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5 Best VPNs for Roblox (Unblock at School, Improve Ping in UAE)

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If your school or your government is blocking Roblox, don’t stress it!

The best VPNs for Roblox will consistently get you back in your game – or other games designed using Roblox Studio! But finding the best isn’t easy.

Fortunately, as both an avid gamer and a professional in the VPN industry, I know what to look for – and I’m excited to share my findings with you!

Here’s a sneak peek: Surfshark is my preferred best VPN for Roblox, as it offers an affordable solution with fast speeds, a massive server network, and the best security features.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN didn’t fall far behind, though.

Keep reading to find out the details on my top three picks, plus two other VPNs that will do the job just as well!

Top 3 VPNs for Roblox (April, 2024)

NordVPN devices

With top-class VPN security and DDoS protection, NordVPN has everything you need to unblock and enhance your Roblox experience.

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Surfshark Devices

As a budget-friendly VPN for Roblox players and Roblox Studio creators, Surfshark offers world-class security without sacrificing speed or sky-rocketing your ping rate.

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ExpressVPN different devices

A premium Roblox VPN that won’t leave you disappointed, ExpressVPN lets you say goodbye to high ping rates thanks to its speedy, low-latency servers.

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All of the VPNs discussed in this guide offer top-grade security (including DDoS protection), fast gaming speeds (including low latency), and a massive server network, so you can enjoy Roblox worldwide.

Stick around to find out why each VPN made my list!

You won’t be disappointed.

Are You in a Rush? Here’s a Quick Look at My Top 5 VPN Services for Roblox!

roblox outfit

I get it – sometimes you don’t want to stick around for the details. That’s totally fine!

Instead, take a quick look at my top five VPNs to use with Roblox:

Detailed List of the 5 Best VPNs for Roblox

1. Surfshark – Best Roblox VPN Overall

surfshark vpn for gaming

With everything a Roblox player (or Roblox Studio creator!) could ask for, Surfshark is undoubtedly the best of the best.

If all you need to do is unblock Roblox on your school’s network so you can play Jailbreak during lunch, using the Connect button is a surefire way to get blazing fast speeds with low latency.

On the other hand, if Roblox is blocked in your country, you’ll have to connect to a VPN server in another country, which can slow things down a little more.

Luckily, with more than 3,200 VPN servers in 65 countries worldwide, Surfshark is still faster than most.

Speed Without Surfshark:

speed test bratislava

Speed With Surfshark:

speed test result with surfshark vpn

And every server includes DDoS protection – so you can deter angry griefers who take out their failed trolling with a network attack!

If you’re using the OpenVPN protocol, you’ll also benefit from Surfshark’s lightweight obfuscation feature, Camouflage Mode.

This is a sure-fire way to get around in-game and administrative Roblox bans, as it helps hide that you’re using a VPN.

roblox with surfshark connected to nigeria server

But if VPN usage is also banned in your country, you might prefer using the more robust NoBorders Mode to be on the safe side.

This takes your obfuscation to the next level, helping hide that you’re using a VPN to both Roblox and your government.

You can enable this feature by navigating to Settings > Advanced and sliding the NoBorders button to the right.

While you’re at it, switch on the Kill Switch feature too!

From Settings, select Connectivity and slide the Kill Switch button to the right.

Plus, if you prefer playing Theme Park Tycoon 2 on your smartphone but enjoy Murder Mystery 2 on your laptop, you’re in luck!

Surfshark has dedicated easy-to-use apps for all Roblox-supported devices.

Roblox game player

Best of all, you can enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections and affordable subscription fees!

And if you sign up with this link, you’ll get a massive discount on your subscription too!



2. NordVPN – Powerful DDoS Protection

nordvpn for gaming

NordVPN is one of the best virtual private network service providers for Roblox thanks to its top-class security – and it’s nearly my first choice.

The industry leader was dethroned (in my opinion) because, compared to Surfshark, NordVPN is slightly slower, but only by a small margin.

Speed Without NordVPN:

speed test result via bratislava server

Speed With NordVPN:

speed test result with nordvpn

If you can get away with using the Quick Connect button to beat a network ban at school, the difference is barely noticeable – certainly fast enough to enjoy Speed Run 4!

nordvpn quick connect server

You can also use NordLynx, the provider’s faster version of the WireGuard protocol, to help lower latency and ping rates.

