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How to Use Surfshark With Deluge? (Fast & Secure)

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You can pair the Surfshark app with Deluge by enabling the VPN’s kill switch, choosing a suitable protocol, and connecting to a preferred server before downloading torrents. Or you can bind your Surfshark IP to Deluge to get improved torrenting security.

Curious to know the procedures in detail? Don’t worry! This guide will show how to use Surfshark with Deluge, including the best settings.

How to Use Surfshark With Deluge?

First, install the Deluge client on your device and get a Surfshark subscription.

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Then, you can configure your Surfshark-Deluge connection using any of the methods below.

How to Set up the Surfshark App With Deluge?

Surfshark offers dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Thus, this approach can work on your Deluge-compatible device(s).

But in my case, I’ll use Windows PC:

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark VPN.
Screenshot MS 1 1
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  1. Download and install the Surfshark app on your device.
compatible devices for surfshark
  1. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Turn on the kill switch to prevent accidental IP/DNS leaks when using Deluge. Go to Settings > VPN settings and toggle the “Kill Switch” button.
activating kill switch on surfshark settings
  1. Under the protocols, choose WireGuard (the most secure and fastest protocol).
surfshark wireguard
  1. Click “VPN” and connect to the nearest P2P server location under “Locations.” You can also type “P2P” in the search box to get a list of available P2P-optimized servers.
surfshark locations tab
  1. Test for IP/DNS leaks. You should get the Surfshark-assigned IP address, not your real IP address.
  2. Now you’re ready to use Deluge safely with Surfshark.

Binding Your Surfshark IP to Deluge

Binding your Surfshark IP to Deluge restricts your torrent traffic to a specific Surfshark IP address, thus keeping you more secure. In other words, torrents won’t download unless it’s over that server’s IP address.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 above.
  2. Open the Surfshark app and connect to a preferred VPN server.
surfshark connected to us server
  1. Go to IPLeak.Net on your browser to find your Surfshark VPN IP address.
  1. Launch Deluge. Go to Edit > Preferences.
  1. Click “Network.”
locating network tab on deluge settings
  1. Below “Incoming Interface,” enter your Surfshark IP address from step 3.
incoming interface on deluge
  1. Click “Apply” then “OK” to save the settings.
apply and ok buttons on deluge settings
  1. Your Deluge app is now IP-bound to Surfshark. Hence, you can torrent safely.

Why Is Surfshark Good to Use With Deluge?

Surfshark supports various torrent clients to safely unblock torrents where it’s blocked/illegal.

Besides, Surfshark also manages other P2P-focused features such as:

P2P-Friendly Server Network

surfshark server locations

Surfshark owns 3200+ servers in 100 countries, with a decent percentage of those servers optimized for P2P traffic. This deters the problems of server overcrowding and ensures you always catch a nearby server for pain-free torrenting.

Unmatched Download Speed

I put Surfshark to several torrenting speed tests using Deluge.

First, I ran a separate test by downloading a 4.77GB copyright-free movie on Deluge without the VPN connection.

added and completed date and time on deluge

Then, I connected to Surfshark’s P2P server and downloaded the same film.

fast download on deluge using canada server

As you can see, I averaged 6 minutes with the Surfshark connection, which is faster than when I didn’t have a VPN connection.

Quite impressive? I tell you!

Excellent Security and Fast Protocols

surfshark security features

Surfshark features DNS/IP leak protection to protect you against leaks and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure no one can hack your live traffic. Besides that, the VPN has three main protocols in its armory:

  • WireGuard – Protects your Deluge torrent activity, enabling a secure connection without compromising speed. Thus, it’s both fast and secure; hence, I highly recommend it.
  • IKEv2/IPsec – Best option if you seek speed over security.
  • OpenVPN UDP/TCP – Performs impressively in bypassing censorship to torrent websites in restrictive regions (like China) or on harsh school/work networks. However, it’s slow, so only go for it when necessary.


Surfshark’s CleanWeb feature offers a long-lasting solution for pesky ads on torrenting websites and the free Deluge client.

I’m impressed by this feature since it blocked almost 73% of the ads I was getting before connecting to Surfshark.

Before connecting to Surfshark:

without surfshark

After connecting to Surfshark

surfshark cleanweb results

Kill Switch

activating kill switch on surfshark settings

Surfshark offers an automated kill switch that stops your internet connection in case the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. That way, your IP/DNS details, internet activity, and other sensitive details don’t leak within that window.

Split Tunneling

surfshark bypasser feature

Surfshark’s split tunneling (known as “Bypasser”) lets you configure the VPN on Deluge only, allowing other apps to access the local network directly.

Thus, you enjoy a stable network connection without VPN influence on other apps while simultaneously torrenting on Deluge with Surfshark.

Device Compatibility and Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

compatible devices for surfshark

Surfshark offers apps for almost all devices, including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. Thankfully, the VPN provider allows unlimited connections, meaning you can use it with Deluge on as many devices as you want.

