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22 Best Anonymous Chat Apps You Should Try Out

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If you want to meet new people or talk to strangers in a safe online environment, there are free anonymous chat apps you can use without giving away too much information.

However, getting cozy with strangers, whether using anonymous apps or regular ones, is dangerous.

Caution needs to be exercised at all times.

The good news is I picked out the safest anonymous chat apps for you to use if you’re looking to talk with strangers about anything!

Quick Overview of the Best Anonymous Chat Apps

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick look at the best anonymous chat apps: Best Android and iOS Anonymous Chat Apps: Best Android Only Apps: Best iOS Only App: Best PC Only Apps: In this review, I’ll look at key features that make each of the options listed in this article worthy of your attention. So, ride with me to the end to know how you can safely connect with strangers in your area with the best anonymous chat app.

20 Best Anonymous Chat Apps In-Depth

1. Connected2.Me

connected2.Me main page

Connected2.me is an anonymous chat and dating app that lets you make friends, meet people for dates, and hook up.

You can also share your GIFs or videos, flirt anonymously, message any user, and more.

I signed up by providing my birthday, gender, and profile picture, a standard procedure for most anonymous chats.

But I couldn’t opt out of setting a profile picture, which was strange since Connected2.me is supposed to be an anonymous chat app.

But there are good things about Connected2.me that make it a killer anonymous chat app.

You control who sees your details, including your profile picture.

Private chats are strictly through nicknames, and you can only discover the identity of the person you’re chatting with if they choose to explicitly grant you that privilege.

Furthermore, once you get comfortable enough with the circle of friends you create, you can use the Share Stories option, which functions almost like Snapchat.

This can only be seen by those in your private contact list.

2. Whisper

whisper main page screen

Whisper is a chatting app with a unique twist; you don’t have to register an account to use it.

Instead, the app uses your IP address to show relevant content and results.

If you aren’t comfortable with your IP address being used like this, using a VPN like NordVPN will help you mask your online footprint while still enjoying the full benefits of Whisper.

Whisper is a big deal in the anonymous chat community, as it is designed to meet the needs of everyday people looking to escape into a virtual world where they can connect with strangers.

Another aspect that makes it popular is how it tries as much as possible to steer away from adult-themed discussions and content.

You simply create an account and hold private conversations with a stranger, saying things you wouldn’t be comfortable divulging outside the app.

There are also trending topics that people can choose to talk about.

Tapping on one links you with people interested in the same, saving you time and energy of holding too many conversations with random people just to find your match.

3. Rando Chat

randochat main

RandoChat is very particular about the content being shared on its platform.

When signing up, it is mandatory that you confirm three things: that you’re 18 years or older, that the content you share is appropriate, and that you accept the privacy policy and terms of use.

Reminding users to share appropriate content may sound like an expected rule, but you’ll be surprised at how people assume anonymity gives them the right to say whatever they want.

The fact that there’s no need to create any login account to use RandoChat makes all these rules essential.

Breaking any of the rules results in a permanent ban.

Outside of that, RandoChat is simple, with a clean user interface and navigation very similar to other regular chatting apps people use every day.

So transitioning to private chats shouldn’t be a problem, even for a new user.

Keep things appropriate, and you’ll get the best out of this.

4. Frim

frim main page screen

Frim brings different sides of private chatting under one roof.

You can choose to connect with other users through chat rooms.

From there, once you create rapport with someone, you can take things to private messages.

At the same time, Frim has a section for online dating.

This separation makes it easy for clear communication to prevail, a blow to people looking to pull creepy stunts on the platform.

Each chat room has its own topic.

This brings people with the same interests together much quicker, making interactions more natural.

Additionally, you can set up a private chat account with Frim by signing in through Google or Facebook.

You only need to provide your name, date of birth, city details, and gender.

Your login details remain private, though, as you’ll be using aliases for private chats.

Once in, you can navigate to any section you want to start.

If anybody gets on your nerves, there’s a blocking option.

5. MeetMe

meetme main page

MeetMe initially began purely as a dating site.

But with serious competition coming up over the years, it diversified into an anonymous chat platform where people looking to connect on different issues other than dating can chat privately.

It is one of the largest anonymous chat apps, with over 100 million users.

With this number, the chances of meeting someone who mirrors what you’re looking for are very high.

MeetMe also has a unique feature via its arcade and casino games that you can play with your new friends.

For those that want to kill two birds with one stone, MeetMe still retains the dating aspect, so you can try your luck.

But it would help your cause better if you were forthright about it from the start to avoid coming off as a creep.

You control who gets to see your details and who gets to chat with you privately.

6. Mico

mico main page screen

Unlike most of the other options on this list, Mico offers video options for private chats.

But this is something you should only try when you already trust someone on the platform since a video gives away a lot.

