Private Internet Access for Netflix: How to Use?

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In this age and time, one of the main and popular reasons you will find people use a VPN service is to stream their favorite content available online.

Netflix is definitely one of such reasons to opt for a VPN service in other to enjoy an endless binge of movies with friends and family. One good checkpoint for many VPN users today, especially youngsters, is the ability to unblock various content on Netflix.

Hence, in this article, we’d be discussing the possibility of using Private Internet Access (PIA) for your Netflix streaming.

Firstly, the general issue with Netflix is that you can’t be outside the jurisdiction of the country whose library you want to access and that is where the benefit a good VPN provider comes in.

You can employ the use of VPN to unblock contents on the Netflix as they are often geo-blocked (if you know what that means). However, not every VPN provider has this capability, and we are about to find how much PIA is able to deliver in this regard.

Private Internet Access for Netflix testing

A number of tests were conducted using different geographical locations from Europe. Using with a base speed of 250 Mbps, the nominal speed in each country with a VPN turned on was checked. The playback settings were also set to High.

On the Netflix website, the recommended download speeds are set as follows:

  • For SD quality – 3 Mbps
  • For HD quality – 5 Mbps
  • For Ultra HD (4K) quality – 25 Mbps

Here’s a list of locations that were tested with Private Internet Access VPN:

  • The US, East Coast, and West Coast
  • Canada, Montreal
  • The Netherlands
  • Australia, Melbourne
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • The UK, Southampton
  • Germany, Berlin

It is discovered from the result of the tests carried out that Private Internet Access was able to unblock Netflix and stream content in HD with adequate loading times in all countries except for locations like Australia, Japan, and Germany.

Although the results are good for us (depending on what you want), you can’t compare it with the Japanese version which has the world’s biggest Netflix library. Let’s talk about each location and the performance of the test there.

Private Internet Access for Netflix in the US

Precise Location: New York, the US.

Speed: 66 Mbps

The East Coast server delivered to us a very solid speed of 64 Mbps. However, the West Coast delivered more in this regard, despite being miles away. This tells us that it is possible to watch UHD (4K) and load the content in a couple of seconds or even less.

Private Internet Access for Netflix outside the US

Precise Location: Montreal, Canada.

Speed: 11 Mbps

Imagine moving northward, and the speed is going southward, that’s the case for Canada. An average speed of 10 Mbps was recorded on the outskirt of Montreal in Canada. Fortunately, it managed to be enough for HD streaming. The loading and skipping times of the content took a while longer than inside the US though.

Precise Location: Australia, Sydney.

Speed: 14 Mbps

 Going to Australia was meant to be where the whole thing does not even respond, but somehow managed to deliver speeds which may vary significantly between locations. In Melbourne, a speed of 7 Mbps was delivered, which is like almost twice as slow as Sydney and close to the least of 5 Mbps needed for HD.

Precise Location: Tokyo, Japan.

Speed: 17 Mbps

Moving to Japan was almost a discouragement to the test as the speed delivery fluctuated around 3 Mbps but gave a lasting joy when it slowly crept up to 17 Mbps. However, the sad part of it was that access was denied.

Precise Location: Southampton, the UK.

Speed: 13 Mbps

We came back to Europe and started in the UK with a saddening speed test result of 3.4 Mbps. After some time, it changed to 13 Mbps but still somehow low for the jurisdiction. The loading times were not so long, a matter of seconds, actually, and it went smoothly.

Precise Location: the Netherlands

Speed: 90 Mbps

There a leap of joy with an outburst of speed delivered in the Netherlands. We gained access to Netflix. Here, parts of the show were loaded and skipped seamlessly. All you need do after making the necessary connections is to grab a bowl of popcorn.

Precise Location: Berlin, Germany.

Speed: 86 Mbps

 It was a smooth ride to Germany as well, as Berlin greeted us with 86 Mbps – a speed three times faster than the speed needed for a regular UHD (4K) streaming. Unfortunately, access to Netflix was not granted.

How do you use PIA for Netflix?

Using Private Internet Access for Netflix is just like turning the knob on your door – a piece of cake, right?  Set up your account on Netflix and pick the location you prefer (the US, probably). Then you have to do the same in your Private Internet Access’s client.

  • Click on the arrow close to the world map to open the alphabetical list of available countries.
  • Scroll down or use the search box to select the US. Perhaps, Netflix stays blocked, or you have issues connecting to the server, you may try another city – some countries have contents that will meet your needs.

It is important to know that Private Internet Access has got no apps for routers or smart TVs, but quite easy to use the app on your mobile device or computer. However, what you can do is to configure them manually by following the VPN website’s instructions.


In addition to the Netflix access, the cheap service offered by Private Internet Access is quite exotic at such a rate. PIA would be a great choice of VPN, especially if you are based or spend most of your time in North America and Europe. The only downside we see to it is the lack of live chat support, which leaves you no other choice than to search forums for solutions to technical issues. Perhaps you still have doubts about PIA; you can try it for a week to see the performance with Netflix.

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