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What’s Surfshark Incogni? (Advantages, Drawbacks & Setup)

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Surfshark Incogni is an online privacy tool designed to help people remove their data from various online databases and regain control of who should access their data.

The service contacts data brokers on your behalf with requests to delete the data they have on you. Thus, helping you escape the clutches of online marketing and preventing your data from being sold by data brokers.

Note that although Incogni is a Surfshark tool, it’s different from the popular Surfshark VPN. So, getting a Surfshark VPN account doesn’t include an Incogni account or vice versa.

Keep reading to learn more about what Surfshark Incogni is and how it can help you.

What You Get With Surfshark Incogni

what you get with surfshark incognito

Here are some benefits you get when you sign up with Incogni:

  • Privacy Recovery: Incogni experts use a variety of manual and automated processes to find your personal information on different data broker websites, and complete the opt-out processes for you.
  • Time Savings: The average person would need 304 hours to manually complete the individual data removal requests required to protect their privacy. Incogni does this automatically.
  • Reliable Database Detection: Incogni has a special algorithm that determines which platforms and data brokers are likely to have your data.
  • Response Tracking: Incogni has an intuitive dashboard that allows users to track responses and know which company/data broker has been contacted, complied with the removal request, and pending requests. Incogni also sends timely status summaries to users via email.
  • Fully Automated: Incogni automates the data removal process by handling the research, follow-up requests, or unjustifiable rejections of appeals to make the process hassle-free.
  • Easy to Use: Requires minimal maintenance and setup. The UI is user-friendly, and there’s no need to download anything. All you have to do is visit the official Incogni site and set up your account.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Like the Surfshark VPN, you can test the service risk-free and get a refund within 30 days of purchasing a subscription. To get a refund, contact Incogni’s support team at support@incogni.com.
  • It Collects Less Data Than Related Services: Incogni needs only your name and email address, so it doesn’t become like the data brokers you’re fighting.
  • You Can Trust Incogni: Incogni stores your information safely and securely. It won’t track, sell, or store your personal information. And finally, you have the trust of Surfshark, one of the leading no-logs VPN companies.
  • Fair Pricing: $5.79/mo is relatively cheap compared to competitors.

Getting Started With Incogni

Here’s how to sign up and use Incogni.

  1. Create your Surfshark Incogni account. Grab these Incogni offers to save more. I recommend you use the email you usually use to sign up for online services because the service will use it to find your data online.
create your surfshark incogni account
  1. Confirm your email address, and provide your “Personal Information” and “Address Information.”
provide personal information
provide address information
  1. Sign the Power of Attorney document and click “Next.”
sign the power of attorney
  1. Choose your preferred subscription and complete the billing process. Then click on “Start data removal” to start your data removal journey with Incogni.

Immediately after you complete the above process, Incogni scans databases for information associated with the email address you provided. 

Afterward, it shows the number of matches and the companies to whom it will send official data removal requests.

How Does Surfshark Incogni Work?

The Surfshark Incogni service uses a unique algorithm to compare the data you entered with what data brokers have. Currently, it scans through a database of over 145 data brokers, constantly expanding this list

If the Incogni algorithm determines that a data broker has your data, it contacts the broker on your behalf, asking them to remove all associated information. 

It will also resend the deletion requests if needed, especially if a data brokerage firm is unresponsive at first.

During these processes, you get notified in the product’s dashboard when that information is removed. Here’s the default view of the Incogni dashboard view:

how does surfshark incogni work

The dashboard provides an overview of the status of your data requests through the following tabs:

  • All: This section lists the data brokers with whom Incogni found traces of your data.
  • Completed: The number of accepted formal data removal requests is displayed here.
  • In Progress: This tab displays the number of data removal requests processed.
  • Rejected: This section displays the number of brokers contacted who have refused to erase your sensitive data.

Keep in mind that removing and erasing your data on brokerage firms’ databases can be slow. For example, after five days of initiating my first batch of requests, I checked back and found that only 13 removals were Completed, with one Rejected.

How Much Does Surfshark Incogni Cost?

how much does surfshark incogni cost

There’s a single plan, payable either annually or monthly. The monthly subscription costs $11.49/mo, but prices drop to $5.79/mo (the total for a one-year subscription is $69.48) if you pay annually. This represents almost 50% in savings and is worth it for long-term data removal requests.

Grab our Surfshark Incogni deals today and get a 30-day risk-free guarantee window to test the feature or get a no-questions-asked refund.

Why Does Incogni Ask for Power of Attorney?

Surfshark’s Incogni requests Power of Attorney to contact data brokers and request them to delete your data on your behalf. This also allows Incogni to escalate requests to local data protection agencies should the data broker refuse to comply.

In other words, you’ve given the provider the legal backing it needs to act in your interest and take the best decisions on getting your data erased from brokers.

How Does Surfshark Incogni Compare to Other Data Removal Services?

Incogni’s biggest strengths over similar service providers are availability and the low price of its annual plan. Usually, these services are only available in the US, but Incogni can also help UK, EU, and Swiss citizens remove their data online.

I’ve distilled the major differences between Surfshark’s Incogni data-removal solution and alternatives in the market below:

Criteria Incogni Others
Broker database 130+ data brokers   300+ data brokers
Availability US, UK, EU The US only
Data removal duration 30-45 days Up to 3 months
Price $5.79/month More than $9 per month
Number of people/emails supported One license per email/person Can extend the license to more people in your household

Data Broker Companies That Surfshark Incogni Works With

Currently, Incogni sends removal requests to 130+ data brokers. 

However, plans are in place to add new data broker companies to the list.

Likewise, an Incogni representative told me that whenever they add a new data broker, they automatically send removal requests to them. So you don’t have to start the process again.

data broker companies that surfshark incogni works with

Some notable data brokers Incogni works with include: 

  1. Rich Media
  2. InfoPay
  3. Censia
  4. AccuData
  5. DecaData
  6. Yello

Downsides to Surfshark's Incogni

downsides to surfshark incogni

Although Incogni has many great features that can make your online data removal process seamless, it’s not perfect. Here are some of its downsides:

  • Incogni isn’t available worldwide for now: Unfortunately, the service is only available in the US, UK, and Europe. If you live in other parts of the world, you can sign up for an account, but its effectiveness is limited to data brokers in these regions.
  • Data removal is slow: Incogni isn’t a one-time-use service. Since the data removal process takes time, you’ll need to stay signed up for a while to keep your data away from brokers. The upside is that it works faster than most of its other expensive rivals.
  • It can’t confirm that brokers removed your data: That’s because Incogni doesn’t have direct access to data brokers’ databases, limiting its reach and ability to verify some data brokers’ claims.
  • You can only use one email address: Incogni only supports a single email address per Whereas some of its competitors allow for multiple email addresses.
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Yes, Incogni is legal. However, it’s only able to act on behalf of users covered by these laws: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). These are the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe citizens.

Incogni is available in the US, EU, UK, and Switzerland. That’s not a worldwide coverage yet, but not many competing companies even have this much coverage.

Yes, Incogni is safe. It’s built by a reputable cybersecurity company with zero data breaches and a demonstrated history of valuing user privacy.


Well, there you have it!

Everything you need to know about Surfshark Incogni!

Sure, it’s not perfect. It’s not available worldwide, and its list of data brokers isn’t as comprehensive yet. But it’s an affordable and easy-to-use software that handles everything for you.

Also, it’s built by Surfshark, an excellent cybersecurity company that has no records of data breaches in the past.

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