The chat option is also well developed with a live chat option where you can interact with strangers in chat rooms over a range of topics.

The icing on the cake is the real-time translation feature that allows you to chat privately without experiencing language barriers.

You can log in using Google or Facebook and start linking up with people who align with your preferences.

The filter options are very decent and easy to use, especially when you factor in the smooth user interface.

Mico has blocklist capabilities for keeping vulgar and annoying users away. 

You can also set your account to invisible status, and, at the same time, you have the choice of allowing or blocking strangers from sending you private messages.

7. SayHi Chat

SayHi Chat main page

SayHi Chat is fairly new but has managed to garner a lot of attention, thanks to well-thought-out functionalities that make it an amazing private chat app.

The first thing that stands out about SayHi Chat is the geo-location feature that makes the phrase “Hot singles near you” a reality.

With geolocation, you can connect with strangers in your local area and, if you get comfortable enough, even set up a physical meeting.

Additionally, you can toggle off the geo-location option from within the app or revoke the app’s access to your map if you’re not comfortable with strangers knowing your live location.

Another area where SayHi Chat excels is the free video chat you can set up with another individual or a group.

You can also share images, videos, GIFs, and you have a large library of fun emojis you can use to further enhance your group and private chats.

The user interface is amazing, and the sign-up process isn’t that complicated.

You choose the information you want the app to have.

Furthermore, it has a blocklist feature and an option to delete the account.

8. Wakie

wakie main page

Wakie has a strange story.

It began as an alarm app that allowed strangers to call you to wake you up.

A fun touch that gives it the name Wakie.

Over time, the app slowly transitioned into an anonymous chat app platform that caters to making new friends.

However, there’s a catch.

Unlike other apps where you search for people near you, you have to request to connect and chat privately with someone.

So, unless you send or receive a request, it’ll just be you staring into an empty space.

How do you access the requests?

They’re posted on a live feed board where you can keep track of requests coming in.

Another interesting bit of Wakie is the freedom to choose between making it fully or partially anonymous.

You can opt between showing your details to some extent or hiding everything.

All these can be changed in the app settings.

The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and there’s a blocklist option and a mute button.

At the same time, you can filter specific words to stop them from appearing on your Live Feed.

9. Chatous

chatous main page

Chatous operates almost like Twitter, only that everything is anonymous unless you choose to change that.

It is a virtual space that allows people from around the world to connect based on common interests.

It uses trending hashtags like Twitter, where you tap on any topic and get ushered into chat rooms with like-minded people.

If you happen to connect with someone in the chat rooms, you can take the conversation to your private inbox.

The best part of all this is that everybody operates under a moniker.

The details you use to log in are never used in any part of this anonymous chat app.

Moreover, you can join and exit any chat room, and you can also participate in more than one chat room simultaneously.

You can share audio, videos, images, and GIFs.

Chatous has a lot of users, which makes it a very lively space for harmless interactions.

Additionally, you can change the chatting language, add your social media networks and invite friends directly from your contact list.

The user interface is beautiful, and navigation is easy.

10. Moco

moco main page

Moco has been around for a long time.

I remember using it way back when it was still called Mocospace.

It started as a hybrid between a dating and social media platform before it finally focused on anonymous chatting and rebranding to Moco.

It’s a lightweight app that comes with numerous amazing features, like in-app games that you can play with the people you connect with.

The app has a reliable filter option that grades users based on gender, location, age, sexual preferences, etc.

With this, you don’t have to worry about ending up in awkward private chats with the wrong people.

You can only connect with people aligned with your tastes.

You can either use your Google account or log in via your phone number.

You then have to upload your profile image before proceeding, and this is followed by granting the app location permissions.

This will give you better matches near you.

Best Android Only Apps

11. Psst! Anonymous

psst anonymous main page

Psst! Anonymous leans towards Facebook.

Even logging in requires you to connect with your Facebook account.

Most of the people you meet there are probably from the same circle of friends on Facebook.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Psst! Anonymous has some amazing private chat features.

It comes with blocking features you can use to put annoying users in line when they breach your boundaries.

You can add anyone you like to your private conversations where you can share images, videos, and other things once you establish some level of trust.

Another interesting feature ideal for anonymous chatting is the self-destructive messages you send and receive.

The app leaves no history, and screenshot abilities are disabled.

If you choose to delete the account, everything gets purged from existence without a recovery option.

12. Anonymous Chat Rooms

anonymous main page

Two things struck me about this Anonymous Chat App.

The first one is its user interface.

It wasn’t bad, but the combination of yellows, blacks, and bold gray fonts seemed out of place.

The second was the automatic generation of usernames, with no registration options.

Once you choose the generated (I got KnownNicePanda48), you’re asked to provide a password.

You then select your gender and age using a slider, which is easier than scrolling through the calendar to find your birth year.