But the feature is still in development, so if your country has strict internet laws, you’ll need to use OpenVPN (TCP) and enable NordVPN’s obfuscation feature.

enabled nordvpn obfuscated servers setting

Once it’s set, the Quick Connect button will find the fastest obfuscated server for you.

Unfortunately, because NordVPN’s obfuscation feature is only available with OpenVPN TCP (UDP is faster), the obfuscated servers slow down your connection even more.

Luckily, you can still enjoy fast speeds and low latency (like when you’re trying to rob a museum)!

playing roblox with nordvpn

NordVPN’s apps are also available for all devices (you can even connect up to six of them simultaneously) and easy to use. And all of their 5,400+ servers are equipped to make NordVPN one of the best VPNs for DDoS protection.

Here’s a peek at their subscription fees:

But if you sign-up with this link, you’ll also get a discount on your subscription!

Plus, if you’re unhappy, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.



3. ExpressVPN – Premium Low Latency VPN

express vpn for gaming landing page

ExpressVPN is another blazing fast VPN that consistently unblocks Roblox worldwide.

Most users won’t notice the small speed reduction to be expected from using a VPN. And no matter where you live, ExpressVPN is guaranteed to deliver low latency and better ping rates!

Speed Without ExpressVPN:

speed test result without expressvpn

Speed With ExpressVPN:

speed test result with expressvpn

This is especially useful when you’re in the middle of Hide and Seek Extreme, banking on not lagging out and giving up your A+ hiding spot in the process. (You better find a better hiding spot than behind a bottle of Bloxiade!)

playing roblox with expressvpn

One downside is if you’re using ExpressVPN to improve your ping in the UAE, you’ll be limited to only four of their 3,000+ VPN servers.

This is by the provider’s recommendation for users in the UAE.

You’re also limited to five simultaneous connections – still enough to enjoy Murder Mystery 2 and Speed Run 4 at the same time, at least!

And with easy-to-use apps for every Roblox device type, TrustedServer technology, and strong DDoS protection, ExpressVPN is still one of the most trustworthy VPNs for Roblox!

That said, as a premium low latency VPN, ExpressVPN is also the most expensive option on this list.

But you can get three months free plus an exclusive discount on your subscription thanks to this deal.



4. VyprVPN – Fast, Private Roblox VPN

vyprvpn for gaming

I was stunned to see other sites ignoring another great VPN for Roblox – VyprVPN.

When we did our in-depth VyprVPN vs. NordVPN Comparison recently, the much smaller provider surprised us by being nearly as fast.

Speed Without VyprVPN:

speed test result without vyprvpn

Speed With VyprVPN:

speed test result with vyprvpn

Part of the reason is that VyprVPN owns all 700+ VPN servers, making them a great choice for privacy.

There aren’t any third parties involved in optimizing these servers for speed and DDoS protection.

In other words – if you make enemies with a griefer in Jailbreak and they try attacking your network in retaliation, VyprVPN’s DDoS protection will come to the rescue!

playing roblox with vyprvpn

Plus, if you need to use obfuscation to beat government bans and enjoy your favorite Roblox games, VyprVPN’s proprietary Chameleon VPN protocol is the way to go.

It also has the massive benefit of not increasing your latency, which isn’t always true for other obfuscation methods (looking at you, NordVPN).

And though their server network is small, there are between 300,000 and 400,000+ VPN IP addresses available.

This means if you get one of the rare Roblox IP bans, there are still plenty of options.

(I’m not pointing fingers – I’m sure the IP ban is totally ludicrous and unfounded and has nothing to do with violating Roblox’s ToS!)

Finally, VyprVPN’s user-friendly apps are easy to download and install on all Roblox device types.

And though you only get five simultaneous connections, it’s still enough to play two of your favorite Roblox games at the same time!

If your interest is piqued, here’s a look at VyprVPN’s pricing:

vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing

Plus, if you sign up using this link, you’ll get a massive discount on your subscription fees.



5. IPVanish – SOCKS5 Proxy VPN

ipvanish for gaming

IPVanish isn’t quite the best VPN for gaming – but it deserves its spot on my list!

One reason is, to get the “lightning-fast speeds” they promise, you have to use the SOCKS5 proxy connection.

This isn’t a problem if all you need to do is unblock Roblox at school. (After all, who can survive an entire school day without finding the murderer in Murder Mystery 2?)

playing roblox with ipvanish vpn

But it’s a different story in the UAE and other countries that banned the gaming platform.

