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Does ExpressVPN Work With Plex?

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ExpressVPN works with Plex! This applies to Plex Live TV and the media server, where you can access networks and geo-restricted content globally.

The setup involves connecting to an ExpressVPN server. Thus, you change your IP address to access exclusive Plex titles and channels in the US, no matter where you live.

Continue reading to see how to use ExpressVPN for streaming Plex.

How to Use ExpressVPN VPN With Plex?

It’s easy to use ExpressVPN with Plex streaming services. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click here to get an exclusive ExpressVPN deal.
  2. Click “Get Started.”
  3. Select your preferred plan.
  1. Enter your email address and payment details to complete your purchase.
  2. Download an ExpressVPN VPN app to your Plex device.
  3. Launch your app and connect to a US server to reach a broader range of Live TV titles.
expressvpn us servers
  1. Open Plex on your web browser.
  2. Click “Sign Up” or sign in if you already have a Plex account. Alternatively, click “Start Streaming” to choose a channel and start watching instantly.
unblocking plex with expressvpn on us server

Remember, you can use the Plex client as a catalog to combine Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other streaming libraries. Then, ExpressVPN can unblock these networks, making Plex a central hub for all your favorite shows.

streaming libraries on plex

For faster speeds, use the Lightway protocol under “Options.” This proprietary protocol offers fast speeds for unbuffered streaming of Live TV and video-on-demand series like The Gear on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers.

Does ExpressVPN Unblock Plex Live TV Libraries?

ExpressVPN unblocks Plex Live TV libraries. So, you can use it to broaden your title options, providing access to exclusive channels usually reserved for the US.

To verify, I tested ExpressVPN with Plex Live TV. 

I was eager to see what Jeremy and Richard have to showcase on Top Gear. Unfortunately, this Live title is not available in my country. I get a “Playback Error.”

playback error on plex while not connected to expressvpn

But when I connect to a server in the USA, like Los Angeles-1, I have no issues streaming the show to see what’s new in automobiles!

streaming plex with expressvpn on los angeles server

I ran the same test using the US-Seattle server to unblock NCIS New Orleans.

I had the same success!

streaming plex with expressvpn on seattle server

Moreover, both servers gave fast speeds for smooth live streaming.

Here are my results (with Lightway UDP):

Even regions like Egypt, Turkey, and Cuba can bypass bans and watch the very best of Plex Live.

Does ExpressVPN Have SmartDNS for Plex?

ExpresVPN has SmartDNS for Plex streaming; it’s called MediaStreamer.

A quick setup on a compatible Smart TV or router helps unblock content.

So, for instance, you can use MediaStreamer directly on Samsung Smart TVs for a smooth streaming experience of popular shows like Top Gear, Nosey, and more! Simply:

  1. Purchase an ExpressVPN plan.
  2. Log in to your ExpressVPN web account.
  3. Click “DNS Settings.”
locating dns settings on expressvpn
  1. Click “Register my IP address” if it’s not already registered.
  2. Enable Automatically register your IP address so your IP gets updated.
enable automatically register my ip address on expressvpn
  1. Click Setup > MediaStreamer.
locating mediastreamer on expressvpn
  1. Make a note of the IP addresses shared under “Configure MediaStreamer.”
configure mediastreamer on expressvpn
  1. Press Menu > Network > Network Status on your Samsung Smart TV remote.
locating network status on smart tv settings
  1. Wait for the TV to check your internet connection.
  2. Click IP Settings > DNS Settings.
  3. Click “Enter manually” from the dropdown menu.
selecting enter manually on dns settings in smart tv
  1. Enter the IP address from your ExpressVPN Setup account.
  1. Click “OK” or press enter on your remote to save these settings.

Check your network status to see if you entered the IPs correctly and if the setup worked. Your TV will respond with “No Internet Connection” if there’s a problem.

A router setup is also an option. To do this, you must:

  1. Purchase an ExpressVPN-compatible router.
  2. Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription.
  3. Follow the steps above to register your IP.
  4. Download and install the ExpressVPN router app.
  5. Connect the device/s you want to use MediaStreamer to the router.
  6. Sign in to your router.
  7. Connect to a US server to reach a broad media library.
  8. Click the three-dot icon next to the server name.
locating three dots icon on expressvpn
  1. Click “All Locations.”
locating all locations tab on expressvpn
  1. Select “MediaStreamer.”
locating mediastreamer tab on expressvpn

The device group connected to your router will now run Plex using Media Streamer.

In fact, I used this method to unblock Plex Live TV shows on my laptop.

Here I am streaming ION, another restricted title.

unblocking plex with expressvpn on us los angeles server

As you can see, my VPN app isn’t connected, meaning my device is successfully running on Smart DNS settings.

How to Use ExpressVPN Port Forwarding to Host Plex Server for Remote Access?

You can use ExpressVPN’s port forwarding to host your Plex client and remotely access your content anywhere.

The catch is this feature is only available on a router setup, so you must have a router that works with the VPN. I found Asus, Netgear, and Linksys routers have the easiest setup.

I used my Asus router to support port forwarding for Plex. Here’s how:

  1. Buy an ExpressVPN subscription and download the router app.
locating router vpn on expressvpn
  1. Set up the app so that it runs on your router.
  2. Ensure the device you want to run your Plex server is connected to the router.
  3. Sign in to your router and click “Advanced Settings.”
  4. Click “Port Forwarding.”
  5. Click “Add New Rule.”
adding new rule in port forwarding settings on expressvpn
  1. Enter a description like Plex Media Server.
  2. Select the device running your Plex server from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the Plex internal port 32400.
  4. Enter Plex external port 32400 (or any port between the 20,000 to 50,000 range).
  5. Ensure the TCP protocol shows.
adding description ports and protocol details on port forwarding
  1. Click “Save.”
  2. Open your Plex Media Server.
  3. Click the Plex settings icon in the top right.
  4. Click “Remote Access.”
  5. Enable “Manually specify public port.”
locating remote access on plex
  1. Enter the external port you entered in your ExpressVPN router settings.
  2. Click “Retry” or “Apply.”
manually specify public port on plex
  1. Your Plex setting will be updated to “Fully accessible outside your network.”
fully accessible outside your network on plex

I used my partner’s Asus laptop to try it:

plex channels

The VPN settings successfully port forwarded my Plex app!

Does ExpressVPN Split Tunneling Work With Plex?

ExpressVPN split tunneling does not work with Plex.

This is bad news for those wanting to route Plex through the VPN connection while the remaining internet traffic runs via a direct network – or vice versa.

However, some Plex users report ExpressVPN’s split tunneling works.

In case you have better luck, here are the steps to set it up:

  1. Launch your ExpressVPN app.
  2. Click the menu bar.
  3. Click “General.”
  4. Enable “Manage connection on a per-app basis.”
  5. Click “Settings.”
expressvpn general settings
  1. Depending on preference, enable “Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN” or “Only allow selected apps to use the VPN.”
only allow selected apps to use the vpn on expressvpn
  1. Click the plus icon to add the Plex Server app to split tunneling.
selecting plex media server on expressvpn split tunneling
  1. Click “OK.”

In my test, I added my Plex Media Server to “Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN.” However, I could still access Plex as though I was using an encrypted VPN tunnel.

For example, I accessed the series The Great, a title currently unavailable in my location.

streaming libraries on plex while on expressvpn split tunneling

A quick chat with the VPN provider confirms this is a longstanding problem, with no guarantee that it will work for you.

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