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Does NordVPN Have Servers in Texas?

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NordVPN has servers in Dallas, Texas. Hence, you’ll get a Dallas IP address to access Texas local content like KHOU 11 from anywhere.

You can also connect to one of the 180 Dallas servers to bypass NBA League Pass blackouts, watch the New York Jets when the game isn’t showing in your region, or unblock access to continental US content (like Netflix US) abroad.

Let me show you how.

How to Connect to the NordVPN Texas Server?

You can connect to NordVPN’s Texas server on PCs (Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook), smartphones (iOS and Android), and routers. 

You can also get the server on your Android smart TV or via Fire TV stick for your non-Android smart TVs.

Here’s a general guide:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription. Grab these discounts if you want savings.
NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download the NordVPN app for your preferred device. I’ll use my Windows PC for this demonstration.
  2. Alternatively, follow the guides below to download and install NordVPN on other devices:
    1. Smartphones – Android | iOS
    2. Android TV
    3. Amazon Fire TV stick
  3. Launch the NordVPN app and log in with your account credentials.
  4. Choose a reliable connection protocol. Go through Settings > Connection > VPN protocol and select “NordLynx.” This gives you the best balance of security while unblocking Channel 2 or watching the Cavaliers play without blackouts.
nordvpn nordlynx protocol
  1. Return to the VPN homepage and click the dropdown menu.
nordvpn app home
  1. Search for “Dallas.” This is the only Texas server location on NordVPN.
nordvpn dallas server
  1. Click the server to connect. Then, wait for the connection confirmation.
  2. Run an IP leak test to confirm you’re browsing with the VPN-assigned IP address. This is important if you’re connecting from Dallas.
nordvpn ipleak test on dallas server
  1. Unblock Channel 2 securely, download torrents faster, connect to local gaming peers without fear of DDoS attacks, and unblock US-exclusive content anywhere.

Alternatively, you can connect to NordVPN’s P2P Texas server for high-bandwidth activities like gaming and torrenting. Here’s how:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 from the setup guide above.
  2. Hover on “P2P,” then click the three dots icon to expand the server list.
nordvpn p2p server
  1. Click the dropdown menu with “Fastest Server,” then scroll to select “United States.”
nordvpn us p2p servers
  1. Click the dropdown in front of “City” and choose “Dallas.”
  2. Click “Connect” to get the Dallas P2P server.
connect to nordvpn dallas p2p server
  1. Enjoy secure low-ping gaming without DDoS fears, unblock US content like Peacock TV buffer-free, and get faster internet performance while enjoying public Wi-Fi security in Motel 6, Fairfield Inn, or the Texas City Museum.

How to Use Split Tunneling on the NordVPN Texas Server?

Setting up split tunneling with the NordVPN Texas server ensures you can pass your torrenting apps, gaming titles, or streaming services via the VPN. 

In contrast, other apps go outside the VPN tunnel.

However, only the NordVPN Windows and Android apps offer split tunneling

You can get it on Mac or Linux by installing the NordVPN browser extension, which provides split tunneling for URLs.

Below, I’ll show you how to set this up via the NordVPN app and browser extension.

Method #1 – Via the VPN App

Applies to: Windows PC and Android devices (smartphones, TVs, and Fire TV sticks)

Follow the steps below to enable the NordVPN Texas server for a few apps while your other programs bypass the VPN’s encryption and IP address change:

  1. Grab your NordVPN account using these subscription deals.
  2. Install and set up NordVPN on your Windows PC or Android device. I’ll use my Windows PC for this guide.
  3. Launch the NordVPN app and log in with your account details.
  4. Click Settings > Split tunneling.
nordvpn split tunneling
  1. Toggle “Split tunneling” ON.
  2. For Type, select:
    1. Disable VPN for selected apps – Best option to leave only a few apps/programs outside the VPN tunnel.
    2. Enable VPN for selected apps – Best option to choose only a few apps/programs to work with the VPN.
nordvpn split tunneling types
  1. Click “Add apps.”
add apps to nordvpn split tunneling
  1. Pick the apps you want to use with/exclude from the VPN. Then click “Add selected.”
nordvpn selected split tunneling apps
  1. Return to the VPN homepage and click the dropdown menu.
  2. Search for “Dallas” and connect. Wait for the connection confirmation.
nordvpn dallas server
  1. Securely play games on the VPN or unblock content while leaving PayPal, your Chase One Bank app, or other VPN-sensitive programs outside the NordVPN tunnel.
gaming with nordvpn split tunneling enabled

Method #2 – Via the Browser Extension

Applies to: All PCs

Split tunneling via the browser extension allows Mac and Linux users to enjoy the Texas IP address on some websites for content unblocking, improved security, or other purposes.

Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Don’t have a NordVPN account yet? Get one with these discounts.
  2. Download and install the NordVPN browser extension. I’ve added a video guide for the Chrome extension below.
  1. Click the NordVPN extension icon, then click the settings icon.
  1. Click “Connection.”
nordvpn connection settings
  1. Click the toggle beside “Split tunneling” and then “Add domains.”
add domains to nordvpn chrome extension split tunneling
  1. Enter websites you DON’T want to use with NordVPN.
split tunneling settings on nordvpn chrome extension
  1. Toggle “Include all subdomains” to ensure NordVPN doesn’t encrypt connections/change the IP address on any of the website’s variants.
  2. You can add multiple websites.
  3. Once done, click the web icon to return to the VPN extension homepage.
  1. Click the dropdown menu to access servers.
  2. Scroll to “United States,” then click the three dots icon.
  1. Click “Dallas” to connect.
  1. Enjoy your active Texas IP address on all websites, and leave the ones outside the tunnel to get your regular internet connection.

How to Setup NordVPN to Auto-Connect to the Texas Server?

You can set up NordVPN to automatically give you the Texas server when you click “Quick Connect.”

That way, you never have to go looking for the server. You can even set the VPN to trigger the Texas server connection.

To do so, adapt the steps in this NordVPN auto-connect guide to the Texas server, and you’re set!

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Want to play Overwatch 2 against gamers in Texas? Need a local IP address to download torrents faster without AT&T or Verizon catching on? Want to bypass an MLB, NBA, or NFL game blackout in another region?

No matter what you need a Texas IP address for, NordVPN has 180 of these in Dallas. So you don’t have to worry about server overcrowding.

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