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Does PureVPN Work With Plex?

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Yes, PureVPN works with Plex! Streaming Plex with PureVPN is excellent for unblocking Plex content safely without restrictions.

Luckily, the VPN app is easy to use and can work on up to 10 devices simultaneously. So, your entire household can enjoy secured Plex streaming services!

Continue reading to see how PureVPN and Plex combine to create the best risk-free viewing experience.

Testing PureVPN With Plex

I found tons of feedback online confirming PureVPN’s successful VPN connection with Plex.

But I wanted a first-hand account.

So, I put the two services to the test.

Since the Plex media server is available in most countries, I had no problem creating my Plex account from my country (South Africa).

But regarding the streaming services the platform offers, my options are limited in SA.

For example, before connecting to a PureVPN VPN server, my search for sites to stream “The Great” came back with the message “There are no streaming services currently available for this title.”

no available streaming prompt on plex

However, as soon as I connected to a PureVPN US server and refreshed my page, I was recommended the following streaming services for the same title: Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

But these streaming services are unavailable in South Africa.

Luckily, the fact that they’re suggested means my PureVPN VPN connection bypassed blocks and provided remote access to media streaming sites via Plex.

purevpn plex unblock us server

I took my test one step further and clicked on Hulu to see if I could bypass blocks.

streaming plex with purevpn while connected to us server

I could!

The Plex server integrated beautifully with Hulu, and so did PureVPN! From selecting Hulu to playing the video, I enjoyed a hassle-free experience. 

Is PureVPN Fast Enough for Plex?

PureVPN is fast enough for Plex and streams content without lag.

This applies to HD streams, too, ensuring excellent video quality AND a safe connection!

Need more convincing?

I’ll give you a comparison.

I captured my base speed before connecting to a US server.

My current connection is very slow, so bear with me!

Here’s my speed result (I used Ookla for my test):

streaming plex with purevpn basline speed test results

Next, I connected to a PureVPN US server:

purevpn speed test us server

Based on download speeds, there was only a 22% drop.

This is excellent (and negligible), considering my remote access!

How to Watch Plex With PureVPN?

Watching Plex with PureVPN is as easy as connecting to a VPN server and opening your Plex account. But there are some in-between, device-dependent steps to follow. I’ll walk you through these steps below. But before I do…

Concern was raised on Reddit about PureVPN’s kill switch not working, resulting in internet traffic leaks. 

I advise you to ensure your kill switch is enabled and run a DNS leak test before launching Plex.

Select Settings > General > Enable IKS on your PureVPN VPN app to do this.

activate iks on purevpn settings

For the leak test, I suggest dnsleaktest.com.

I ran my test using this platform and was happy no leaks were detected.

purevpn dns leak test results

Moving on!

How to Watch Plex With PureVPN on Your PC?

Watch Plex on PC with PureVPN in seconds by applying these steps:

  1. Purchase a PureVPN subscription.
purevpn pricing
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  1. Follow the prompts to complete your payment and create an account.
  2. Download the right PureVPN PV app for your operating system.
purevpn windows promo banner
  1. Ensure the VPN kill switch is enabled.
  2. Connect to a PureVPN server.
  3. Run a DNS leak test.
  4. Access Plex and create your account.
Now you can organize your media files on Plex and stream away!

How to Watch Plex With PureVPN on Your Mobile Device?

Watch and access Plex with PureVPN on the go via your mobile device. Here’s how:

  1. Create a PureVPN account.
  2. Download PureVPN from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  1. Login with your account credentials.
  2. Ensure the Internet Kill Switch is enabled.
  3. Tap the “Connect button and wait for the server connection.
  4. Run a DNS leak test.
  5. Download Plex from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  1. Create an account and/or log in with your username and password.
  2. Watch your favorite shows or stream music you’ve organized on your Plex server!

How to Watch Plex With PureVPN on Firestick?

Watch Plex with PureVPN on Firestick quickly and easily. Here’s how:

  1. Create a PureVPN account.
  2. Download and install PureVPN’s Amazon Fire TV app from the Amazon app store.
purevpn amazon app download
  1. Log in to your VPN app.
  2. Ensure the PureVPN kill switch is enabled.
  3. Connect to a server.
  4. Optional: You can run a leak test via an internet browser on FireStick.
  5. Download the Plex app to your FireStick device from the Amazon App Store.
plex app download on amazon app store
  1. Sign up or log in to Plex.
  2. Stream free movies or shows, or use your computer to add and organize your favorite streaming sites on your Plex media server.
plex media server user interface

Use this Plex VPN to access multiple media libraries anonymously from a single, FREE media player.

Why Use PureVPN for Plex?

There are three valid reasons to use a VPN with Plex.

Allow me to enlighten you:

  • Bypass bandwidth throttling. Some ISPs throttle your bandwidth to control your streaming. The result is a slower connection. PureVPN curbs this issue by using military-grade encryption to disguise your streaming activity. Your ISP will remain none-the-wiser, and you can stream at the speeds you’re used to!
  • Privacy protection. PureVPN is a no-logs VPN that ensures no information on your online activities is stored. Without a Plex VPN, your ISP will log your streaming activities to be shared with the government, copyright trolls, or other third parties.
  • Geo-restricted. Plex is available almost everywhere, but some plugins such as Hulu, HBO, and Apple TV are geo-restricted. Fortunately, a PureVPN server in the correct location can unlock the content you want from anywhere!

