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Does PrivateVPN Work With Netflix?

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Netflix and PrivateVPN work together like a match made in heaven.

We rigorously test hundreds of VPNs to ensure they meet our user’s requirements.

That includes server reliability, unblocking capabilities, a zero-logs policy, available platforms, and SO much more.

Fortunately, PrivateVPN ticks a lot of what we want to see – and most importantly, it offers an affordable way to stream content from anywhere on the planet.

If you’re ready to find out how to use PrivateVPN to watch Netflix from any device with an internet connection, we’ve got you covered – having issues?

We’ve sorted that as well – keep reading to find out what you need to know.

How to Setup PrivateVPN With Netflix?

Whether you’re new to the VPN world or you’ve been covering your tracks for a while, this setup process is as simple as it can get.

Check out the steps below, and you’ll access Netflix in no time.

We’re using a Windows 10 device for this tutorial, so it may differ a little between devices.

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription here.
  2. Download the PrivateVPN app for the device of your choice.
  3. Run the installer and the setup will complete on its own.
  1. Click the desktop shortcut that’s just been created to run PrivateVPN.
  2. You’ll need to login on the next screen, entering your account credentials before clicking “Login.”
  3. Click the large button on the next screen and it’ll connect to your nearest server.
  1. When a “Connected” message appears, head to Netflix and sign in if you already have an account. If not, create one.
  1. Find a stream and hit “Play.” The stream will begin, meaning you’ve successfully bypassed Netflix’s geo-restrictions!
netflilx preview

The Best PrivateVPN Servers for Netflix

Although some might define the “best” Netflix servers as those that unblock the most extensive streaming libraries, we recommend servers that offer the best performance over media availability.

We advise connecting to a server location nearest to your physical location.

For example, if you’re located in the UK you could connect to the neighboring Paris server in France.

If you’re in the UK and want to access Netflix content in the US, speeds are generally great across the various US server locations.

If you run into any buffering, switch to a different US server or message PrivateVPN support for server recommendations.

Testing PrivateVPN for Netflix

We put PrivateVPN to the test to see its capability in unblocking Netflix from various server locations.

Our tests include if streams were reliable and buffer-free and if they could unblock the correct library for the server location.

Test #1: Connecting From the UK With a French Server Location

Our first test was performed from a UK device, connecting to a server in the neighboring country (Paris, France).

streaming netflix with privatevpn

The France Netflix library loaded instantly without any issues, and when we streamed Emily in Paris, it played with zero buffering.

Test #2: Connecting From the UK to a US Server

Our next test was performed again from the UK, but this time to see how PrivateVPN held up with a US server to unblock the most extensive Netflix library.

streaming netflix with privatevpn us server

We connected to the US Chicago server, refreshed the page for Netflix, and it immediately took us to the Netflix US library.

Testing Back to the Outback loaded within seconds, and the stream displayed no stutters or buffering.

Test # 3: Connecting From the UK to a Japan Server

This time we’re connecting to the Tokyo Japan server to see how well it held up.

streaming netflix with privatevpn japan server

After switching servers and refreshing the page, Netflix Japan loaded instantly.

However, the quality of the stream took a little time to stabilize.

The stream was crisp and easily watchable once it finished buffering (a few seconds).

Test #4 Connecting From the UK to a Netherlands Server

We disconnected from the previous server and connected to the Amsterdam server to see if the Netflix Netherlands library worked.

streaming netflix with privatevpn netherlands server

This time, upon refreshing the page, the library took a moment to load, but when we tried streaming Selling Tampa, this loaded rapidly, and the stream was crystal clear.

Final Test: Connecting From the UK to an Australian Server

We connected to the Sydney Australia server to cover the final Netflix library.

This time, we saw a blank stream for a few moments, and it also took some time for the Lost in Space description to appear, but once things caught up, we experienced a reliable stream.

streaming netflix with privatevpn australian server

Other Netflix Regions That Work With PrivateVPN

Although Netflix US has the most extensive Netflix library globally, other PrivateVPN regions work flawlessly to bypass geo-restrictions set by the streaming giant.

Using PrivateVPN allows you to access the following regional Netflix libraries:

  • Netflix US
  • Netflix Australia
  • Netflix UK
  • Netflix Netherlands
  • Netflix Japan

As depicted in the image below, you can connect to almost any PrivateVPN server location, which are all capable of unblocking Netflix.

privatevpn servers

Is PrivateVPN Blocking Netflix? Check Out These Fixes

We tested a variety of the servers available with PrivateVPN.

It does a great job of unblocking Netflix from different regions, but that doesn’t mean users don’t run into issues.

Take a look at some of our tried and tested fixes below to see if they resolve your problem.

Turn Off Other VPNs

If you’re not running another VPN, you can disregard this step, but if you have other VPNs installed on your device like NordVPN, these should be disabled, as they may cause a conflict.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes the simplest solution is to restart your device if you’re having trouble connecting to Netflix.

Whether you’re connecting from a desktop or smartphone, turn it off and on again to see if it helps solve the issue.

Switch Servers

If you’re connected to the US Chicago server, it may be that the server is overloaded or experiencing issues.

Swap to a different server like Las Vegas or Dallas to see if it helps.

PrivateVPN offers a ticket support system, so if your issue persists, we advise contacting their support team for assistance.

PrivateVPN Alternatives That Work With Netflix

PrivateVPN unblocked Netflix with everything we threw at it, but we understand that pricing and added privacy features are essential to those investing in a VPN.

If PrivateVPN doesn’t meet those requirements, check our list of providers that work with Netflix below.

NordVPN is our top PrivateVPN alternatives for bypassing Netflix restrictions.

You’ll get access to Netflix US and 10 other regions.

Plus, thanks to a no-logs policy, you can stream Netflix without fear of being tracked.

AtlasVPN unblocks many Netflix libraries in addition to those available with PrivateVPN, such as Singapore and India.

The provider states they’re working on expanding this list even further.

AtlasVPN works on all major devices and supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

ProtonVPN lets you use its VPN on up to 10 devices at once, perfect for letting the whole family tune in to Netflix.

It unblocks Netflix US, UK, India, and several EU regions with ease and offers apps on Android TV and Firestick platforms.

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Does PrivateVPN Unblock Netflix Japan?

Yes, PrivateVPN unblocks Netflix Japan effortlessly with the Tokyo server.

During our tests, the Japan Netflix library loaded without issues, and when we tried Marvel’s Daredevil, there was a little buffering to begin with, but that soon cleared up to produce a crisp and clear stream.


If you’re looking to unblock Netflix US and many other regional Netflix libraries without impacting stream quality, then PrivateVPN is the way to go.

PrivateVPN might not be a fit for everyone, though.

If you need a Netflix unblocking alternative, we recommend NordVPN.

NordVPN offers servers in the US, UK, Japan, and several other regions to help access the best movies and TV shows available.

Start watching Netflix with PrivateVPN today.

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