When it comes to bypassing government censorship, you need to use a VPN connection instead – especially because the Scramble obfuscation feature is only available with the OpenVPN protocol.

enabled ipvanish scramble openvpn setting

And this means dealing with 17% to 50% slower internet speeds. So, you’ll have to contend with varying latency levels depending on which of IPVanish’s 1,600+ VPN servers you’re connected to.

Speed Without IPVanish:

speed test result without ipvanish

Speed With IPVanish:

speed test result with ipvanish vpn

On the plus side, you can still expect a more stable ping rate. And IPVanish’s 40,000+ IP addresses mean even if you get one of Roblox’s rare IP bans (again – not pointing fingers!), you can quickly reconnect.

IPVanish also has easy-to-use apps for all Roblox device types and DDoS protection.

They even started offering unlimited simultaneous connections that you’ll enjoy all the more with our exclusive discount deal!

ipvanish subscription prices



Here’s How to Choose the Right VPN for Roblox (A Cheat Sheet Check-List)

Are you interested in trying a provider I didn’t mention above? Here’s how to choose a Roblox VPN:

  • Lots of VPN servers – a bigger VPN server network means more options for unblocking Roblox. It also gives you more IP addresses to get around IP bans (that totally aren’t your fault) and improves speed by reducing network load (so you can hurtle over floating platforms in peace).
  • Stable ping rates and low latency – because both issues are related to speed, bigger VPN networks already help with this. But other features can sometimes interfere, so a huge server network isn’t a guarantee of consistent performance. And you need consistent performance to avoid turning into a griefer yourself!
  • Obfuscation obfuscation features make your VPN traffic look like a normal HTTPS connection (essential for using a VPN to unblock Roblox in countries like the UAE, where VPN usage is also restricted). They’re also helpful in avoiding IP bans and VPN detection measures.
  • DDoS protection – stops griefers, cheaters, sore losers, and others with even more malicious intent from targeting players (especially streamers) with DDoS attacks. The last thing you want is to be punished for winning a game of Murder Mystery 2 as Sheriff!
  • Easy-to-use apps for all Roblox devicesthe easier the app is to install and connect to, the better! Just make sure the VPN provider offers apps for all Roblox devices (or at least the devices you use Roblox on the most).
  • Subscription Fees – I’m won’t tell you to steer clear of expensive VPNs, but make sure premium features subsidize the premium price! On the other hand, if your budget isn’t flexible, be sure to consider the cost (and if you can save by opting for a longer subscription).

This is the same list I used when testing and choosing my five top VPNs for Roblox – so I know it’s a trustworthy cheat sheet to go by!

But you can save yourself the extra work by using this link to get a 2-Year Surfshark subscription – the best VPN at the best price.

Why Do I Need a VPN to Connect to Roblox?

roblox in game tutorial

The obvious answer is if your school or government is blocking Roblox, a VPN is the only safe, reliable way to connect to the gaming platform.

Using a VPN means you’re virtually transported to another location with the VPN server’s IP address (kind of like when you beat a level in Speed Run 4).

Just as notably, using a VPN encrypts your data. Your school’s network admins won’t be able to see you’re playing Roblox (during your lunch break or a free period, right?).

Or, if you’re in a country where VPN usage is restricted or banned, a VPN’s obfuscation features will do everything above while making it look like a normal internet connection.

However, even if you’re at home and live in a country where Roblox isn’t banned, it’s still a good idea to use a VPN.

Why? Because a VPN protects you from ISP throttling, where your service provider starts slowing your connection speed.

This means you’ll have a more stable connection, as your latency and ping levels will be consistent instead of jumping up and down while you play.

And even more importantly, it’ll protect you from hackers and DDoS attacks, which rely on knowing your IP address.

Instead of attacking you, they’ll be targeting the VPN servers – and the best VPN providers are more than prepared for that!

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Roblox with a VPN

roblox signup form

No matter your reason for playing Roblox with a VPN, I want you to enjoy the experience in a safe online environment.

Not knowing how to set up and connect to your VPN properly can get in the way of doing so.

