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Does Surfshark Work With Virgin Media?

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Surfshark works with Virgin Media. So, you can set up the VPN on your VM-connected devices to unblock geo-restricted content, enjoy DDoS protection while gaming on your consoles, or download torrents without alerting the ISP.

However, you may face common Surfshark Virgin Media connection issues like speed throttling, random server connection drops, or non-connection issues.

I’ll address these with fixes and show you the best way to set up your Surfshark account on all devices connected to the Virgin Media hub in your household.

How to Configure Surfshark for Mobile & PC on Virgin Media?

Surfshark’s apps will encrypt your PC/smartphone internet traffic, unblock geo-restricted content like Netflix US, and ensure you can download torrents without raising red flags in the Virgin Media back office.

Here’s a straightforward guide to set it up:

  1. Buy a Surfshark subscription. Go through its deals page to get savings.
Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download the Surfshark smartphone or PC app. I’ll grab the Windows PC app for my demonstration.
download surfshark vpn
  1. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials. You can also choose alternative login methods if you have those set up.
  2. Click Settings > VPN settings.
locating vpn settings on surfshark
  1. Toggle “CleanWeb” ON to block ads on websites you access over the Virgin Media network.
    1. I recommend using Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0 for more advanced and cleaner ad blocking. It even blocks YouTube ads!
enable surfshark cleanweb feature
  1. Toggle the kill switch so Virgin Media never sees your online activity if the VPN server connection drops. Instead, Surfshark keeps your internet from working.
locating kill switch on surfshark
  1. Toggle the “Protocol” dropdown and choose “WireGuard” to get the closest to your Virgin Media base speeds.
selecting wireguard protocol on surfshark
  1. Click “VPN,” then “Quick-connect” to get the fastest available server. This is your go-to method to download torrents, play games with DDoS protection, or secure your browsing over Virgin Media.
locating quick connect button on surfshark
  1. Alternatively, search for a preferred server and click to connect. Do this when you need a specific server to unblock content, connect to gaming peers, or use the IP address in other ways.
search server locations on surfshark
  1. Test your connection for leaks. Ensure the Surfshark-assigned IP address is the same thing the leak site returns. Otherwise, disconnect and reconnect.
  2. Launch your torrent clients for secure downloads, watch US sports or Netflix US, or play P2P mobile and PC games securely on your Virgin Media network.
unblocking noumoles with surfshark on malta server

How to Use Surfshark With Your Smart TV & Game Console on Virgin Media?

Have you connected your gaming console or smart TV to the Virgin Media hubs and need to use Surfshark’s encryption/unblocking on them?

While you don’t get a native Surfshark app for these devices, you can explore the alternative setup methods below:

  1. Get a Surfshark account. Grab these discounts to get the best savings.
  2. Follow the Surfshark setup guides for smart TVs and gaming consoles below.
    1. Smart TV
    1. Gaming consoles
  1. Optional setup note: Surfshark can’t be installed on the Virgin Media hubs. Instead, switch the Virgin Media hub into modem mode and connect it to a third-party router with Surfshark installed.
  1. Connect your gaming console or smart TV to the Surfshark-enabled router/virtual router networks. Only Smart TVs using Virgin Media can enjoy the Amazon Fire Stick option.
  2. Play resource-intensive titles like Overwatch with peers at home and abroad with minimal ping and unblock streaming channels anywhere on your smart TV and gaming consoles.
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Virgin Media doesn’t outrightly block Surfshark connections.

Still, you may be unable to connect to the VPN’s servers or access its website.

If that happens, modify/disable the Virgin Media Web safe settings, connect through the Surfshark OpenVPN protocol, or change your device’s DNS to Google’s/Cloudflare’s.

Surfshark can bypass Virgin Media’s censorship of torrent websites like LimeTorrents, the Pirate Bay, and more. Visit these websites by connecting to a desirable Surfshark P2P server (Spain, Malta, Switzerland, Monaco, etc.).

Fortunately, Surfshark is also optimized for torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze, and Deluge, making it easier to securely grab torrents over Virgin Media.

You can safely work from home using Surfshark on your Virgin Media network. This ensures secure access to sensitive work files so they aren’t accessible to anyone snooping on your network.

However, you may need to disable the Virgin Media Child Safe settings to access teleconference tools and social media channels with Surfshark.

You should also request that your work network admin authorizes Surfshark IPs through their firewall.

Use Surfshark on Virgin Media Today

Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections mean you can use it on ALL devices connected to Virgin Media in your household without purchasing multiple accounts.

And whether you want to unblock Netflix US content, keep those DDoS gamers away, download torrents securely, or anything else, you’re in luck with Surfshark.

Follow the setup guides above, connect to a suitable server, and start encrypting your VM connections.

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