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How to Play Roblox With ExpressVPN?

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Play Roblox with ExpressVPN by connecting to one of the provider’s servers spanning 94 countries. Cleverly use the VPN to improve game speeds and bypass blocks.

Robloxians can have peace of mind knowing they’ll have military grade encryption and privacy to avoid ISP throttling when connecting over ExpressVPN.

Plus, navigate obbys and reach high scores without worrying about DDoS attacks.

How to Play Roblox With ExpressVPN Anywhere?

You can play Roblox with ExpressVPN on school or work intranets or in banned Roblox countries like Jordan and the UAE.

Here’s how I use ExpressVPN with Roblox on my Windows and Android devices:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN account. Grab my exclusive ExpressVPN deal here.
  2. Click “Get Started” or “Start Your Trial Today.”
get started with expressvpn
  1. Select a plan. I recommend the 12-month plan since it offers 3 extra months, and allows you to connect 3 extra devices too!
ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Enter your email address and payment details to create an account and access your subscription.
expressvpn order summary
  1. Sign in to your account to download and install an ExpressVPN app on your Roblox PC.
download expressvpn app
  1. Launch your app and enable the kill switch for continuous protection.
expressvpn general settings
  1. Connect to a server. For the best VPN speeds and low latency, connect to a server that’s near you. I chose US Miami because it was recommended to me by the VPN’s algorithm.
expressvpn connected to miami server
  1. Go to the official Roblox website to log in or create an account.
roblox sign up with expressvpn connected to miami server
  1. Follow the steps to download the Roblox app/client.
  2. Pick a game and play! Here, I’m jamming my way through High School Life!
access roblox with expressvpn

How to Play Roblox With ExpressVPN on Gaming Consoles?

To use ExpressVPN with Roblox on gaming consoles, download the VPN’s router firmware on a compatible router. These include Asus, DD-WRT, Netduma, Sabai, and Tomato routers.

The steps are:

  1. Create an ExpressVPN account (grab discounts).
  2. Sign in with your credentials and click Setup > Routers & Aircove.
expressvpn router setup page
  1. Select your router model from the drop-down menu and download the router files.
expressvpn router firmware download
  1. Log in to your router’s control panel. Note I used my Asus router to complete the next steps (other models follow a similar setup).
  2. Click Administration > Firmware Upgrade.
  3. Click “Upload” and select the ExpressVPN firmware you downloaded in step 3.
asus router firmware upgrade
  1. You’ll receive a “Firmware upgrade is done. Please reboot your router manually” message once the upload is complete.
  2. Restart your router.
  3. Connect your gaming console to the router’s network.

You can also use ExpressVPN with Roblox on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation using MediaStreamer. This is an exclusive SmartDNS feature, allowing gamers to spoof locations.

Here’s a guide to set up MediaStreamer on your consoles.

Does ExpressVPN Have Port Forwarding for Roblox?

Yes, ExpressVPN offers port forwarding, which you can use to improve connection to Roblox and gameplay stability. This is good news for those wanting to enhance the performance of avatars.

However, the port forwarding is activated via a router setup only

Thus, gaming consoles can benefit from the feature but can’t be natively set up via PC apps!

Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure your router is compatible with ExpressVPN firmware.
  2. Get an affordable ExpressVPN deal.
  3. Download the correct configuration files for your router from your accounts Setup panel.
expressvpn router configuration files
  1. Log in to your router’s control panel to complete the ExpressVPN setup with steps 5-8 above.
  2. Sign in to your router app.
  3. Connect your Roblox gaming device to your router.
  4. Click “Advanced Settings” in the ExpressVPN router app.
expressvpn advanced settings
  1. Click “Port Forwarding.”
expressvpn port forwarding
  1. Click “Add New Rule.”
  2. Add a name for the forwarded port in the “Description” field.
add forwarding port description
  1. Select the connected device you want to play Roblox on.
roblox connected device
  1. Select UDP as a protocol.
  2. Enter an external port number. I recommend anywhere between 49152 – 65535 for Roblox.
  3. Leave the “Internal Port” field blank.
  4. Click “Save.”
Now, you can access your device or gaming console remotely and connect to direct servers for faster Roblox action!

Roblox Not Working With ExpressVPN? (Troubleshooting Guide)

Is your Roblox not working with ExpressVPN? Try one or more of the troubleshooting methods below for a quick fix.

  • Switch to a different server: VPN servers get blocked by gaming platforms. A quick switch to another server will give you a new IP that’s still under the radar.
  • Update and refresh apps: Apps that haven’t been updated can clash with old software, hindering performance. Make sure your Roblox and ExpressVPN apps are updated. Then, restart them for an extra boost.
  • Clear browser cache: Cookies can contradict your VPN IP by unveiling your true location. Roblox may deem this suspicious and block the connection. Clear the cache in your browser settings to see if this helps.

If all else fails, contact ExpressVPN support using its Live Chat feature for a quick response on a custom solution.

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Roblox can ban you for using ExpresVPN, although VPN usage doesn’t go against the platform’s terms of service.

If such a ban occurs, it’s likely because of suspicious or erratic behavior – like if your VPN IP and real location are detected through cookies. 

It may also be that you use the VPN to break other rules, like gaining unauthorized access to other user accounts.

Protect Your Roblox With ExpressVPN!

Get ExpressVPN risk-free for Roblox now and navigate the wonderful worlds of avatars and creative games like Adopt Me, Blox Fruits, and Pet Stimulator.

I recommend the long-term plan since it offers freebies like extra months and more simultaneous connections, which the other plans lack.

And with a 30-day money-back guarantee in play, you can always request a refund if you don’t like the VPN during initial tests.

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