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Does Surfshark Work With GGPoker?

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Buy-in to Surfshark; it works with GGPoker! Plus, you can bet on Surfshark risk-free when applying the 30-day money-back guarantee.

All Surfshark deals give access to 3200+ shared servers and an optional add-on dedicated IP in one GGPoker-friendly region like London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt.

So, you can play an online hand at Texas Hold’em or Short Deck anywhere!

Read on to see how to use Surfshark with GGPoker and keep your wagers and betting transactions under the radar.

How to Use Surfshark to Bypass GGPoker Restrictions?

To bypass GGPoker restrictions using Surfshark, connect to a VPN server in an online betting-friendly region.

This method helps those in banned GGPoker areas like parts of the US, China, and Dubai.

  1. Click this link to get an exclusive Surfshark discount.
  2. Click “Get the Best VPN.”
  3. Compare plans and pricing and choose your favorite option.
  1. Enter your email address and payment details. Remember to add the dedicated IP service if this is a feature you want.
surfshark checkout page
  1. Click “Complete Purchase.”
  2. Log in to your Surfshark web account and download and install the app for your device.
surfshark apps and extensions
  1. Launch the app and log in.
  2. Connect to a server in a region where GGPoker is allowed. I chose South Africa for this demonstration.
surfshark connected to johannesburg server
  1. Go to the GGPoker website.
  2. Sign up by entering the server location as your country of residence.
ggpoker sign up with surfshark connected to south africa server
  1. Download the GGPoker app and play!
unblock ggpoker with surfshark

Plus – better than a “full house,” the VPN offers CleanWeb to curb trackers, malware, and phishing attempts commonly associated with gambling sites.

What's the Best Surfshark Server for GGPoker?

The best Surfshark server for GGPoker is your nearest server in a GGPoker-approved region.

Connecting to a nearby server allows fast speeds and decent latency for unbuffered poker tournaments. But remember that GGPoker is temperamental, so you might find a server works one day but not the next.

I did some investigating and can recommend the following shared VPN servers for GGPoker (they all worked splendidly at the time of testing):

Surfshark Server Download Speed Latency
South Africa 41.03 Mbps 13 ms
Canada - Toronto 25.43 Mbps 251 ms
UK - London 33.07 Mbps 282 ms
Germany - Berlin 31.62 Mbps 208 ms
US - Las Vegas 40.55 Mbps 226 ms

I ran tests using the Wireguard protocol. I was also connected to Surfshark’s NoBorders feature, which connects you to the best servers to bypass region-specific blocks.

Looking at my results, the South African server was the fastest with the best latency. 

But that’s to be expected since it’s where I live!

Then, the Ireland server impressed me! It almost matched my home speed and unblocked GGPoker like magic!

surfshark speed test on ireland server

The UK-London server worked well, too.

surfshark speed test on london server

Of course, you can use a Surfshark dedicated IP for a smoother unblocking experience. The dedicated IP dresses are fixed, meaning GGPoker is less likely to ban the IP for suspicious (shared) behavior.

FYI – Surfshark dedicated IPs cost $3.75 per month.

GGPoker Not Working With Surfshark?

If you find that GGPoker’s not working with Surfshark, don’t abandon the VPN altogether. You might just need to apply troubleshooting to solve the problem, which can prove easy!

Try one or a combination of the following.

Check Your Internet Connection

A slow or interrupted internet connection can disrupt VPN server connections. 

It can also prevent your GGPoker app and games from loading. 

Check your internet status and download speed to cross out connectivity issues.

Refresh Your Apps and Check for Updates

Start by restarting your operating system to ensure the cache isn’t the troublemaker. Then, check for GGPoker and Surfshark software updates

Outdated software might not sync as well as it should, and an update can make all the difference.

Switch Servers

When GGPoker detects foul play, like using a VPN server in a different location, it can ban that server’s IP address, rendering it useless for unblocking that site. 

Sometimes, this happens overnight. A quick fix is to switch to a different server in another GGPoker location that’s managed to stay under the radar.

Reach Out to Surfshark Support

As a last resort, use Surfshark’s live chat feature to ask an agent for help. 

The agent will inform you of any technical difficulties they experience and will offer custom solutions to your issue.

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The Odds Are in Your Favor!

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Another winning bet: a single Surfshark account allows unlimited simultaneous connections, so you and your mates can join the same tournaments.

Get Surfshark now and join “the world’s biggest poker room!”

Plus! You can also use Surfshark for the likes of Bet365. 

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