So, I put together this quick step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Choose one of the top-rated VPNs for Roblox and buy a subscription to activate your user account.
  1. Download and install the VPN app for the device (or devices) you want to play Roblox on.
  2. Launch the VPN app and sign in to your account.
  3. Click or tap on the Quick Connect button to let your VPN choose the fastest server.
  1. Once your VPN shows it’s connected, you’re ready to load Roblox and play!
roblox in game character

How to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer?

roblox in game interface

Sometimes, schools use security software on their computers to stop you from downloading VPN apps or the Roblox Player.

To get around this, copy the VPN app folder and Roblox Player onto a USB stick or external hard drive at home, so you can plug it into the school computer and install them from there instead.

Just remember to scan the device for malware when you get home before using it for anything else!

Can I Use a Free VPN to Play Roblox?

Very few free VPNs can be trusted. Those that can are usually only the free version of a premium VPN.

But these free versions only give you a few VPN servers to choose from and a very low bandwidth limit.

These low bandwidth limits mean you can’t play Roblox for very long if you can even finish downloading the Roblox Player!

And with lots of people sharing a few free servers, the speed will be very slow.

Other free VPNs will give you the same problems. In fact, they probably won’t be able to unblock Roblox in the first place.

And if you live in a country where Roblox and VPNs are blocked, it’s not safe to try a free VPN at all.

Luckily, you can use this link to get the best VPN for Roblox with a massive discount!

Interesting Reads:


Can You Play Roblox With a VPN?

Yes, you can play Roblox with a VPN, but the Roblox servers available will change depending on the location of the VPN server you’re connected to.

The best VPN for Roblox offers thousands of servers to choose from, so you can play your favorite Roblox games with all of your local and international friends!

Can I Use a VPN for Roblox to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling?

Yes, you can use a VPN for Roblox to bypass bandwidth throttling.

VPNs encrypt your data, so your ISP can’t throttle your bandwidth when they see you enjoying a game of Work at a Pizza Place.

Why Did Roblox Get Banned in the UAE?

Roblox is banned in the UAE because it isn’t considered an educational game, and children might be exposed to explicit content in user-created Roblox games or chats.

Is Using a VPN for Roblox in the UAE Illegal?

Yes, using a VPN for Roblox in the UAE is illegal. While the UAE lifted some of its anti-VPN restrictions a few years ago, anything illegal in the UAE without a VPN is still illegal while using a VPN.

Because Roblox is illegal in the UAE, using a VPN to access it is illegal (even if VPNs aren’t illegal).

Is Roblox Allowed in China?

There is a censored version of Roblox allowed in China, but the main Roblox platform and official Roblox website are blocked.

You can use a reliable VPN with strong obfuscation to unblock the original Roblox in China.

What Countries Play Roblox the Most?

Google Search data suggests that Roblox is played the most in North and South American countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, and some European countries, Australia, and New Zealand.

How to Reduce Lag on Roblox?

You can reduce lag on Roblox by using a fast (and reliable) VPN to improve your internet connection and bypass bandwidth throttling.

All of the VPNs listed in this guide will help you enjoy a more stable connection and ping rate.

Why Is Roblox Not Working?

If Roblox is not working, it might be because your school or government is blocking Roblox or your account has an IP ban.

The most reliable VPNs for Roblox will unblock the game and change your IP address.

You should also try whitelisting Roblox in your anti-virus software and firewall.

How to use Private Chat on Roblox?

To use Private Chat on Roblox, type “/w” followed by the other person’s username and your message, then press “Enter.

If this doesn’t work, the game’s developer likely disabled the in-game chatting feature.

How to Change Your Password on Roblox?

To change your password on Roblox, log into your account, open Settings > Account Info, and click or tap on the “Change Password” icon.

You can also use the “Forgot your username/password?” link on the Login page.

How to Unban Your Roblox Account?

You can unban your Roblox account by messaging the creator of the game you’re banned from.

You’ll need to visit the game’s page, look for the “Creator” on the left-hand side and click the username.

After reading the ban information that comes up, click “Send Message” or “Start Chatting” at the bottom of the page to request they unban you.

If your IP address is banned instead of your Roblox account, you can reconnect with a VPN to bypass the ban.


roblox in windows mode

The most trustworthy VPN providers for Roblox will consistently unblock the popular gaming platform at school and improve ping in countries like the UAE.

With some of the fastest speeds, lowest latency, and most stable ping rates, Surfshark can also bypass IP bans and get through government censorship.

What are you waiting for? Jump into a game of Murder Mystery 2 right now by clicking this link for a massive discount on a 2-Year Surfshark subscription!

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