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Does Surfshark Work With T-Mobile? (+ Troubleshooting Guide)

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Surfshark works with T-Mobile and T-Mobile Home Internet (TMHI), but you might face throttling issues with the wrong setup.

Set up correctly, Surfshark ensures seamless content unblocking, bypasses TMO’s internet throttling on heavy bandwidth activities, and improves your online privacy.

And since a bill was signed allowing US ISPs to collect and sell your data, Surfshark keeps your privacy intact.

Keep reading to learn how to use Surfshark with TMHI/TMO, fix the throttling issues on connections, and prevent random server drops.

How to Use Surfshark With T-Mobile Cellular Internet?

Want to unblock geo-restricted content like BBC iPlayer or keep your online activity hidden from TMO? Here’s how to do so on your Android or iOS:

  1. Buy a Surfshark subscription. Grab these discounts for savings.
Screenshot MS 1 1
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  1. Download and install the Surfshark Android or iOS app. You can check your device’s app store for this.
  2. Tap the app and log in with your username and password. You can also log in with a code if you’re already logged in on another device.
  1. Tap Settings > VPN settings.
  1. Toggle “CleanWeb” ON for ad and tracker blocking while browsing the web with TMO.
  1. Toggle “Kill Switch” to prevent T-Mobile from peeking into your online activities if the Surfshark server randomly disconnects.
  2. Tap “Protocol,” then select “WireGuard” for the best speeds on T-Mobile.
    1. Alternatively, switch to either OpenVPN protocol if WireGuard causes speed throttling.
  1. Tap VPN > Quick-connect to automatically get the fastest/nearest server.
  1. Alternatively, search for a preferred server location. Then tap to connect.
  1. Tap the connection bar to check the connection details.
  1. Run an IP Leak test to confirm that you’re using the VPN-assigned IP address.
  2. Unblock geo-restricted content, access censored websites, and enjoy the private internet without TMO’s big brother surveillance.

How to Use Surfshark With T-Mobile Home Internet?

It’s not recommended to use Surfshark with the stock TMHI gateway since most ISP-issued routers don’t support VPN installation. Luckily, you can set up TMHI on a third-party router or add another router with Surfshark installed in front of the TMHI gateway.

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Check that your router is compatible with Surfshark. The video guide below is all you need.
  1. Get a Surfshark account to install on your router. I recommend these HUGE deals before they expire.
  2. Set up Surfshark on your router. The easy video guide below walks you through the process.
  1. Connect your smartphones, smart home devices, gaming consoles, and smart TVs to the router.
  2. Enjoy encrypted T-Mobile internet connection on all connected devices.

I recommend this setup for TMHI users who want to unblock content on their smart TVs, keep smart TV manufacturers from selling their details to advertisers, or unblock geo-restricted gaming titles on their consoles.

How to Fix Surfshark T-Mobile Throttling Issues?

T-Mobile sometimes doesn’t play nice with Surfshark, but you can get around that with setup tweaks.

Whether you’re using the mobile or PC app, here are a few fixes to consider.

Switch From IPv6

T-Mobile uses IPv6 protocols, which aren’t supported on Surfshark.

So, this may cause conflicts when connecting to the VPN’s servers.

Luckily, you can switch your smartphones and PCs from IPv6 to IPv4.

That makes connecting to Surfshark and using the VPN seamlessly with T-Mobile easier.

You can follow the video guides below to make these changes:

  • Configure IPv4 on iOS/MacOS
  • Switch to IPv4 on Android
  • Change to IPv4 on Windows
  • Setup IPv4 network on Linux

Change MTU Size

It’s been confirmed from multiple sources that T-Mobile uses MTUs around or above 1500 units. This won’t work well for most network configurations, like the one you want to have with your VPN.

Hence, it’s best to use lower MTU sizes.

Admittedly, this will take a bit of technical know-how to get done.

But I’ve found you an easy-to-follow video guide for Windows.

  • Adjust MTU size on Windows

Switch to OpenVPN

T-Mobile may not work with the WireGuard protocol on Surfshark all the time.

Even when it does, it’s best to monitor the first few hours of the connection to ensure it doesn’t drop.

Fortunately, Surfshark has a more stable protocol for T-Mobile in OpenVPN.

I recommend the UDP variant for slightly faster speed, but the comparatively slower TCP protocol is more stable.

Here’s how to enable it on mobile or PC:

  1. Tap the Surfshark app.
  2. Tap Settings > VPN settings.
  1. Tap “Protocol.”
  1. Select “OpenVPN (UDP)” or “OpenVPN (TCP).”
  2. Tap “VPN” and connect to a choice server.

Reinstall VPN Profile

Your VPN configuration profile might have been installed for another network or faulty.

In either case, you can re-install it on mobile.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to your device’s settings dashboard. I’ll use iOS for this guide, but the steps are similar on Android.
  1. Tap “VPN.”
  1. Look for the Surfshark connection configurations. You can have more than one of these.
  1. Tap on the “i” icon to open its options.
  2. Tap “Delete VPN.”
  1. Tap “Delete” again to complete the process.
  2. Now, open your Surfshark app.
  3. Choose your preferred protocol.
  4. Tap any server to connect.
  5. Your device should ask you to install a new configuration. Okay the request.
  6. Browse privately with Surfshark on your T-Mobile network using the new configuration.

Check Kill Switch

The Surfshark kill switch protects you if T-Mobile’s throttling causes your VPN server connection to drop.

In some cases, though, it may also cause you to lose access to the internet.

This mostly happens if you shut down your phone/PC while the VPN is active or activate airplane mode.

In most instances, I enter the Surfshark app, reconnect to a server, and disconnect.

Then, my regular internet is restored.

Contact Customer Support

Contact the TMO customer care and Surfshark customer support in this case.

Both support staff may want to bounce you around to the other, so it’s best to take as much information from every staff you speak with. Hence, you can get to the bottom of your throttling issue faster.

After all, no one wants to spend 1 month downloading a 1GB file.

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Set Up Surfshark for Your T-Mobile Today

You shouldn’t have access to Surfshark and still complain about MLB/NHL/NBA/NFL game blackouts, lose access to international content like BBC iPlayer, or give T-Mobile a front-row seat to harvesting your online data.

Even if T-Mobile tries to play its naughty anti-VPN games, Surfshark’s extensive server list and robust OpenVPN protocol should thwart such attempts.

You don’t have to take my word for it since you can test Surfshark risk-free for 30 days or get a 100% refund.

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