Using real names is expressly forbidden and is part of the privacy policy you agree to when signing up.

There are no frameworks for what gets discussed; users decide what they want to talk about.

The app is also strict on bots, self-promotional ads, and the use of vulgar and violent language.

Users rarely receive any warning.

Once you breach a rule, you’re banned.

This makes it a very calm place for having civilized connections.

13. Holla

holla main page

Holla is another amazing anonymous chat app that supports video chats.

If you’re familiar with Tinder, you’ll be at home using Holla.

Even the user interface almost mirrors what Tinder has.

The app claims to have over 10 million users.

How many of those are fake profiles is yet to be established.

When it comes to connecting with people, you use a swipe feature.

You swipe to the right if you’re interested and to the left, if they don’t excite you.

Holla provides a platform for people looking to make friends and those in search of love.

There’s no framework to separate the two, so it’s up to the users to state their intentions in the first few minutes of interactions to avoid causing confusion and awkward moments when you switch to private chats.

14. Candy Talk

candy talk main page

Candy Talk is a free app that provides people with a safe space where they can rant to strangers about their deepest secrets without giving away too much information.

Signing up doesn’t require users to use any identifiable information.

You simply create a nickname, provide a password, and you’re in.

Some chat features you can use include sharing images, videos, and audio files.

Every file you share has a self-destruction feature and gets deleted once it has been opened.

Users can’t take screenshots, either.

This makes it hard for anyone malicious to store information they’re not supposed to.

The App has a blocklist option if you feel like someone is coming on too strong for you.

Additionally, you can delete your account without leaving any trace if you feel like it’s not meeting your needs.

15. Kubool

kubool main

By far, Kubool has one of the most aesthetically pleasing UIs on this list.

But that’s not what makes it a popular anonymous chat app.

Kubool isn’t just a platform for connecting with strangers; it allows people to send you messages anonymously.

In short, you get to know what people around you really think.

They can send their opinions without holding back, and you’ll never know the person behind them, which is exciting and scary.

You create an account with your details, either real or an alias, and then share the profile to the people in your contact list for compliments, acknowledgment, or serious roasts.

You can also share the profile to social media platforms directly from the app.

All acknowledgments come as private messages, but you can’t respond.

The only way you can say something about someone in your circle is when they share their profile link with you.

Best iOS Only Apps

16. ChatOften - Anonymous Chat

chatoften main

ChatOften is one of the most popular anonymous chat apps exclusive to iOS.

It gives users the chance to start conversations with each other, regardless of the distance between them.

You’re free to create a profile using actual details or a made-up persona.

All that’s required is to adhere to the policies and terms of conditions.

ChatOften doesn’t tolerate any form of harassment or vulgarity.

Users who break these rules are immediately expelled.

This no-nonsense approach is one of the reasons why the app has maintained its reputation for this long.

You can share images, videos, and audio files, as well as make use of amazing emojis and GIFs in your private chats.

You have to be 18 years or above to create an account with ChatOften.

One more thing worth knowing is that this anonymous chat app has a free and premium versions, each with different features.

17. NoName - Anonymous Chat Rooms

NoName Main

NoName is a free anonymous chat service that allows you to connect with others quickly and easily.

No registration or sign-up is required, all you have to do is enter a nickname, and you’re in.

This means getting rid of the account is also easy with no trace left behind, like a burner account.

Whether you’re looking for online fun or searching for someone special, NoName appears to have thousands of users seeking all types of relationships.

You’ll fit right in if you want to expand your circle of online friends.

Another amazing feature is the self-destructing messages.

Once an image is opened and viewed, it disappears after a short time.

The same goes for audio messages and regular texts.

This gives you the freedom to talk about sensitive issues without any reservations.

18. CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A

CuriousCat Main

CuriousCat – Anonymous Q&A is similar to Kubool.

It’s a service that lets you ask questions and get answers from other people.

It’s a Q&A site where people anonymously ask questions and share their experiences.

You’ll never know the identity of the person responding to the questions you put out.

You can log in using Twitter, Facebook, or your Apple ID.

Once in, you get the chance to ask and be asked all the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask in public.

The App is big on anonymity, which is part of why it’s popular, with thousands spending long hours there.

Like Kubool, Curious Cat works better if used by friends and family who know you better.

The fun of it is being complimented or roasted by people who know personal details about you.

The user interface is easy to navigate.

19. Hookup & NSA Dating - Kasual

Hookup & NSA Dating Main

Hookup & NSA Dating – Kasual leans more on the adult category than the other apps listed so far.

It’s an app created for people who just want to have fun.

This App doesn’t have a lot of mundane features; it‘s based on one thing: hooking up.

You can either create a profile for yourself or skip this process and start viewing profiles immediately without adding your email address or any other personal information.

