your Plex account.
plex sign in
  1. Download the free Plex Media Server and install it.
install plex on windows
  1. Name your Plex Media Server and select “Add Library.” Select the kind of media file you want to add to your library.
selecting library type on plex
  1. Launch the Plex app and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.

Once you’ve got both of these, you can add your PIA credentials to your Plex server settings, ensuring your media remains private and protected.

For this to work, you must ensure your server is always connected to the VPN. Additionally, you want to ensure that all your media files are tagged and organized to provide easy accessibility.

How to Set up Port Forwarding on Plex Using PIA?

To set up port forwarding on Plex using Private Internet Access:

  1. Open your PIA VPN app.
pia connected to uk server
  1. Navigate to Settings > Network and turn on “Request Port Forwarding.”
request port forwarding on pia
  1. Go to the server menu, select a server supporting port forwarding, and connect. PIA doesn’t allow port forwarding on all servers, as shown in the screenshot below.
italy and uk port forwarding servers on pia
  1. Note the open port number. It’ll be displayed in the VPN client below the VPN IP.
locating open port number on pia
  1. Set up your Plex Media Server (if you haven’t set it up yet).
set up plex media server
  1. Launch your Plex Media app and log in using your username and password.
  2. Enable Remote Access on Plex through Settings > Remote Access > Show Advanced.
enable remote access on plex
  1. Enable “Manually specify public port.”
manually specify public port on plex
  1. Enter the port number you got earlier from the PIA server.
enter port number in plex from pia
  1. Select Retry.

How to Use PIA Split Tunneling to Access Plex?

If you’re worried about running your local apps simultaneously with Plex while using the PIA VPN, don’t worry. You can run your trusted local banking apps on your standard connection while running the Plex under the VPN’s protection through split tunneling.

To use PIA’s split tunneling feature to access Plex:

  1. Open your PIA app and click Settings.
locating pia settings
  1. Select “Split Tunnel.”
locating split tunnel on pia
  1. Enable the Split Tunnel feature.
enable split tunnel on pia
  1. Select “Add Application.”
add application on split tunnel in pia
  1. Select the Plex app and click “OK.”
selecting plex on pia for split tunneling
  1. Select “Bypass VPN” to enable Plex to run outside or “Only VPN” to run Plex inside the VPN.
bypass vpn split tunneling option on pia

PIA Not Working With Plex? Easy Fixes

pia and plex not working reddit post

Private Internet Access is an excellent option for anyone who wants to stream content on the Plex Media Player. However, comments from Reddit show that some users have trouble using the PIA Plex combination.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you out:

  • Use Split Tunneling: You can route specific apps or devices through the PIA VPN connection, freeing up bandwidth for your Plex app. Or, pass Plex outside the VPN if you don’t need PIA for it at that time.
  • Double-Check Your Port Forwarding Settings: Ensure that port forwarding is enabled. If enabled, check whether the remote access port number on your VPN matches the port number in your Plex app.
  • Disable VPN During Remote Access: This enables the Plex Media app to connect with your actual IP address, bypassing the “not available outside your network” error.
  • Restart Both Apps: Both the Plex Media Player and the PIA VPN apps aren’t immune to software-related issues. Restarting the apps might help fix underlying software issues preventing them from functioning.
  • Restart Your Internet Connection: Slow internet that drops in and out may hinder the functionality of the PIA VPN. If you notice slow internet, restart your router to help get a more stable server connection. Alternatively, you can try enabling UPnP on your router instead.
  • Update Your Apps: Outdated software apps can cause connectivity and functionality issues. Ensure you’re using the latest app versions for Plex and PIA.
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Unblock Region-Restricted Content on Plex

Plex is an excellent streaming platform to organize, watch, and even access content worldwide on one platform. Unfortunately, Plex isn’t immune to region blocks, so using Private Internet Access is necessary.

PIA can help you unblock content on any streaming platform, doesn’t store any logs, and allows you to access Plex Media Server from anywhere through port forwarding.

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