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How to Play Roblox With Surfshark?

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You can play Roblox with Surfshark by subscribing to the VPN, installing it on your gaming device, and connecting to a Roblox-compatible location.

Besides unblocking Roblox in places like Jordan and the UAE, Surfshark bypasses ISP speed throttling. This allows better gaming speeds for defeating enemies in games like Fruit Battleground.

Surfshark also gives access to geo-restricted Roblox items like Hellbound Horns or Headless Horseman.

But how do you set up Surfshark for Roblox? Keep reading!

How to Set Up Surfshark for Roblox?

You can set up Surfshark for Roblox with these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark with these amazing deals.
  2. Download and install the VPN on the device you use for Roblox.
get surfshark for mac
  1. Open the Surfshark app settings by tapping the gear icon near the left panel. Then select “VPN settings.”
locating vpn settings on surfshark
  1. In the new window, scroll down and tap “Protocol.”
protocol settings on surfshark
  1. You’ll see a list of 4 protocols. Select WireGuard, which offers the best speeds for games like Adopt Me!, Squid Game, and Gacha Online.
selecting wireguard on surfshark
  1. Connect to a server in a location where Roblox is available. I chose South Africa because it’s the closest server to my location.
selecting nearest country server on surfshark
  1. Open the Roblox website using any browser and create an account.
playing roblox with surfshark
  1. Add an email to avoid losing access to game progress if your account is lost.
add email on roblox
  1. Click on any Roblox game from the list and tap the “Play” icon. This will trigger an automatic download of the Roblox Player, depending on the operating system you’re using.
play button on roblox
  1. You’ll see a new screen with “Roblox is now loading. Get ready!
roblox loading
  1. Install the Roblox Player.
installing roblox
  1. The Roblox Player will appear on your screen. Log in by entering the account details you used to create the account in step 7.
roblox log in
  1. Choose a game from the list and give it time to join the gaming server. I chose Fruit Battlegrounds, a game based on the One Piece anime.
playing fruit battlegrounds
  1. When the game loads, hit Play and enjoy.
playing fruit battlegrounds with surfshark on south africa server

Does Surfshark Improve Roblox Ping?

Surfshark improves Roblox ping by circumventing speed throttling by your Internet Service Provider. Such speed throttling occurs when your ISP doesn’t give you a direct connection to the Roblox servers.

I ran two ping tests while playing Roblox on my MacBook – one with my unprotected internet connection and another with Surfshark using a South African server.

Here’s the first test:

baseline speed test results on mac

And here’s Surfshark’s results:

surfshark speed test results

I played Fruit Battleground without lags (and finally unlocked bomb fruit!).

Thus, Surfshark successfully bypassed my ISP’s throttling, improving my ping.

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Ready to Create Roblox Magic With Surfshark?

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