Surfshark VPN Not Working With Deluge? (Troubleshooting Guide)

When your Surfshark-Deluge connection isn’t working well, the main culprits would be outdated Surfshark or Deluge apps, connection to a P2P unfriendly server, or a problematic DNS cache.

But don’t get weary! Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Update Surfshark and Deluge Apps

Software problems and bugs due to an outdated version can negatively affect your Surfshark-Deluge connection. So, before anything else, check if you’re using the updated version of both apps and update if they aren’t up to date.

Switch to P2P-Optimized Servers

Instead of connecting to a random server, type “P2P” in the Surfshark search tab to get the best options.

Do a DNS Flush

Bad or full DNS caches often lead to connection issues. Thus, it could also be a potential reason your Surfshark-Deluge connection isn’t working.

To fix this issue, do a manual DNS flush using your platform’s appropriate method.

Then, restart your device and try connecting the apps again.

Contact Surfshark Customer Support

Contacting Surfshark customer care support is the last option if the above methods don’t work. Luckily, Surfshark customer support is available 24/7.

Thus, you can live chat or email them for a fast response.

What Are the Best Surfshark Alternatives for Deluge?

Surfshark is an excellent Virtual Private Network(VPN) for Deluge, offering unmatched speeds, best-in-market security and privacy, unlimited connections, and budget-friendly VPN services.

However, Surfshark doesn’t offer port forwarding, which is necessary for torrent seeding. It also uses virtual P2P servers (consistently unreliable) in some locations.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative, the following VPN options won’t disappoint!


using deluge with expressvpn on us server

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN for torrenting and works well with Deluge.

Here are some reasons why the VPN provider is an excellent Surfshark alternative:

  • Lightning-fast speeds – ExpressVPN’s torrenting speed outshined all other VPNs, including Surfshark. Thus, you won’t suffer data caps or slowdowns while torrenting.
  • Port forwarding – You can get port forwarding in ExpressVPN to enhance your torrenting speeds and seed/upload torrents. However, the feature is available for routers only, which is still acceptable since Surfshark doesn’t support it.
  • P2P servers – ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers in 90+ countries. Thankfully, all those servers are optimized for P2P traffic. Thus, traffic congestion leading to slow speeds is never an issue.
  • Kill switch – A kill switch is crucial to protect your traffic if the VPN connection drops. Fortunately, ExpressVPN offers a “Network Lock” for that purpose.

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accessing deluge with nordvpn on us server

NordVPN is my runner-up best Surfshark alternative, thanks to its industry-leading security features.

Likewise, it impresses with the following features:

  • P2P-dedicated VPN servers – NordVPN offers specialized P2P servers across most countries. Thus, you’ll experience faster download speed while torrenting on those servers.
  • Split tunneling – NordVPN’s split tunneling feature lets you protect Deluge only while allowing other apps to access the internet directly. Hence, enjoying fast speeds without VPN encryption on the apps that don’t need it.
  • SOCKS5 proxy servers – Unlike Surfshark, NordVPN supports SOCKS5 proxy on some servers. This can help for faster torrenting speeds or to bypass government/ISP blocklists on the VPN service.
  • Strong security – Protect your Deluge torrent traffic with NordVPN’s industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption. Plus, with its strict no-logs policy, you’re sure no one is logging or storing your torrent activities.

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accessing deluge with ipvanish on uk server

IPVanish is a good Deluge VPN, with port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxy options for a seamless torrenting experience.

Also, you’ll want to try IPVanish besides Surfshark due to its:

  • Ultra-fast speed – IPVanish offers ultra-fast download speeds for a painless torrent experience.
  • P2P support – All 2000+ IPVanish servers support P2P activities. Luckily, the servers are spread over 75+ locations, meaning you won’t face congested servers.
  • SOCKS5 proxy – Unlike Surfshark, IPVanish offers SOCKS5 Proxy, which delivers greater online anonymity plus faster torrenting speeds since it doesn’t involve encryptions.
  • Strong encryptions – IPVanish conceals your torrent data using brute force AES 256-bit AES encryption. So, your real IP address and torrent activity remain untraceable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Surfshark doesn’t support port forwarding; hence a no-go if you’re looking for that option to use with Deluge. Thankfully, you can get port forwarding on reliable alternatives like ExpressVPN and IPVanish. 

Surfshark also doesn’t offer SOCKS5 Proxy, and there’s no plan to provide the feature soon. So, if you need a VPN service supporting SOCKS5 proxy, go for suitable alternatives like NordVPN and IPVanish.

Yes, it’s legal to use Surfshark with Deluge. However, it’s illegal to download copyrighted material in some countries, and it might be illegal to use a VPN in other countries. So, check your local laws to know what’s acceptable.

Summing It All Together!

Congratulations! You can now set up and use Surfshark with Deluge.

The VPN provider will ultimately satisfy you when torrenting with its fast speeds, robust security, P2P-optimized servers, and unlimited connections, among other torrent-suitable features.

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