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How to Watch France TV With Surfshark? (On Mobile, PC & TV)

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Surfshark is a great VPN to stream France TV, given its France servers, reliable unblocking, fast streaming speeds, and multiple streaming devices/platform support. It’s also a budget VPN that allows unlimited users to stream France TV and other online content simultaneously without bandwidth throttling.

So, if you’ve been trying to watch Skam France, Jump!, France 2/3/4/5 channels, or any other France TV content from outside the country, I’ll show you how to do that with Surfshark.

How to Watch France TV With Surfshark VPN?

You should always enable the Surfshark kill switch to prevent IP leaks, choose a fast protocol to stream France TV, and connect to French servers.

surfshark france home

Here’s a step-by-step guide to streaming France TV on your mobile devices, PC, and Smart TV units.

How to Stream France TV on PC?

Follow these steps to stream France TV on your Windows, MacOS, Linux, or Chromebook PC from anywhere.

  1. Purchase a Surfshark subscription.
  2. Download the Surfshark native app for your PC.
  3. Login with your account credentials.
  4. Enable the kill switch. Go to Settings > VPN Settings > Kill Switch.
surfshark kill switch feature enabled
  1. Choose the fastest protocol for PC. Go to Settings > VPN Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
surfshark wiregaurd protocol
  1. Go to the VPN home and search for France.
surfshark france servers
  1. Connect to any of the displayed France cities.
  2. Wait for the VPN connection confirmation. Then test for leaks.
  3. Open your browser in Incognito Mode. This prevents cache and cookies from interfering with the unblocking process.
google incognito mode homepage
  1. Go to France TV’s website.
  2. Stream any content you want!
streaming france tv with surfshark

How to Stream France TV on Mobile?

Below, I’ve detailed how to stream France TV on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Choose the fastest protocol for mobile. Go to Settings > VPN Settings > Protocol > IKEv2.
  3. Search and connect to a French server.
  4. Wait for a connection confirmation and test for leaks.
  5. Open your browser in Incognito Mode to load France TV. Or, download the France TV app for your mobile device.
  6. Stream France TV content anywhere.

How to Stream France TV on Smart TV?

Some smart TVs like Samsung TVs, LG TVs, and Android TVs can download the France TV application to stream its content. However, not all smart TVs can download a native Virtual Private Network (VPN) app.

Fortunately, Surfshark has two solutions for streaming France TV slash, the 1st, France 5, French TV shows, or other French TV channels on your smart TVs.


  • Smart DNS: Setup Surfshark’s easy-to-use Smart DNS service to bypass location restrictions and stream France TV from anywhere.
  • Router setup: Install Surfshark on your router (at no additional cost), choose a French IP address, and connect your smart TV units to it.

Luckily, the router support and Smart DNS features are bundled in your Surfshark subscription. Don’t forget to use these Surfshark discounts for even better value.

What Makes Surfshark Compatible With France TV? (6 Reasons)

france tv unavailable to locations outside france
The geo-restriction you get when you try streaming France TV from anywhere outside France

These are some of the many features that make it a suitable pick to watch French TV channels from abroad:

  • France servers. Surfshark has multiple servers in France at Marseille, Bordeaux, and Paris for French IPs that’ll unblock France TV access.
  • Speed. It’s optimized for the least speeds of 1Gbps on every VPN server, ensuring HD quality streams on France TV channels.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Surfshark doesn’t restrict your bandwidth, allowing you to bypass internet service provider (ISP) throttling without suffering lags when streaming France TV content.
  • Reliable unblocking. The military-grade encryption on France servers ensures reliable content unblocking over Surfshark.
  • Multi-device compatibility. Surfshark has a solution whether you like to stream France TV on your mobile devices, PCs, or smart TV units.
  • Fast customer support. If you have any issues while streaming France TV, you get the Surfshark 24/7 customer support staff to help you troubleshoot.

Can I Watch France TV Outside France Without Surfshark?

You can watch France TV outside France without Surfshark but with another trusted VPN, a proxy service, or a standalone Smart DNS service.

However, it’s challenging to find VPN services with reliable unblocking and robust French VPN servers like Surfshark. Likewise, proxies usually fail, and Surfshark already bundles Smart DNS for a more affordable experience.

france tv us

Thus, choosing this VPN provider is best to enjoy fast France TV streaming on unlimited simultaneous connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surfshark unblocks France TV channels on smart TVs like Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, and more. You can set up smart DNS to stream France TV on your smart TV sets or connect the smart TV to a router with Surfshark installed.

It’s not illegal to watch France TV with Surfshark, and France TV doesn’t specifically block VPN traffic. However, the streaming service may sometimes block some VPN IP addresses or mild VPN traffic to stay compliant with content licensing laws.

Fortunately, premium VPNs like Surfshark maintain a healthy list of IP addresses that’ll unblock France TV without issues.

Stream Live and On-Demand France TV Anywhere

Whether you’re a fan of the live content on France TV or you’re more into movies, series, and documentaries, Surfshark gives you access anywhere.

Simply follow the guides above, and you can access robust, fast, and secure France IP addresses to watch channels like France 4, France 3, France News, More Beautiful Life, etc.

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