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How to Quickly Set Up & Use Surfshark With uTorrent?

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This guide shows you how to quickly set up and use Surfshark with uTorrent.

It’s easy as pie!

Surfshark’s P2P-friendly servers, fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and top-notch security features make it a good torrenting VPN. So, I fully understand why you want to use it for uTorrent!

But there are some drawbacks you should be aware of.

Continue reading to see how you can pair Surfshark with this torrent client and benefit from a safe, stable uTorrent connection.

How to Use Surfshark With uTorrent?

This section focuses on how to use Surfshark with uTorrent to ensure the safest connection while you download torrent files.

Let’s jump straight to it!

  1. Go to the Surfshark website to purchase a VPN service plan.
Screenshot MS 1 1
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  1. Complete your purchase and activate your Sufshark account.
  2. Download and install the app on your PC.
  3. Open the app and log in using your credentials.
  4. Click on the Settings cog in the lower left corner.
  5. Click on “VPN settings” to adjust security features to your preference.
surfshark settings options
  1. Enable CleanWeb.
surfshark cleanweb
  1. Select your preferred protocol. I recommend WireGuard for the best balance of speed and security.
surfshark vpn protocols
  1. Enable the kill switch (see full steps on how to enable the kill switch below).
surfshark kill switch
  1. Connect to your preferred Surfshark P2P VPN server.
Here’s a list of P2P servers provided by Surfshark’s support team –
surfshark p2p downloading servers
  1. Run a DNS leak test to ensure your IP and location are masked. I use dnsleak.com (see how to do a leak test below).
surfshark dns leak test results
  1. Use your VPN server connection to download and install uTorrent.
access utorrent with surfshark while connected to austria server
  1. Once uTorrent’s successfully installed, go to a torrenting site to access torrent files. I’m using yts.mx for this demonstration.
  2. Select the file you want to download. I chose the 1937 copyright-free film “A Star Is Born.”
  3. Your uTorrent client will automatically open, and the following screen will appear:
torrenting on utorrent
  1. Click “OK.”
  2. Wait for your download to connect to peers and start downloading.
torrenting on utorrent with surfshark on downloading status

Enjoy torrenting with Surfshark and benefit from fast speeds and a private, secure connection!

How to Enable Surfshark's Kill Switch for Safe VPN Usage?

Surfshark’s kill switch is easily enabled under the VPN service’s settings menu.

This extra security feature allows torrent users to download files with fewer vulnerabilities. Essentially, it blocks your internet if the VPN connection drops, ensuring your real IP address and location don’t leak to your ISP and copyright trolls.

Follow these steps to enable the kill switch on Surfshark:

  1. Open your Surfshark app.
  2. Click on the settings cog on the lower left.
  3. Click on “VPN settings.”
surfshark vpn settings
  1. Use the toggle next to the Kill Switch feature to enable the functionality.
surfshark kill switch

How to Check for Torrent Leaks With Surfshark and uTorrent?

This section shows you how to check for torrent leaks with Surfshark using DoILeak.com.

An IP leak while torrenting can create security vulnerabilities, including DDoS attacks against your IP!

Here’s how to check for torrent leaks:

  1. Open your Surfshark app.
  2. Connect to a P2P VPN server (see list above).
  3. Go to DoILeak.com.
  4. Select “Torrent IP Leak Test” from the menu and click “Begin test.”
torrent ip leak test begin test
  1. In the next menu, click “Yes, my VPN is on.”
  2. Download the 4 torrent tests and enable the check box “All four files are running in my torrent client.”
  3. Click “Show Results.”
torrent ip leak test results
  1. If the result says “No issues found,” your Surfshark VPN’s not leaking your IP or any other data. Follow the troubleshooting prompts if any issues are detected.
no issues found

Is the Surfshark VPN Good for Torrenting?

I’ve already highlighted some of Surfshark’s features that make it a good VPN for uTorrent.

We know it has:

  • P2P server network for stable, fast torrenting.
  • DNS leak protection to torrent anonymously.
  • No speed throttling.
  • An automatic kill switch.

But what else makes it one of the best VPN services for torrenting clients like uTorrent?

The VPN service offers:

  • A strict no-logs policy to ensure your VPN torrenting data isn’t logged.
  • Military-grade encryption that makes it nearly impossible to track your torrenting activity.
  • CleanWeb to block ads, trackers, malware, and some phishing attempts on uTorrent.
  • Fast download speeds so that you have your files in hand in no time!

As a bonus, you can use Surfshark’s Bypasser tool to route only your torrenting client through the VPN servers.

Surfshark and uTorrent Speed Tests

One of the reasons I recommend Surfshark as a great VPN for torrenting is speed.

All VPNs slow a base connection. However, quality VPNs won’t significantly affect a network’s performance. In fact, a VPN connection that hides VPN usage may even increase torrenting speeds by avoiding ISP speed throttling.

So, I tested Surfshark to see how it performed speed-wise.

First, I tested my internet connection speed without connecting to a VPN server

Here, I’m downloading a license-free song:

regular torrenting on utorrent

This 5.31 MiB file downloaded in just over 30 seconds with an average download speed of 174 KB/s.

Next, I torrented the same file with a Surfshark VPN:

utorrent with surfshark while connected to uk server

I connected to a UK P2P server and downloaded the same file as my base test in 48 seconds with an average download speed of 97.1 KB/s.

This means there’s a 44% speed difference in Surfshark’s favor!

This makes sense since my internet service provider is renowned for throttling my home connection.

Pretty impressive, I say!

Limitations to Using Surfshark With uTorrent

Surfshark allows you to torrent safely, but it’s not without shortfalls.

Here’s a list of Surfshark limitations to consider before choosing it for torrenting:

  • Non-specialty P2P servers. Yes, all Surfshark’s servers are P2P-friendly, but none of them are dedicated to P2P traffic. This gives VPNs like NordVPN with P2P-optimized servers for faster and secure file sharing an advantage.
  • Doesn’t support port forwarding. Port forwarding isn’t the safest way to torrent files. However, it’s necessary for torrent seeding and enhancing download/upload speeds. If you need a VPN that supports port forwarding, try Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN.
  • Lacks SOCKS5 proxies. Like port forwarding, SOCKS5 proxies aren’t as safe as VPNs. But! Because they don’t provide encryption, they allow torrent clients like uTorrent to achieve faster speeds.
  • IPv6 leak risks. Surfshark doesn’t support IPv6 addresses yet. So, if an IPv6 address is linked to your network, this VPN provider won’t cover it. This creates an opportunity for data and IP leaks.

Despite these shortfalls, Surfshark remains secure and fast enough for torrent downloads and offers excellent value for money.

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Signing Out…

It’s no secret that Surfshark is one of the best torrenting VPNs.

While it lacks some useful features, such as port forwarding for seeding and SOCKS5 proxies, it does offer excellent online security and P2P support on several fast servers.

Plus, it’s affordable, and a single account allows unlimited simultaneous connections. So, you can sign up for a Surfshark VPN in seconds for safer and faster torrent downloads!

However, if you’re looking for an alternative (a VPN that supports seeding, perhaps), I recommend ExpressVPN.

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