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23+ Discord Statistics, Facts & Trends

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Discord is a real-time text, video, and voice chat app that gives friends, business associates, and family members an ideal avenue to interact and communicate.

Arguably, tens of millions worldwide (aged 13+ years) have used Discord to hang out and talk with their friends and communities since its launch in 2015.

Interested to learn more about the communications app? Here are the most interesting Discord statistics, facts, and trends.

Top 7 Discord Stats to Know (Editor’s Pick)

  • In 2021, Discord doubled its valuation to $15 billion from $7 billion in the previous year.
  • Discord recorded 10.6 million peak concurrent users in 2020.
  • In August 2022, approximately 4 billion Discord messages were sent daily.
  • 13 years is the minimum allowable age on Discord.
  • Discord boasts 19 million weekly active servers in 2023.
  • In 2021, Discord turned down Microsoft’s $12 Billion offer.
  • In Q3 2022, over 50.5 million Discord user accounts were removed due to spam.


top discord statistics
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Discord Financial and Revenue Statistics

1. On average, a senior Discord Software Engineer takes home $195,900 per year, as per 2022 data.

This worked into approximately $16,325 per month, comprised of a $12,010.25 monthly base salary and $4,314.75 monthly additional pay

The extra pay entails bonuses, commissions, stocks, profit sharing, and other perks.

2. Discord raised $916 million in VC funding between 2018 and 2022.

This included $10.9 million received from its secondary market round on March 12, 2022 and $1.8 million secured on March 3, 2022.

3. In 2021, Discord doubled its valuation to $15 billion from $7 billion in the previous year.

The brand raised another $500 million in September 2022 to expand its services.

Discord Usage and User Statistics

4. Discord recorded 704.6 million monthly active users worldwide as of December 2022.

This significantly increased from 651.2 million in November 2022 and 548.6 million monthly visits in October of the same year.

5. Discord recorded 10.6 million peak concurrent users in 2020.

Previously, the platform recorded 8.2 million annual peak concurrent users in 2018.

6. In August 2022, approximately 4 billion Discord messages were sent daily.

In comparison, users sent 850 million messages daily in May 2018.

discord daily messages count
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7. Nearly 229 million Discord visits came from US residents, making the largest Discord market in July 2022.

Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany followed, taking the subsequent positions with 19.1 million, 17.8 million, 16.9 million, and 14.8 million monthly visits, respectively.

Discord Demographic Statistics

8. 13 years is the minimum allowable age on Discord.

This is per the Discord terms of service. However, the age may increase depending on the country’s local laws regulating access to social media platforms.

9. As of May 2022, Discord's share of users aged 25 to 34 dominated (42.4%) its global audience.

This group was followed by users aged 16-24, accounting for 22.2%

On the other hand, 33.3% were aged 35-64, and 2.1% were aged 65+.

10. Discord was US teenagers' fourth favorite social media channel in 2021.

Discord was preferred by 5% of US teenagers. First was Snapchat (35%), while TikTok came second (30%).

Social Media Platforms by Rank US Teenagers Preference in Percentage
Snapchat 35%
TikTok 30%
Instagram 22%
Discord 5%
Twitter 2%
Facebook 2%

11. The majority of Discord users were males as of Q3 2022.

Males users accounted for 65.5% of the Discord audience, while women were 34.5%.

Discord Server Statistics

12. As of 2023, Discord Nitro users can join 200 Discord servers simultaneously.

Thus, Discord Nitro doubles the server threshold on Discord’s basic plan, in which users can only join up to 100 servers at once.

13. Discord boasts 19 million weekly active servers in 2023.

These were fuelled by over 150 million monthly active users on the platform.

14. As of March 2023, The Midjourney was the world's largest Discord server.

The official Midjourney Discord server had almost 14 million members, followed OpenAI server with over 3 million members.

Top 10 Discord Servers Members
Midjourney 13,824,459
OpenAI 3,080,355
Roblox 1,000,000
Valorant 999,808
Blox Fruits 998,003
Genshin Impact Official 994,826
BlueWIllow Create Art, Anime, Games & Realistic Images 899,183
All Star 883,335
Apex Lengeds 775,162
E-Girl Paradise | Active ♡ Nitro ♡ Social ♡ Fun ♡ Chill ♡ Gaming ♡ Emotes Emojis ♡ Anime ♡ EGirls   758,189

15. 90% of Discord's private servers in 2021 had less than 15 members.

