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How to Play Roblox With PrivateVPN?

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PrivateVPN allows you to unblock and play Roblox in restricted regions such as Jordan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and North Korea.

It also unblocks Roblox on any device, offering ten simultaneous connections with unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Read on to learn how to play Roblox with PrivateVPN.

How to Unblock and Play Roblox on PC/Mobile With PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN allows you to unblock Roblox games like Murder Mystery 2, Breaking Point, and more. Follow these steps to play Roblox with PrivateVPN:

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription. Use this exclusive deals link for savings.
  2. Click “Get PrivateVPN.”
get privatevpn
  1. Select your desired plan. I suggest the 36-month plan because it offers up to 85% savings on your PrivateVPN subscription.
  1. Enter your email and set your password to create a PrivateVPN account.
create privatevpn account
  1. Select your tax residence.
select your tax residence
  1. Choose your payment option and complete your transaction to activate your PrivateVPN subscription.
privatevpn payment options
  1. Download PrivateVPN to your preferred device to play Roblox. PrivateVPN is available for computers and mobile devices. I downloaded it for PC since that’s the device I use to play Roblox.
download privatevpn
  1. Log into the PrivateVPN app on your device.
  2. Click “Advanced View.”
privatevpn advanced view button
  1. Click “Connection Guard” and ensure the following are enabled: IPv6 Leak Protection, DNS Leak Protection, and Kill Switch.
privatevpn connection guard options
  1. Select Stealth VPN and toggle it on. This is only recommended in regions/on networks where Roblox is heavily censored.
privatevpn stealth vpn feature
  1. Return to the Dashboard and click “Change.”
privatevpn dashboard
  1. Double-click a preferred server to connect to it. I chose the Los Angeles server.
privatevpn miami server
  1. Securely unblock and play Roblox games like Blade Ball with PrivateVPN.
playing roblox with privatevpn

How to Unblock and Play Roblox on PlayStation/Xbox With PrivateVPN?

If you don’t play Roblox on PC/mobile, no sweat. You can use PrivateVPN to play Roblox on your Playstation or Xbox.

However, PrivateVPN doesn’t have native apps for consoles

Instead, you can use the router/virtual router setup method.

PrivateVPN Router Setup

  1. Check that your router is VPN compatible by checking the manufacturer’s page or checking for your specific model online. The model number is typically on the router.
  2.  If your router is compatible, buy a PrivateVPN subscription. Snag these exclusive discounts for savings.
  3. Read our PrivateVPN router setup guide to learn how to install PrivateVPN on your router.
  4. Connect your Playstation or Xbox to the VPN-connected router.
  5. Enjoy protection with PrivateVPN while playing Roblox games such as Slap Battle on your console.

PrivateVPN Virtual Router Setup

Don’t fret if your router isn’t VPN compatible. You can still play Roblox on your console with PrivateVPN by turning your Windows PC into a virtual router. 

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Grab a PrivateVPN subscription if you haven’t already. You can enjoy significant savings with this deal.
  2. Download and install PrivateVPN on your Windows PC.
  3. Log into the PrivateVPN app.
  4. Set up your PC’s hotspot to share your PrivateVPN connection. Follow the video below.
  1. After setting up your virtual router, connect to the PrivateVPN server you want to use for Roblox.
  2. Connect your Playstation or Xbox to your PC’s hotspot.
  3. Enjoy your favorite Roblox games like Flee the Facility or The Killer on your console with PrivateVPN.

How to Setup PrivateVPN Port Forwarding for Roblox?

PrivateVPN supports port forwarding, and you can use it to boost your gameplay, stabilize ping, and connect to peers better on Roblox. 

Most importantly, its port forwarding doesn’t cost extra but is included in the main VPN price. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription. Use these discounts for savings.
  2. Install and set up the VPN on your PC.
  3. Connect to a PrivateVPN server to get a dynamic port.
  4. Note the port that’s visible on the PrivateVPN client.
privatevpn port number
  1. Set up port forwarding on your router to use that port. Here’s a video guide you can adapt:
  1. Restart your router to complete the process.
  2. Connect your Roblox-playing device to the router network to enjoy its forwarded/open ports.
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You can bypass school restrictions for Roblox with PrivateVPN.

If your school has any VPN restrictions, activate PrivateVPN’s Stealth VPN mode to hide traces of your VPN usage, bypassing censorship and firewall restrictions to Roblox.

Is PrivateVPN a Good Choice to Play Roblox?

PrivateVPN is a good choice to play Roblox. It even provides ten simultaneous connections to ensure multiple users can connect from one account.

The VPN backs that up with unlimited bandwidth and speed and supports all operating systems. Hence, you can use it to play your favorite Roblox games, such as Legends of Speed or The Floor is Lava.

So don’t wait. Grab a PrivateVPN subscription today.

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