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How to Access Qobuz With Surfshark?

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To access Qobuz with Surfshark, subscribe to a Surfshark plan, download the VPN app, connect to a Qobuz-supported server, and sign up!

Plus, Surfshark has many servers in Qobuz-supported countries, such as France, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, so you can easily find a working server.

Let’s further discuss how you can use Surfshark to unblock Qobuz.

How to Use Surfshark to Register for Qobuz?

You only need Surfshark to register for Qobuz. After that, you can access the site and apps without a VPN by signing into your account.

Thus, to register for Qobuz using Surfshark, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a Surfshark plan. Take advantage of this Surfshark deal to save BIG.
  1. Download the Surfshark VPN app to your device. I’m using the Windows app for demonstration.
surfshark apps and extensions
  1. Log into your Surfshark VPN app using your account credentials.
surfshark log in
  1. Turn on the kill switch to safely sign up for a Qobuz account without getting any Qobuz proxy errors through an IP leak. Access it through Settings > VPN Settings > Kill Switch.
surfshark kill switch enabled
  1. Connect to a Qobuz-supported region. I used Paris as my go-to server.
surfshark connected to paris server
  1. Sign up and register your Qobuz account to start streaming or downloading your favorite music without restrictions!
access qobuz with surfshark on paris server

Surfshark Doesn’t Unblock Qobuz (Troubleshooting)

Surfshark is excellent for bypassing Qobuz blocks. However, Qobuz’s anti-VPN algorithms are picky, and you might have trouble registering for a Qobuz account

If that happens, try any of the troubleshooting solutions below:

Switch Surfshark Servers

If you’re having trouble signing up for a Qobuz account, connect to a different server or server location. Chances are you connected to a server Qobuz already blocked.

Additionally, Qobuz is only available in a few selected regions globally, so ensure your server isn’t in a restricted country.

I registered with the Australian server and started streaming The Love of Boygenius and Memphis Listening Lab.

surfshark connected to australia server for qobuz

I also had great success using the Berlin, Germany server to sign up for the European version of Qobuz and the New York server for the American version. 

Plus, music streaming was throttle-free, and I didn’t experience any playback issues.  

Clear Browser or Qobuz App Cache

If you previously tried signing up for Qobuz without Surfshark to hide your IP, Qobuz might be tracking you through the browser or app cache

By monitoring your previous sessions, Qobuz can discover that you’re using Surfshark to hide your real IP.

Use your browser’s Incognito Mode (Private Browsing) to bypass this.

Furthermore, you can take this a notch higher and use Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode (OpenVPN) to mask your VPN traffic as normal internet traffic.

google chrome incognito mode

If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cache or reinstall the Qobuz app. 

I used the clear cache option since I was streaming Qobuz on my Chrome browser.

To clear the cache on Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data > Clear images & files > Clear data.

clear chrome browsing data

Turn Off GPS/Location Services on Your Device

This applies to you if you’re trying to register to Qobuz from a device with GPS location tracking. So, smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.

Just turn off your GPS location tracking while using the Qobuz app.

Alternatively, using an Android phone, you can use Surfshark’s GPS override feature. Turn it on to automatically match your phone’s GPS location to your Surfshark server. 

Additionally, ensure the Surfshark app is turned on and connected to a server before launching Qobuz. Conduct a DNS leak test to ensure your VPN connection is solid.

surfshark dns leak test

Restart Your Device

If you still have trouble registering Qobuz using a Surfshark server, try restarting your device. Restarting your device will clear any background apps, memory issues, glitches, and connectivity problems.

Most importantly, you’ll start your device fresh, translating to smoother performance and increased speed, which is necessary for the Surfshark VPN to function optimally. 

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