Discord Privacy Statistics

16. In Q3 2022, over 50.5 million Discord user accounts were removed due to spam.

This increased from approximately 27 million accounts deleted in Q1 2022 for the same reason.

Also, other accounts were deleted for various violations:

Violation Case  No. of Accounts Deleted
Spam activities 50,510,769
Exploitative & unsolicited content   47,570
Child safety 42,458
Regulated or illegal activities 37,248
Violent extremism 12,489
Violent & graphic content 12,300
Harassment & bullying 11,347
Deceptive practices 8,800
Hateful conduct 7,104
Identity & authenticity 3,561
Self-harm concerns 1,297
Platform manipulation 1,197
Misinformation 385

17. Discord took action against over 130,000 user-reported privacy violations in Q3 2022.

The action taken on accounts and servers reported to violate the platform’s terms of service includes account disabling, server removal, and or account and server warnings.

Here is a brief overview of the violation cases and the respective number of accounts/servers affected:

Violation Case Accounts/Servers Taken Action Against
Harassment & bullying 37,978
Deceptive practices 23,716
Hateful conduct 22,495
Child safety 15,106
Exploitative & unsolicited content 9,360
Identity & authenticity 5,769
Regulated or illegal activities 5,519
Violent & graphic content 4,882
Platform manipulation 4,317
Violent extremism 2,775
Self-harm concerns 2,043
Misinformation 703

18. In Q3 2022, 30,000+ Discord servers got removed due to different violation cases.

Approximately 13,300 servers were proactively removed because of child safety concerns, with 1,133 servers being banned after reports of the same reason.

Other violation cases and the number of servers deleted in Q3 are listed in the table below:

Violation Case No. of Servers Deleted Proactively No. of Servers Deleted Reactively
Child safety concerns 13,318 1,133
Illegal activities 4,385 2,565
Deceptive activities 1,049 1,088
Exploitive & unsolicited content 773 1,064
Violent & graphic content 595 718
Violent extremism 483 570
Hateful conduct 287 542
Self-harm concerns 285 325
Platform manipulation 250 406
Harassment & bullying 61 494
Misinformation 41 11
Identity & authenticity 4 9

19. Discord is inaccessible in some countries due to government regulations.

You cannot access Discord in United Arab Emirates, Iran, Oman, China, Egypt, and North Korea. In these six countries, respective governments have directed their ISPs to block access to the Discord app. 

Discord Interesting Facts

20. You can only write and send a message with at most 2000 characters on Discord.

Or, you can use the Discord Nitro premium account to send longer messages, but at most 4000 characters at a time.

21. In 2021, Discord turned down Microsoft’s $12 Billion offer.

Microsoft was among the other several companies that were eyeing to buy Discord.

22. There is no particular meaning to the name "Discord."

The name “Discord” was picked because it is easy to spell, say, remember, and use in discussions.

23. Technology and gaming were the most exciting topics for Discord users in Q4 2021.

63% of Discord users were interested in technology and gaming, and the share of interest across other topics in the same period is tabled below:

Topic Percentage of Global Users
Technology 63%
Gaming 61%
Computer & coding 51%
Science 50%
Playing sports 49%
Gadgets 48%
Esports 38%
Adventure sports 32%
Urban/modern art 32%
Board games 31%

24. Discord was publicly launched in May 2015.

Beforehand, the company launched a public beta in March 2015.

25. Discord's primary domain, "discordapp.com," changed to the current one, "discord.com," in 2020.

By May 4, 2020, the platform dropped the noun “App” and assumed a new domain, “Discord.com.”

Get Started With Discord Now!

Discord is expected to continue growing even in the coming years. 

And if anything, these numbers show you why.

But it does not stop there, as other VoIP platforms compete with this service. 

So, read our statistics and facts on Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook, and Twitter to find how they compare with Discord.

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