How to Forward Ports for Plex Media With PureVPN

Forwarding ports for Plex with PureVPN can be complex, but all you need to do is ensure matching port configurations on your router and Plex server. 

But why do you need port forwarding via PureVPN on Plex?

While most PureVPN users don’t experience issues with Plex, some may find that certain traffic is blocked from flowing in and out of their internet network.

This is a common issue with VPN-connected routers.

In that case, changing the configurations on Plex may help.

Here’s a list of ports that work for Plex:

TCP port 32400 for the Plex Media Server

UDP port 1900 for the Plex DLNA Server

TCP port 3005 for Plex Companion

UDP port 5353 for network discovery

TCP port 8324 for Roku via Plex Companion

UDP port 32410, 32412, 32413, 32414 for network discovery

TCP port 32469 for the Plex DLNA Server

Select one of these ports and use them for the following configurations.

How to Set the Plex Media Server to Use the Right Port

Here’s how to set the Plex media server to use the correct port:

  1. Check your router settings and note the WAN/External Port, LAN/Internal Port, and your IP address. WAN/External Port must preferably be set at “port number 32400 (TCP),” and LAN/Internal Port must be “32400.”
  2. Open your Plex app and log in with your username and password.
  3. On your Plex home screen, select Settings > Server > Remote access > Show advanced.
  4. Enable “Manually specify public port” by clicking/tapping the checkbox.
locate manually specify public port on plex media server
  1. Enter the WAN/External Port configuration on your router.
  2. Select “Apply” or “Retry.
This troubleshooting method should resolve your Plex network issues while using PureVPN. If it doesn’t, consider purchasing PureVPN’s add-on port forwarding service. This is a separate purchase to your PureVPN VPN plan that syncs with the app to enhance port forwarding protocols.

What Can I Watch on Plex for Free With PureVPN?

Plex offers free movies and shows like Heartland, Hell’s Kitchen, and Doc Martin.

You can even stream music at no cost! However, PureVPN is a paid-for service.

Fortunately, PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee.

So, you’ll be testing the VPN risk-free and can demand your money back if you don’t like what you get.

As for free Plex content, you can watch and listen to:

Movies I Am Love, Zana, Broken,Still Mine, Burn Burn Burn, American Animals, We the Animals, Still Mine, Raising Victor Vargas, The Man from Earth, The Wolf House, The Tribe, Hard Candy, Fish Tank, Stuck in Live, 99 Homes, Ne le Dis à Personne, The Whistleblower, Women at War, The Secret of the Grain.
Series Midsommer Murders, Sisters in Law, Hell’s Kitchen, I Alive, Better Call Saul, Hannibal, Murdoch Mysteries, Sons of Praise, Animal X, Spike Team, The Fall, Blue Mountain State, Doc Martin, The Prisoner, Unsolved Mysteries, Home Remedies, Love Blows, HuntCo, Dream Car Garage, Intentions, Trigger Happy TV, Fabulocity. 
Music Paramore, Saves The Day, Gym Class Heroes, Hawthorne HeightsKiros, The Dear Hunter, Biffy Clyro, No Doubt, Taking Back Sunday, The All-American Rejects, Hellogoodbye, Motion City Soundtrack, Elton John, Oasisi, Kate Bush, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Muse, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, and so much more!
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It’s not advisable to use a free VPN with Plex. Free VPNs can be unstable and often don’t bypass geo-blocks like quality paid VPNs.

If you must use a VPN for free, take advantage of a money-back guarantee to test a premium VPN service within the grace period. This way, you can use a safe VPN with Plex to benefit from zero logs policies, private internet access, and valuable unblocking features to stream Plex content anywhere.

You can use a few ports for Plex, but TCP: 32400 is the most recognized for restoring stable access to Plex over reliable VPNs like PureVPN.

The TCP: 32400 port is the main Plex port for data transfers, ensuring better compatibility with devices synced to the same port.

You can get caught with Plex unless you use a VPN service to mask your activity and online identity.

Plex software is legal, but streaming copyrighted content without permission is frowned upon. Thus, a zero-logs, well-encrypted VPN service is best to keep your ISP from tracking your location or online activities.

Yes, you can watch plex away from home.

Use a VPN like PureVPN to bypass geo-blocks and censorship to access your favorite shows from anywhere globally!

That’s a Wrap!

PureVPN is a high-quality VPN with an audited no-logs policy and excellent unblocking features. It also works on several operating systems, which is a bonus if you use multiple devices to stream Plex content.

It gets my thumbs up for being one of the best VPNs for Plex.

Ready to get your hands on PureVPN? Follow this link for an added discount!

Need more convincing? Read this in-depth review: PureVPN – Features, Price, and My Verdict.

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