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How to Use PrivateVPN With Discord?

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You can use PrivateVPN with Discord to bypass restrictions, secure your chats, keep your connection private, and reduce lag on video calls with friends.

The VPN service also unblocks Discord servers in Oman, Iran, Egypt, and anywhere else it’s banned.

Below, I’ll walk you through using PrivateVPN with Discord on different devices.

How to Use PrivateVPN With Discord?

Here’s how to set up and use PrivateVPN on your PC (Windows PC and Mac) or your mobile devices (Android and iOS) to stay secure or get unbanned from Discord.

How to Use PrivateVPN With Discord on a PC?

Here’s how to set up your PrivateVPN for Discord on your PC.

I’ll use a Windows device for this demonstration, but the steps are similar on Mac.

  1. Open the PrivateVPN official website on Windows and tap “Get PrivateVPN.”
get privatevpn
  1. Choose your preferred subscription. I recommend the multi-year deal for the best savings.
privatevpn subscriptions
PrivateVPN three subscriptions
  1. Download and install the PrivateVPN app on Windows.
download privatevpn windows
Download PrivateVPN for Windows
  1. Launch the app and sign into your account.
log-in on privatevpn
PrivateVPN account log in
  1. Select the Connect button to get to your fastest VPN server. Alternatively, click “Change” to search for your preferred VPN server from the list and connect.
choosing sweden server on privatevpn
Connect to your preferred server
  1. Click “Advanced View,” then select “Connection Guard” and toggle on the Kill Switch feature.
privatevpn kill switch 2
Turn on Kill Switch
  1.  Open Discord on your browser. You now have unrestricted, safe access to Discord!
privatevpn discord sweden
Chat safely with PrivateVPN

How to Use PrivateVPN With Discord on Mobile?

You’re lucky if you prefer to use Discord on your mobile phone since PrivateVPN has dedicated mobile apps. Here’s a guide to setting up the connection:

  1. Go to your official mobile store and search for PrivateVPN. Download and install the app.
  1. Launch the app on your device and sign into your account.
  1. Select the secure server location you wish to connect.
  1. Click “VPN Settings,” and toggle on the Kill Switch feature.
  1. Open Discord and enjoy the app while protected.

Drawbacks of Using PrivateVPN With Discord?

Even though using PrivateVPN with Discord is beneficial, there are still some downsides. 

It’s worth mentioning them, but the benefits surpass the drawbacks.

  • Slower connections: You may experience slower internet connections if connected to a server far away from your real IP address. Thus, choose a closer PrivateVPN server to avoid choppy connections on Discord.
  • Connection interruptions: If there’s a network change or a brief network drop from your internet service provider, the PrivateVPN kill switch feature will end the connection from Discord.
  • No free trial: Unfortunately, PrivateVPN doesn’t offer a free trial. But if you still want to try it, get these PrivateVPN discounts to enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PrivateVPN Not Working With Discord? (Troubleshooting)

accessing discord with privatevpn on new york server

There are several reasons why your PrivateVPN may not be working with Discord.

Here are some of those issues and how to fix them.

  • A blocked VPN IP address: Some trolls may have flocked a Discord server on a VPN IP and got it banned from the platform. If this is the case, switch to another PrivateVPN server to gain access to Discord.
  • Antivirus: Some antiviruses may interfere with the normal operation of PrivateVPN, causing it to stop working with Discord unexpectedly. To fix this, uninstall or temporarily disable your antivirus software to see if the issue stops.
  • Server flagged by Discord: Discord may flag a server for violating its terms and services, causing the Discord VPN to stop working. If this is the case, quit Discord, disconnect from PrivateVPN, and connect to a new server. Then, re-open Discord and see if it’s now working.
  • Outdated PrivateVPN: An outdated VPN app can slow your connection or stop it entirely. So, ensure your PrivateVPN app is always updated to operate well with Discord.
  • Outdated Discord: Sometimes, the issue might be an out-of-date Discord app. So, check that your Discord app is also up to date.
  • General network issues: A slower internet connection is another reason PrivateVPN isn’t working with Discord. Turn off your router and let it rest for a few minutes, then turn it back on.
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Using Discord without PrivateVPN can expose you to hackers and leak your data, among other vulnerabilities. However, when you use Discord with PrivateVPN, you can protect your chats, hide your IP address to prevent DDoS attacks, bypass the Discord IP ban, and unblock Discord from anywhere.


Discord is a popular communication platform, and such sites are prone to threats.

To be on the safer side, protect your messages and shared images and videos through a PrivateVPN server connection. This encrypts your data and helps bypass IP bans while providing other essential security features.

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