This is attractive to people who want to hide that they’re on an adult dating site.

Furthermore, this anonymous chat app has an in-built photo editor you can use to blur photos of yourself or cover the face with emojis or mosaic effects.

To further ensure safety for its users, there’s a very strict policy against solicitation of sex in any form.

Prompt bans follow anyone who goes against these rules.

20. Room

Room Main Page

Of all the anonymous chat options on this list, Room is one of the few, if not the only one, that allows users to create chat rooms.

The maximum number of people a chat room can have is 500, and this takes the fun of chatting with strangers to a new level.

The interesting bit is that each chat room is very secure and private.

You can see what everyone is saying, but you don’t have access to their information, not even their real pictures.

Unless someone chooses to share this information in a separate private chat, everything remains anonymous.

Signing up doesn’t require an email address or a link to a social media profile.

All you need is a nickname and an avatar, and you’re ready to mingle with people.

You can then share images, audio files, and videos.

Best PC Only Apps

21. Omegle Chat

Omegle Chat Main Page

Everything on Omegle is anonymous, from the registration to the nicknames and avatars.

Just like most of the other options already discussed, revealing any personal information is at the user’s discretion.

Recent reviews have not been very good, however.

The platform seems to have lost control, as there are no checks or balances to keep it safe for people looking for genuine connections.

There’s vulgarity, and making friends here is a long shot.

You can make use of your webcam to chat through videos, and at the same time, you can create your chat rooms and invite people over.

You need a webcam-enabled computer to get the best out of Omegle.

22. FaceRig

FaceRig Main Page

FaceRig is a fun little program for PC and Mac that allows you to have fun with your friends by appearing in videos as anything from a fox to Santa Claus.

It’s very easy to use, can be adjusted to fit any kind of mood and character, and is guaranteed to entertain everyone, from kids to adults.

FaceRig comes with a variety of premade avatars.

These can be used in many ways with your webcam.

Your avatar can even be turned into a 3D model, allowing you to play around with it in various ways that are fun and interesting.

This keeps you anonymous all through as you play games or connect with people via private chats.

If you’re looking for something that will provide you with hours of entertainment, FaceRig is undoubtedly worth the price of admission.

The Cons of Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites

  • Security Issues: Chat rooms have become breeding grounds for all kinds of unscrupulous people with malicious intent. There’s very little that regulates the type of people that join these chat rooms, and the chances of linking up with dangerous users are high. If you can avoid meeting people from anonymous chat rooms and only limit the interaction to virtual platforms, the better it’ll be for you.

  • Too Addictive: Some platforms like FaceRig can be very addictive due to the many outstanding features. This can end up eating into your valuable time, interfering with how you handle other essential tasks in your life. You need to control the amount of time you spend in chat rooms or risk losing track of more important stuff around you.

  • Anonymity is Never Guaranteed: You should never be confident with anonymity features in most of these chat apps; it may be nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you on board. Sharing sensitive information to the wrong people or exposing your IP address may seriously impact you. All it takes is a tech-savvy stalker to locate you within minutes.

  • Fake Profiles: The main reason people use anonymous chat apps is to avoid the responsibility of being known to the people they’re talking to. As much as anonymous chats allow people to be themselves, the person they adopt never truly reflects them, leading to many fake profiles. Honesty is never guaranteed, and taking people seriously in these rooms and apps is risky.

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As long as you’re not using your actual details, it’s hard for anyone to directly trace and link you to what you say in chat rooms. Besides, most chat rooms have people from different countries, significantly reducing the risk. This is why you should never reveal any personal information to anyone. To be on the safe side, a VPN will do a better job of protecting you if you accidentally click on anything that might expose you.

The safety of chat rooms varies from one app to another, but the bottom line is that people can only use what you give them. If you keep things anonymous, the chances of anything happening that threatens your safety is very slim.

Using a VPN adds to the already existing security within the anonymous chat app you’re using. It protects any information around your IP address or any other sensitive info from leaking out by accident. This makes things safer for you.

Anonymous chat apps and websites use a particular chat server, making it hard for anyone to track your IP address. However, if someone threatens to expose your IP address, the best course of action is to leave the chat room or block them. You can’t put anything past an expert hacker.

As a user, you can only take the word of the app developers behind the anonymous chat app you’re using. Most claim elite security and privacy, but this is likely a marketing gimmick. There’s very little difference between security and privacy between free and premium anonymous chat apps.


Hopefully, you’ve found this list of best anonymous chat apps informative, but if not, I hope that you at least learned a few tips or two on how to best protect yourself from malicious people.

You can use affordable VPNs to further protect your privacy when using anonymous chat apps.

Either way, there’s still plenty of research being conducted in the field of anonymity-based messaging, and we’re sure to see more new apps hit the scene soon.

I recommend trying them out and seeing which one works best for your needs.

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