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How to Use Ome TV With ExpressVPN?

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You can use ExpressVPN with Ome TV by setting up the VPN on your PC/mobile device, connecting to a server in an Ome TV-supported region, and chatting with strangers all day.

This setup ensures you can securely chat with strangers in your locale without getting doxed or connect with strangers abroad.

Furthermore, you can bypass Ome TV IP bans using ExpressVPN’s impressive server fleet.

How about I show you how to do these below?

How to Unblock Ome TV Anywhere With ExpressVPN?

Ome TV isn’t available in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Dubai.

Likewise, some school/workplace network admins restrict users’ access to the website on their networks.

In any of these cases, follow these steps to unblock Ome TV with ExpressVPN:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription. You’ll need these discounts.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN mobile (iOS, Android) or PC (Windows, macOS) app, depending on where you want to use Ome TV.
get expressvpn
  1. Install and launch the app. I’ll use ExpressVPN’s Windows PC app for this guide, but the setup steps are similar across all devices.
  2. Choose ExpressVPN’s Lightway – UDP protocol for a buffer-free and crisp Ome TV chatting experience.
    1. Go through the Menu icon > Options > Protocol > Lightway – UDP.
selecting lightway udp protocol on expressvpn
  1. Enable the ExpressVPN kill switch to prevent your IP address from leaking to Ome TV/the stranger you’re chatting with on random VPN server disconnections.
enable network lock on expressvpn settings
  1. Return to the VPN page and click the selected location.
  2. Choose a preferred Ome TV location. I’ll use France for this example.
searching france server on expressvpn
  1. Click the big power button to connect.
  2. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  3. Launch your browser/Ome TV app.
  4. Check that the country icon on Ome TV has changed to your ExpressVPN location. Otherwise, repeat steps 6-8.
unblocking ome tv with expressvpn on france server
  1. Connect to a random stranger to start chatting.

Can You Bypass Ome TV IP Bans With ExpressVPN?

You can bypass Ome TV’s IP bans with ExpressVPN since the provider offers thousands of unique IP addresses across its 3000+ server fleet.

Connect to an ExpressVPN server in your preferred Ome TV location to get a VPN-assigned IP address and keep chatting with strangers.

However, some ExpressVPN IP addresses may already be blocked by Ome TV.

available server locations on expressvpn

This happens when another user has incurred the wrath of Ome TV while connected through that IP address. In that case, disconnect from the server and reconnect to another one.

Finally, keeping within Ome TV’s community guidelines is essential to avoid getting another ban. While I know that wrongful Ome TV IP bans happen, the majority of these bans can be prevented by following the platform’s rules.

How to Connect to Ome TV Strangers Abroad With ExpressVPN?

You can connect to Ome TV strangers in Europe (France, UK, Spain, etc.), the Americas (Argentina, Brazil, etc.), the US, or anywhere else via ExpressVPN.

This is thanks to ExpressVPN’s server presence in 90+ countries.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get your ExpressVPN subscription (savings here).
  2. Download and install the app. I’ll use the Windows PC app for this example.
  3. Click the selected server location to open the server list.
  1. Search for a region where you want to connect to strangers. I’ll use the UK for this example.
  2. Click the server.
  3. Then, click the big power button to connect.
  1. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  2. Open Ome TV in your browser or phone app. I recommend incognito/private browsing mode for PC users.
  3. Confirm that the Ome TV flag has changed to that of your desired country.
  4. Click “Start” to connect to peers in France, meet friends with similar interests in Belgium, explore what’s happening in Spain, or video chat with strangers anywhere else.
unblocking ome tv with expressvpn on wembly server

Ome TV Not Working With ExpressVPN? (Troubleshooting)

Sometimes, ExpressVPN may stop working for your Ome TV, even if it has worked in the past. This might be due to landing on the wrong server, choosing a banned IP address, or other reasons.

Check out the fixes below:

Disable Location Services

ExpressVPN does an excellent job of changing your IP address to spoof your location.

But the VPN might not work correctly if your device has location services turned on, especially for the Ome TV app/browser.

That’s because your device now leaks your true location to Ome TV, even with the VPN active.

In that case, disable the location services on your phone/PC altogether.

Or disable location services for the Ome TV app/browser.

I’ve included video guides to help you with this below.

On iPhone:

On Android:

On Windows:

On Mac:

Change Server/Protocol

It’s likelier that you have a server issue than a VPN protocol issue since:

  • You can randomly get assigned an IP address that’s been blocked on Ome TV
  • You might land on a server under maintenance (less likely)
  • You may get an IP address from a location unsupported by Ome TV

In any of these cases, disconnect from the ExpressVPN server and connect to another one. I recommend servers in the US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe to unblock/access Ome TV anywhere. However, stay away from the Egypt server since it’ll most likely not unblock Ome TV.

Enable Kill Switch

Ome TV sometimes pings users to know their location. If this happens on untrusted VPNs, Ome TV can know your actual location and redirect you there.

Thankfully, ExpressVPN’s kill switch can keep this from happening.

So, even if Ome TV pings your network and causes a slight disconnection, ExpressVPN doesn’t leak your IP address. Once the server reconnects and you’re back online, Ome TV can only see the VPN IP address.

To enable the kill switch:

  1. Launch the ExpressVPN app.
  2. Disconnect from the VPN (if you’re already connected).
  3. Click the menu icon > Options.
enable network lock on expressvpn settings
  1. Under “General,” check all the boxes under “Network Lock.”
  2. Return to the VPN home page to reconnect.

Other General Tips

Remember to consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Close your Ome TV app (on mobile) before connecting to the VPN.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies before opening a new Ome TV location chat.
  • Alternatively, always open the Ome TV website in private/incognito browsing mode.

Contact Customer Support

ExpressVPN has a 24/7 live chat customer support that’s always willing to help.

You can contact them to

  • Request servers that work with Ome TV if none you’ve tried work.
  • Complain about other Ome TV connectivity issues.
  • Discuss any device setup problems keeping you from using Ome TV.
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