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20+ NFT Statistics and Facts

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With NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) connection to blockchain technology, this token is here to stay. However, even though NFT has been here for a while, many do not know the rate at which the NFT market is taking over.

So, this piece gives insights into vital NFT statistics and facts.

Top 7 NFT Statistics to Know (Editor’s Pick)

  • In October 2021, around 90% of Japanese respondents knew about NFT.
  • 9% of US adults in 2021 were very interested in NFTs.
  • NFT market trades amounted to $25.8 billion in 2021.
  • Japan’s NFT market was expected to hit 5.4 billion yen in 2022.
  • The Cryptopunks NFT collection had a market cap of $2 billion.
  • In Q3 2021, the trade volume of in-game NFTs was $2.3 billion.
  • NFT revenue was projected to hit $3.546 billion in 2023.


top 7 nft statistics
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NFT Market Statistics and Facts

1. In 2021, NFT users spent over $44.2 billion of cryptocurrency on NFT collections and marketplaces.

This cryptocurrency volume was sent to two Ethereum smart contracts associated with NFTs, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts. 

2. NFT market trades amounted to $25.8 billion in 2021.

This was 18,400% more than the market generated in 2016-2020 combined.

3. NFT revenue was projected to hit $3.546 billion in 2023.

Furthermore, NFT revenue was expected to hit $4.735 billion in 2024.

Year Expected Revenue
2023 $3.546 billion
2024 $4.735 billion
2025 $5.96 billion
2026 $7.123 billion
2027 $8.068 billion

4. Art blocks had the highest market capitalization in the NFT art segment as of January 15, 2023.

Art blocks’ NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain were worth $850 million. Foundation (FND) came second with a $135.14 million market cap.

NFT Collection Art Segment Market Cap
Art Blocks $850 million
Foundation $135.14 million
Terraforms by Mathcastles $46.17 million
CyberBrokers $55.08 million
Friendship Bracelets by Alexi Andre $28.86 million

5. In January 2023, the Crypto Punks collection had the highest NFT collection market cap at $1.7 billion.

This was among NFTs’ designated profile picture (PFP) types. The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection came a close second with $1.67 billion.

6. WazirX NFT was the top NFT platform in India in April 2022, with a 43% share of voice (SOV).

Ratio and Kalamint came second and third with a share of voice (SOV) of 17% and 8%, respectively. 

7. The “Charlie Bit My Finger” YouTube video from 2007 sold for $761,000 as an NFT in May 2021.

The “Nyan Cat” meme was sold for $600,000 in April 2021 to come second in sales cost.

Costliest YouTube Video NFT in 2021 Value
Charlie Bit My Finger $761,000
Nyan Cat $600,000
Leave Britney Alone $41,000
David After Dentist $11,000

8. Beeple’s First 5000 Days digital artwork was sold for 38,474.82 ETH ($69,346.25) in 2021.

Thus, making it the costliest for the year.

CryptoPunk #7804 was the second [4,200 ETH ($7,820.52)], while another CryptoPunk (#3100) sold for 4,200 ETH ($7,574.38) to round up the top three.

Most Expensive NFT Sold in 2021 Date Sold ETH $
Beeple’s First 5000 Days digital artwork March 11, 2021 38,474.82 69,346.25
CryptoPunk 7804 March 11, 2021 4,200 7,820.52
CryptoPunk 3100 March 11, 2021 4,200 7,574.38
Beeple CROSSROADS February 25, 2021 4,152.86 6,600
CryptoPunk 4156 February 19, 2021 800 1,545.93

9. Japan’s NFT market was expected to hit 5.4 billion yen in 2022.

The music segment was projected to be the largest (1.2 billion yen) contributor to that number.

10. CryptoPunk #9998 was “sold” in 2022 for 124,457 ETH ($532 million).

However, as of September 2022, nobody could bid on the asset. 

Therefore, the most expensive NFT became CryptoPunk #5822, which sold for $23.7 million in February 2022.

11. The Cryptopunks NFT collection had a market cap of $2 billion.

This made the collection the most valuable in 2022, with a floor price of 61.95 ETH ($108,487.46).

cryptopunk nft collection market cap
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12. Opensea was the largest Ethereum-based NFT marketplace in 2021, with an all-time sales volume of $10.35 billion.

Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks came second and third with $3.06 billion and $1.59 billion all-time sales volumes, respectively. 

NFT Marketplace (ETH Blockchain)  Sales Volume (2021)
Opensea $10.35 billion 
Axie Infinity  $3.06 billion 
CrpytoPunks $1.59 billion 
Rarible $264.52 million
SuperRare.co $178.25 million 
Foundation  $104.14 million

13. Between Q2 and Q3 2021, NFT trading increased by 704%.

The NFT space trading volume was $10.67 billion in Q3, with August contributing $5.2 billion in trade volume.

14. In Q3 2021, in-game NFTs generated $2.3 billion in trade volume.

This amount represented 22% of the whole NFT volume.

15. As of January 2023, ‘The Merge’ was the most profitable NFT sold, raking in $91.8 million.

28,893 collectors bought 312,686 pieces of this art on the Nifty Gateway.

It had a starting price of $575, increasing by $25 every six hours.  

NFT Users Statistics and Facts

16. Chinese internet users searched NFTs the most on Google in October 2022.

Hong Kong (77%) and Nigeria (73%) came second and third, respectively. 

Country  NFT Search Volume
China 100%
Hong Kong 77%
Nigeria 73%
Singapore 61%
South Korea 49%
Georgia  44%

17. In October 2021, around 90% of Japanese respondents knew about NFT.

Likewise, approximately 13.5% knew about buying NFTs.

18. In a 2022 survey, 70% of game developers globally were not interested in using NFTs in their studios.

21% were somewhat interested, 7% were very interested, and 1% were already using NFTs.  

19. In March 2021, 44% of male respondents aged 45-54 bought NFTs because they were fans of crypto art.

While 54% of male respondents aged 55-65 bought NFT because of its return on Investment. Another 25% of male respondents in the 35-44 age bracket bought digital art for a return on investment. 

NFT Demographics Statistics and Facts

20. 10% of US adults were likely to collect NFTs as of March 2021.

This boom is driven chiefly by millennials, with 23% of the age group likelier than others to collect NFTs. Women (4%) were also less likely to collect NFT art than men (15%).

Finally, baby boomers see a decent showing at 2% likelihood, dwarfed by Gen Zers (4%) and Gen Xers (8%).

21. In 2021, 9% of US adults were very interested, and 20% were somewhat interested in NFTs.

Esports fans (23%) and physical collectors (20%) were the likeliest to be very interested in NFTs, followed by gamers (12%) in third place.

Dive Into NFT Space

These NFT statistics and facts highlight NFT’s surges, the leading NFT marketplaces, and the population to which NFT appeals most.

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